Festive Occasions

Festive Occasions

Whether it's the traditional festivals or western occasions, there's always a reason for food!
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Happy Father’s Day!

Had an advanced celebration with this Father’s Day Set from Breakthrough Cafe, a non-profit social enterprise under religious organization Breakthrough mission, to help former drug addicts reintegrate into society through providing employment opportunities. Coincidentally, mum had always wanted to support them, while not knowing that they serve Chinese dishes that were some of dad’s favourite.

At $87 nett, the Father’s Day set feeds up to 6, with 6 portions of rice and 5 different dishes; Otah, curry fish head (large), vinegar pig’s trotter, sesame chicken and mixed vegetables with fermented fish sauce. Dad felt that the curry fish head seemed like it had an Assam element with pineapple slices added to the thick, creamy curry. Personally enjoyed the sesame chicken that was really tender, and the spiciness of both shredded and sliced ginger. Not a fan of vinegar pig’s trotter, but this one was particularly sweet, though the gigantic trotter was kinda intimidating. 😂

Islandwide delivery is still available in Phase 2. Delivery charge was included for this set. Check out their Facebook page at Breakthrough Cafeteria for more details.

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Another signature not to be missed is the sliced fish pao fan. The sweet fish broth, was packed separately from the rice and crispy rice puffs. Really appreciated this gesture in order to retain the original crispy texture of the rice puffs, which was brought along a toasted aroma that was rather dominating. The broth was light on the palate, without much MSG detected that made my mum really happy. They were also generous with the fresh fish slices and dried sole fish! A heartwarming dish.

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A classic Chinese dish, the roast chicken was served with crispy keropok and the dipping salt and pepper. The chicken was already adequately salty on its own without the salt and pepper, especially the skin which I thoroughly enjoyed although it was no crispy. Even as we reheated the leftovers from the day before, the chicken meat remained surprisingly juicy. The keropok turns soggy rather quickly, so it’s best to consume as soon as possible!

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As a BBQ crab specialist, I had total faith in their steamed crab with vermicelli that surely didn’t disappoint! Even before tucking in, aroma of the crustacean with garlic in abundance was already filling the air. Crab wasn’t as big as expected, but its flesh was fresh and firm. Adding to the oomph was chili padi, especially in the rich flavoured garlic oil that seeped right into the vermicelli underneath.

Both dessert choices weren’t too flattering, unfortunately. No doubt the butter cake itself was nicely executed with a moist inner texture, the remaining components were just overloaded with sugar; sweet brûléed meringue, with a sweet ginger butterscotch and a dried tangerine ice cream which I had expected to be light on the palate. Additionally there was also an oozy orange jam, way too sweet.


Just as its name suggests, the bone-on turbot was easy to handle as the bone was left right in the middle, and the fish was so well-cooked till moist and tender to rip off the flesh. However, the Sarawak pepper soubise sauce was overwhelmingly salty despite adding a nice touch of pepperiness to the fish, but it was also possibly the saltiest dish on the entire menu. Served with fleshy mussels and spring onions.


Chef Woo gave a whole new definition to Hongshao, or Chinese braised, by utilizing this cooking cue on Ibérico pork. My first impression tells me that it resembles char siew with a delicate caramelic sweetness and a heavy saltiness. Unfortunately, its texture was also disappointing, making it really hard to chew. The Chinese bacon just adds on to the overall savouriness. Perhaps the charred Brussel sprouts was the only thing that worked for me in that entire dish, especially when it tamed all the other saltiness.

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This dish was essentially the essence of the ocean with an explosion of umami. Sweet, tender scampi seasoned with some Szechuan peppercorn served on a tangy tomato confit. Somehow reminds me of a seafood pizza, except missing the crust. Check out the alluring Oscietra caviar that sits beautifully on top, delicately rich and sweet, which brings along a popping sensation. One of the highly prized caviar in the world, simply lost for words.

A special festive rendition of the usual Ibid Shaobing. Instead of spring onions, laksa leaves and yeasted butter, the V2 was more like a sweet dessert with melted triple cream Brie and chopped cranberries encased in a puffy bun. I have never tried the original savoury version, but I wouldn’t mind this either. Served with a dollop of cranberry yeasted butter. You could either spread it on top of the bun, or into the filling for an additional fruitiness.


Here comes a hot appetizer on the menu! While it might have been named as a chowder, I would think it leaned more to a bisque. Not merely a sweet creamy corn chowder, but the input of crab meat and little prawn oil droplets changed the impression to be umami. There were people who bit into the crab shell unfortunately. The Xi’an spiced mantou stood out for me with the use of coriander, Szechuan peppercorn and cumin. Especially with cumin and the grilled marks that exuded some smokiness, it reminded me of Xinjiang grilled lamb skewers; the exact ingredients used. An exemplary of east meets west cuisine but I actually enjoyed having the mantou by itself as the spices were conflicting with the crab and corn flavours.

If there was anything about this appetizer, it was all about texture play. Shredded beef tongue braised in their master stock that has been brewing since the very first day, you can imagine how it bursts with flavour and melts literally in the mouth. Served on brioche toast and contrastingly crispy fried lotus chips. I thought I would mind the pickled radish, but its pungency along with the pickled green chili stunned us with another round of pleasant sensation.

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The art of contemporary Chinese cuisine. At Restaurant Ibid, the 2019 festive tasting menu features the Scottish Salmon Tartare as an elegant starter. You get to taste not only the umaminess of caviar and salmon, but also a hint of smokiness that comes through, and the fermented, spiciness of all-time favourite Laoganma chili oil which rounds off everything in the plate so harmoniously. There’s also flavours of the Chinese coriander and pickled green chilies in the soft Tartare. Creatively served with rice crackers dusted with sour plum powder. One of my favourites of the night.

Foodie for life <3

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