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Ohayo shingapuru!

Ohayo shingapuru!

Japanese food in our sunny Singapore island
Ka Ling
Ka Ling

I had beef curry ($5 half portion) and beef sutikei. It was beeflicious ($13 half portion)! free rice was great too with a yummy onsen egg ($1). I loved that you can do quarter half or full portion so I could try a bunch of stuff! ✌🏼also tagging this donburi gives me 300g of jap rice - sushi party time?

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Onigiri (Ikura (shown) $2.50) I also got Mentaiko mayo flavor ($1.80). And I even got further 50% discount for buying them after 9pm at Don Don Donki TP!!

But the taste were so-so. The rice was dry (maybe cos I ate them the next day) and the ikura and Mentaiko Mayo was not salty or umami enough. Like 3/5⭐️? I think the other sushi looked more tasty. But this was supposed to be best by the next day..!! I’ll give it another try and maybe have it on the spot. Will update when I do that!! But seriously. Half off sashimi, sushi and all cooked food. Also lots of that famous cooked sweet potato left 😅 on a tues night.

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Takosen - first time trying from Don Don Donki. Cheap deal at $3.50. Apparently I should get 3 balls but I only got 2.. ☹️ but it wasn’t a bad thing, since I didn’t like the takoyaki. Such an irony.

The Mac and cheese mayo was tastier without the takoyaki, which was cold and dense. Meh. I’m not sure I will wanna get this again... was so excited and then so disappointed. I was there late enough the sashimi and sushi were all 50% off!!! Even cheaper than this takosen.

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Had a simple quick lunch before gym today. Tried the mentaiko French bun after my good friend alerted me to its goodness: “what do you mean you haven’t tried mentaiko bread?” For just $2.30, you get a tasty crispy baguette filled with mentaiko sauce. Mmmm the umami is excellent! From Sun Moulin bakery in basement of vivo. 5🌟 the Liang sandwich has a strong competitor! Which one should I get next time???

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Thur night chill night is a great way for work life balance! No queue at Omu rice! Yay and the lava Omu really wobbles 💖 great classic combo of curry and pork katsu with omurice but surprisingly despite the wobble wobble my fave is still coco ichibanya in SG 😱 mentaiko sauce is abit mild for my liking. Overall 4/5 and I’m willing to try other flavors next time!

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Favourite Musubi in a Long while! Musubi is a Hawaiian Japanese dish - basically Luncheon meat (spam) sushi. However Sumo Happy Bar has outdone all Musubi I’ve tried - they made their own luncheon meat 😋it was soft and tender and flavorful, unlike the salty commercial spam you get. I think a spicy Maling brand version will be cool too! The rice was tasty but fell apart. Mayo enhanced the flavor but the seaweed needs work - soft very quickly.

And the best part - it’s on the happy hour menu from 5-7pm Everyday! $5 for one onogiri size piece - didn’t see it on the regular menu. Also it is quite ex if not for happy hour... also really loved all other dishes at @sumobarhappy ! Bring lots of friends and share appetisers and ramen! The location is a little secluded, on the side of the Waterloo center building, there’s a foodcourt next door in the same alley! Thanks to my dear Woon for recommendations.

PS they also have a happy birthday salmon special (if you have 4 paying adults ordering a main each, you can get the number of salmon slices equivalent to your age for free!) you know where I’ll be for my birthday 😋

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White curry is eye opening!! The udon version is a little dilute for me but flavor is still great! And the iberico Katsu is amazing!! Love the fat and tender pork. The fried oysters are great too. And the truffle chawanmushi is an amazing addition too! Great deal for only $15.80.

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Fried pork ribs with spicy ramen and lots of cabbage. Definitely not a classic ramen but I keep going back for more! The fried ribs were not hot but definitely warm them up in the soup. Surprisingly the batter holds up. The cabbage makes the soup refreshing to drink, also feels a little bit healthier.

Service definitely can be better.. but ramen worth going back for! 4😋

@Tampopo Liang Court #drklingeats #ramen #burpplesg


Really good value for money, great flavor for salmon, avocado and soba! Kind of weird there wasn’t a dipping sauce for the soba.

At Salmon Samurai, conveniently located at 100am Tanjong Pagar.

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Intense sesame flavor with strong milky aftertaste. Smooth, thick and hearty dessert. Love the butter cookie that gave it some crunch. Great for sharing with at least one other (had trouble finishing at the end). I would probably get add ons for crunch and texture next time. Our group tried all 4 soft serve flavors and my favorite was Matcha! (Duh, since it’s matchaya) The cathay outlet had some seats and we got a nice comfortable space for our group of 6! 4😋 #latergram #sesamesoftserve #drklingeats #burpplesg


What I do on Friday nights - YAY I made it to Chiizu toast @ Vivo. Luckily I arrived in time because so many (10 or more) started queuing after me (lol I bring in the crowd!!). The wait wasn’t too long, surprisingly more than 5 people in front of me disappeared so I got mine within 5-10 mins. LOL.

The cheese stretches for milessssssss (haha my HB had to endure my endless selfies). How does it taste? A little on the sweet side for me... love the crisp toast and long stretchy cheese. But would really love to lose the sugar. Will try the charcoal cheese next time (it was sold out at 7pm already!!!) verdict 3.5😋

#chiizutoast #drklingeats #burpplesg

Look at the endless miffy 🐰so happy I got to visit before they closed 31 Dec 2017! Although I didn’t grow up with miffy but I’m so happy my hb and I found it in Netherlands.

That said, the fries ($12.90) were decent but salted egg yolk sauce was a NO for me. The fried bunnies have extra points but we’re similar to the fried mashed minions from Maccas not long ago. I’m always in for the fun and it was great while it lasted. One time for all the selfies and latergrams were worth it. 3/5🌟

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Ka Ling

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