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Welly Kam
Welly Kam
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Price at: 12.90$

5/5 for presentation: look at how legit the foam is!!
3/5 for taste: mainly because it was too sour for my liking

"Not sure if it's a good idea..." The server commented, but I went ahead. Why not, cos yolo.
Anyway, I think it kind of worked, the ice cream texture is the sticky sort. Need some getting used to.
The server was super hyper and made good recommendations. Makes the day. #saltedeggshiok

It's yoghurt, pretty known in Singapore but this was my first time trying it! It costs $2.69/100g so its a self service kind of thing. Pretty cool cause you can decided how much yoghurt you want and the toppings too. Personally like the original and pomegranate flavor. Chocolate wasn't that nice. Vanilla was alright (: mine was $4.90 I think! There was a 20% off haha!

One thing about japfood, the authentic ones are niche and only serve 1-2 specialty. Thankful for this supportive bunch who is up to try new food with us.
#eatat7 #katsudon #sunteccity

Simple savoury goodness in a bowl. The best part is not feeling thirsty even after I finished everything! The broth itself was a little light tasting for me, but the addition of chilli powder & chilli padi truly elevated this dish to a whole new level.

Be sure to come early to avoid the lunch crowd! We came at 11 and it was already teeming with people, and it only got even more crowded after that.

Tried out a new Ma La place with my ma la buddy Irene! We got both the dry and soup dishes as they pride themselves for using a mixture of herbs and pork bones for their broth.

We ordered the spiciest available, level 4 (超级大辣) but was quite disappointed that it wasn’t as spicy and fragrant as we hoped, and it felt comparable to just the medium spice level of other stalls. Ingredients were really fresh and stir fried thoroughly, though I really wanted stronger and saltier flavours. The prices by weight here are slightly higher than others too, but a plus point is that they offer more affordable sets with a combination of pre-chosen ingredients - 1 pax at $6.80, $13.80 for 2 and $21.80 for 3.

My favourites are still hands down Ri Ri Hong in Chinatown and You Ma You La in Ang Mo Kio!

📍山鸡麻辣香锅 Shan Ji Fragrant Hotpot
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Basement 1 Koufu
8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695

Bao Today's Tapas Dim Sum Buffet High Tea $16.80++, Dinner $19.80++! At Hotel Rendezvous.

Super Affordable.
Check out the items http://danielfooddiary.com/2015/12/06/baotoday

Also check out the CUTE Custard + Lotus paste Frostie The Mini Bun.

Singa Smoothie bowl Made with a blend of mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut water, it certainly had a more tropical note compared to the Sao Paolo Superfood Bowl.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/coocaca/

A sweet scent wafts up as soon @dazzlingcafe.sg serves you Mermaid Toast ($16.90). Enveloping it's top are generous dollops of cream in pastel hues. Macarons and strawberries 🍓 decorate it. Candies and colorful sprinkles freckle it 🌈 Drizzle honey over 🍯 and it's ready!
Eagerly, your knife dives into the Shibuya toast, cutting through its slightly crisp exterior. Its core hides strawberry ice-cream and blocks of colorful toast. Lace each bite of bread with whipped cream, ice-cream, and some candy. It combines both light and dense creaminess, small bits of crunch, and lightly toasted bread.
I'm no sweet tooth but I thoroughly enjoyed this. This limited edition dessert is extended till 16 Sep, so catch it with your friends before it swims away!!

$3.80/100gram. There's about 6 flavors to choose from. Original are our favorite by far, creamy yet light texture. Best of all its all using organic product and stevia is widely use in all flavors in substitute of sugar. The ambience and staff are great.

I like garlic. Sis like spicy.
So this half chicken where we can choose up to 2 flavours is just perfect👍🏼

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