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Featuring Portico Prime (Dempsey), 28 HongKong Street, 665°F, D2TLLRY, Native, The Other Room, Merchants Wine Cellar & Store (Duxton Hill), The Great Beer Experiment, Fancy, TAP (Robertson Quay)
Drinking Noodle
Drinking Noodle
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Craft beers, live music, awesome combination to chase away any Monday Blues; so she says.

A delightful fruit beer full of American hops and tropical fruits; it’s easy drinking and an absolute delight on a hot and humid day. Thanks @sylvestertf ! At @theguildsingapore pop-up in @annsianghouse whilst stocks last.

If you’ve driven up and park curb side, drop in anyway, curb parking can be a bitch. @youngmasterales on tap at the @theguildsingapore pop-up at @annsianghouse . Happy weekend everyone.

Don’t get left out! (1) Unconditional Love (West Coast IPA)
(2) Orange Sunshine (Citrus Wheat)
(3) Dirty Boots (American Pale Ale)
(4) Golden Brown (Imperial Brown Ale)
(5) Mon P'tit Chu (Farmhouse Ale)

I was hopped out after this (literally). Glorious find; now I will defo make it all the way to the Dandenong on that trip to the Yarra Valley; and it wouldn’t be because of Puffing Billy. Thanks Lincoln for the wonderful hospitality!

Huh? @blackcowvodka is made from the whey of the milk. First made into beer, it is then further distilled into... yes Vodka. Creamy, fuller, and delicious (I am not a fan of the traditional Vodka). Goes really well with the cheese from the same farm (but of course). Might make an interesting espresso martini. Brought in by @distilledsgp ; cracker on its own; blends well in a concoction. Good seeing you Stefanie and @chrismarshall666

Finally a craft beer space, this side of town and accessible to all. Opening number is a @toolbeer Tropical Rumble IPA. Refreshingly wonderful on a humid day like this; yes, IPA refreshing. 🙌

The chillest, most minimalist bar to date, their offerings are anything but minimal. This new kid on the block has lots of potential. 35, North Canal Road is sexy again.

Richard Caring’s opulent playground of Asian Fusion, @sexyfishlondon , launched her cocktail menu in 3 time-zones on 5 Mar with Singapore’s 28HKS being the first venue. Happy to savour some of their highlights because I don’t think I’ll get a reservation there anytime soon (think Chiltern Firehouse). Japanese inspired subtleties were not lost in the (1st cocktail) Soupe Du Jour (Nikka From The Barrel, Miso) and the Szechuan Highball; while the (2nd cocktail) Monolith (Zacapa 23 rum, thyme, balsamic) shined not only in its cocktail design (frozen pebble I like) but balanced flavours (not so subtle) and (3rd cocktail) Under the Moss (Star of Bombay gin, wasabi, shiso, green Szechuan peppers) was a tight but in your face package of taste complexities. The awesome cocktails were made “awesomer” with @crazycocktailcat and the @sexyfishlondon (Davide?) team and of course, the Godmother of the Singapore scene @fokwaileng and the multi-talented and quintessential gentleman @andrewlum

What started as pre-dinner drinks in support of @theguildsingapore @youngmasterales pop-up, ended in a craft beer pairing extravaganza. Thank you @sylvestertf and @86vinny for the awesome hospitality; I can’t wait for The Guild. Wonderful seeing you @danielgoh and @h_aaannah !

This late 19th century concoction of Apple brandy, Benedictine, Yellow Chartreuse and Angostura bitters is the perfect wind-down for a hard week. Made by a young emerging talent with a knack for technicality; she can only get better.

I am glad they were open on Sunday and almost at the tail end of Craig Road; because there is only so much coffee you can consume while cafe hopping, after a few, the craft comes a-calling.