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Top 100 Dessert Places

Top 100 Dessert Places

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Uya, Project Açaí (Holland Village), Little Farms, Yolé (Wisma Atria), Châteraisé (ION Orchard), Yolé (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel)
Rachel T
Rachel T
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It’s very true when people say you can’t be happy all the time. Similarly, things can’t go right all the time either. Here’s my yolé from Tangs over the weekend - had to fight off an auntie who kept trying to cut my queue while I was at @yolesingapore and kept glaring and shoving me, and it was in the afternoon when almost all of my favourite toppings were sold out 😔 And the caramelised biscuit sauce kept dripping for some reason and ended up staining my jeans before I had even started eating ☹️ Also wish that the height/amount of frozen yoghurt was more consistent... And that the fruit toppings didn’t all run out so quickly. And that my favourite Yolé outlet at Wisma comes back soon (I hope). I miss the nice lady who works there 😭 Nevertheless, Yolé is still my favourite frozen yoghurt brand ♥️

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Decided to try the new and improved acai tubs from local acai company @selvafoods which I got from @littlefarms!
The tubs are much easier to open now. The earlier versions had lime but now it’s been replaced with a very flavourful lemon that compliments the acai very well. The acai in each tub all comes from a single source harvested from the Amazon 🌴 With this tub, I did find that the acai flavour is not as strong and concentrated as it used to be (not sure if the lemon flavour overpowers the acai or if the recipe has changed). But having said that, I appreciate that this 500g tub of acai is reasonably priced and I can enjoy this ice cold acai without having to leave the house! :)

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Yolé are always coming up with innovative new products! 😍 Their R&D team have been working really hard.

I finally tasted their latest ice cream in the raspberry flavour!

Like with most Yolé items on the menu, I find it hard to describe exactly what every product tastes like.

But to put it simply, this raspberry ice cream tastes like raspberry chocolate.

It’s also fruity with a gelato-like texture, and a hint of frozen yoghurt flavour to it. It’s great if you have a sweet tooth (and especially good on a hot day!)

They also sell this in a takeaway ice cream tub, so drop by your nearest Yolé outlet and enjoy this in the comfort of your home :)

For more food reviews, check out instagram.com/missrachelrawr and rachelrawr.com

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Ordered this parfait from Uya on our visit a few weeks ago. When it arrived, we all felt a little misled because it didn’t look anything like in the menu, so here’s a more accurate picture 😂

The parfait consists of cereal, adzuki beans, green tea Pocky, green tea ice cream, mochi, and pudding.

Pros: The cereal was a lot, and very crispy and fresh. This dessert can be shared among lots of people, about 3-4 people.
Cons: Expensive for what it is, didn’t look anything like in the menu. Menu also didn’t provide a description of the parfait. Personally felt that the parfait from 7-Eleven in Japan is much better quality, tastier and a lot cheaper!


Have you ever had (or heard of) dessert dumplings? 😍 These sinful dumplings from @dumpling.darlings are filled with vanilla bean, amaretto, cream cheese and poached pear, and served with a generous dollop of Tasmanian honey ice cream 🍯♥️ From the first mouthful, we thought that the flavour and texture of the dumplings closely resembled a slightly crispier version of goreng pisang (deep fried bananas) 🍌


Project Acai Lemon Parfait [$12]
Decided to try this yummy acai creation on @desireeweee's recommendation!

The @projectacai lemon parfait consists of: a special blend of lemon and acai, nut butter, dried coconut, goji berries, strawberries, bananas, cacao nibs, granola, pineapple and mango!

Surprisingly, it wasn't at all tangy and sour and I loved how everything went extremely well together. This lemon and acai mix needs to be permanently on the menu 😂 Really liked the crunch of the sweet granola and coconut paired with the refreshing citrus fruits. For fans of citrusy flavours, this is a must try! 🍋


This cake is filled with layers and layers of cream and mille crepe goodness atop a soft, fluffy sponge cake base. This simple yet delectable dessert is my favourite and must-order from Châteraisé!

Price-wise, I would say it's pretty decently priced at $4.70 for a slice of yummy, not-too-sinful goodness.

At the time I was wavering between buying Awfully Chocolate's chocolate crepe cake and Châteraisé for this White Zebra. The two stores face each other so it was like a face-off of mille crepe cakes.

In the end, Châteraisé triumphed because their slices were bigger and almost half the price of Awfully Chocolate's!


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