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Featuring Good Luck Beerhouse, Bar On Chulia, D2TLLRY, TAP (Robertson Quay), The Secret Mermaid, Wala Wala Cafe Bar, Shin Gi Tai, Orihara Shoten, Stickies Bar (Keng Cheow), Second Draft
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Drinking Noodle
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Love the tropical aroma of the whisky coupled with the herbal lemon verbena leaves in a delicate balance that warmed our hearts on that chilly winter day. We walked into the venerable @barmood_taipei without a reservation but were treated to one of the best services experienced in Taiwan. Thank you @kykythereal and team for taking care of us; we’ll be back soon.

Unveiling at the @orhgaotaproom Opening on 12 Jan, this first (for SG at least) promises tropical fruits, subtle bitter and finish tart is perhaps the IPA for warm climates. I know where I will be tomorrow. 🙌

Drunk in Love is a passionfruit IPA that is hop forward with the subtle aroma and taste of passionfruit. A beer that is an IPA first and everything else complementary; a really good balance. Thanks @instabrucery for sharing this with us! Wonder if they have any left in Taipei. 😬

@beercellarsapporo is located in the heart of town and they open at noon! 12 taps of predominantly Hokkaido beers and some US labels and we had some awesome Hokkaido beers like Hop Kotan Brewing’s Poker Face (Schwarzbier). Happy to be snowed in at this establishment!

Their tap list is a 70-30 mix of local craft and familiar US labels. What I like about them is their list of smaller, lesser known Japanese labels such as Be Easy Brewing, Wakasaimo Honpo (Hokkaido) and Devilcraff Tokyo Brewing. This was easily the best craft beer bar we’ve been to in Tokyo. Well curated list, good food (chicken Karage to die for) and a really vibrant atmosphere (it was a Monday when we went).

Nothing better than spending Christmas with loved ones, savouring the things you love, enjoying the winter landscape

Coming here is like clockwork when you’re in Tokyo. A sense of non-accomplishment if we didn’t make the trip across town just once. Surprisingly, we’ve never had to stand outside but we did last night anyway, in the Low temperatures. Then again, there is nothing better than sake in the cold to warm the heart.
Shimbun sakes are our favourite and we had a couple, but we ended with a really nice Nito Omachi35 Junmai Daiginjo. Accomplished.

On the last night, after a furious run from Grimstad to Oslo; we popped into ISM. Much needed respite from the long journey and a wonderful way to spend the last night in Scandinavia. ISM makes awesome cocktails and their menu is an old slide viewer, a commitment to crafting the perfect cocktail with a perfect visual.

$8 Highballs (like in Tokyo!) and $6 if you order snacks at the pop up. Flavours range from mango, lychee to Kiho grapes. Let the Bartenders entice you with your favourite highball! My personal favourite, the strawberry and Lychee (because I love Lychee!).

Dark, sinister and oh-so-good. Perfect for that after-work stress reliever.


Craft+Co is next to Prohibition Bar in Phuket town and they boost a great selection of Thai craft beers as well as some interesting international offerings. The ambiance was chill with staff having a more than decent knowledge of the craft they carry. As for the Citra Bomb? While it poured a hazy medium body, the Citra was way too subtle. Competent IPA though.

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