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Drinking Noodle
Drinking Noodle

Come 22 Jun, @goodluckbeerhouse will be launching Unicorn Burps, a Pink Dragon Fruit Pilsner, because we want to empower everyone to free choice; to choose who they want to love; to choose what they want to drink. A proportion of proceeds for Unicorn Burps will go to charity and a worthy cause. 22 Jun from 5pm onwards; exercise your freedom to choose.

@backcountrybrewing is tucked away in an industrial/commercial site in the small town between Vancouver and Whistler, they make awesomely big beers.
This was a chance lunch pit stop before heading up to Whistler. I had their Widowmaker IPA the previous night while chasing the sunset over Pilot Peak and boy, was it glorious; good balance of hops, crisp with neither the harshness usually associated with a 6.7% ABV monster nor the bitterness commonly associated (didn’t taste like a 50 IBU but more like a 35-40), it was quite quaffable.
So when I walked into the taproom, I thought I was in IPA heaven. A flight which included that the galaxy IPA and DIPA was perhaps not the most appropriate for lunch but what the heck, you’ve got to live a little; the DIPA was life-changing, so much so that I had a second 10oz just so I could savour that smooth, subtly sweet with a rounded finish.
And to make it more memorable, the Wake N Bacon pizza with its maple garlic cream base hit the right spot with the Pale Ale and ISA; I almost had seconds but had to restraint myself.
This was my awesomest discovery in British Columbia, I found myself looking for Backcountry Brewing throughout the remainder of my sojourn. I hope sometime in the really near future, someone would bring it down South.
Throughout lunch, I was plotting how I could stay in Squamish indefinitely and come by everyday for a pint; I kid you not, I was plotting. 😎

Today, @brewlander is re-introducing Grace at @goodluckbeerhouse . That Lychee nose, notes of tea tannins with a nice round finish. For those of us who loved the first iteration, you’ll love version 2. One of the most awesome ways to start the weekend.

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The Krampus 2017 Belgian Dubbel (Abbey Dubble) 8.5% ABV 30 IBU is a full-bodied, malty, rich beer with more than hints of cherry, chocolate and toffee that warmed the cockles of my soul. The bittersweet finishes smooth and lingers long enough at the end as if waiting for the next mouthful. Not many beers are made of this calibre.
On the @strangefellowsbrewing vintage bottle list, I thought I could grab a bottle or 2 for home but alas, and rightly so, it was sold out. I had to settle for a glass at the taproom (where I tried (without success) to get them to sell me a bottle from their remaining tasting stock). This was much, much awesome. Beergasm? Definitely. Thank you @strangefellowsbrewing .

The triple-distilled artisanal vodka made with the Emperor’s rice is typically Japanese with its pursuit of the cleanest, purest alcohol in the spirit of the pioneering vodka distillers and subtle sweetness derived from that first distillation using sake technique. Pictured here with a Haku Vodka Soda and a touch of dried Umeboshi.
The vodka will be used in @cookandtras @sgcocktailfest cocktail offering, The Cucumber Fizz; concocted by the rockstar Ricky Paiva. I could drink it all day.
Thanks @yinglebells and @beamsuntorysg for the invite to be part of something truly special.
Btw, I dig the washi paper label! 😍

24 Apr, 8pm, come meet the brewers, Daryl and Rachel Ng, the peeps behind @darylsurbanales EVERDANK DIPA. Imbibe yourself with one of the most awesome SG DIPA while asking “do beards matter”. 😂

The bar is partnered up with @tanukiraw to give a full selection of good food, wonderful cocktails and great beers.
Now you will know where I’ll be pre-departure and post-arrival! Sorry, as much as I like burgers, I wouldn’t miss the chance to knock back a couple while sitting “al fresco” under the stars and a gorgeous view of the rainforest.


While the Cairde Gan Teorainneacha (nitro Dark IPA collab with @thewhitehag ) sat high on my beers that I like for the week, the Chubbles (Triple IPA) stole the show and whacked it out of the park with its hazy look and citrusy, grapefruit aromas. Not your typical TIPA, in fact, it was refreshing on a gloomy weekend afternoon.
@cheeky_allday is a cafe adventure by day and craft beer haven by night with the guys from @smithstreettaps taking over the sticks at night with a nine tap line-up in a pop-up that will last till June. The same SST hospitality but this time with table service, credit card payment and toilets that don’t make you go “”. Congrats guys!

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@cheeky_allday is the new outpost for all the crafty things in life; great craft beers, awesome artisanal spirits and very awesome coffee. Tagged the old location name because...Instagram is slow, but head down to 74, Neil Road for some artisanal goodness in all sense of the phrase.
PSA: @smithstreettaps is having their pop-up there till June; better toilets, cards accepted and wait service...take a walk on the wild side for all you diehards. 😂
Congrats guys, wonderful spot!

I would agree with the description of enjoyment with a background of screaming metal guitars; fits that soundtrack of @freehousesg for sure...taking you on that magic carpet ride brought about by that strong hop forwardness.

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Popped into @the_copper_plate last week for a much needed carafe of whisky (yes, carafe). Stuck with this one as it was the least peaty of the lot; turns out, we loved it! Good balance and a tinge of sweetness. Went well with the Karage they served. My new go-to spot for whisky with impeccable service. Congrats @son_of_whisky and thanks @pamkon for reminding me. 🙌

Love the tropical aroma of the whisky coupled with the herbal lemon verbena leaves in a delicate balance that warmed our hearts on that chilly winter day. We walked into the venerable @barmood_taipei without a reservation but were treated to one of the best services experienced in Taiwan. Thank you @kykythereal and team for taking care of us; we’ll be back soon.

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