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Wen Qi
Wen Qi

We arrived at the restaurant at about 2pm and it was fairly empty, only 4 tables occupied. We came with the intention to try the Regular Lobster Tom Yum Goong (THB 999), but were told that it was sold out. Had to go for the Large Lobster (THB 1200) instead and it's said the bowl of goodness can feed 2-3 pax. We were given the choice of noodles (Maggie mee, green egg noodles, bee hoon, vermicelli), and could choose up to 2 types but limited to only one serving.

The tom yum goong was served in a huge white bowl but what's kinda disappointing was that the soup was rather little compared to what we had expected. The bowl comes with 1 whole lobster, 1 whole squid, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 mussels, 3 slices of salmon, Crab+minced pork and salted egg stuffed in 2 crab shells. We chose the green egg noodles and Maggie mee - and I must say the green noodles were springy and good! Soup was on the creamy and sweet side. But the staff handed us additional tom yum powder for us to add to our desired taste. The powder made the soup more salty and of course more tom yum-my. If you were to ask me, I'll probably go back there but not for the lobster version cos it's kinda overrated.

P.S. To get to Pee Aor, take the BTS to Phaya Thai Station. Then take Exit 1 towards Phayathai Plaza. Would recommend that you cut through the carpark of the building then continue towards Pee Aor.

We were only expecting a simple egg dish with some chunks of crab meat. But it was da bomb! Just being served to the table already looks so delish! The egg was deep fried in oil and has crispy edges and fluffy on the inside. You'll be impressed by the generous chunks of real crab meat stuffed inside the omelette! Just eating it on its own could be a little bland - try adding some of the condiments like the fried chili or vinegar from the sliced chili. It really makes it even better! Strongly recommended but be prepared that it's an oily dish.

Damage: THB 250

Traditional phad thai with prawns sold at only 50 baht. There is only one stall at the level 5 food court that sells phad thai. Choose the vermicelli one as it is the rice noodles that we are familiar with! While the phad thai may already have been cooked for a while, and they just scooped it onto a plate upon order, it still tastes good! They placed the condiments at the front of the stall for customers to add to their liking. 👍

Side note: To order food from any of the stalls, you would need to purchase a card at the "coupon" counter. A safe estimate would be 100 to 200 baht per pax. Remember to get a refund of the amount in the card before you leave the food court!

Wen Qi

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