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An average chili crab pasta, but what’s memorable are the elements that gives this pasta Japanese fusion attributes. Notice the heap of nori strips, and white sesame seeds that changes a westernized pasta to an Asian-influenced, especially with the whole deep-fried soft shell crab.

Tossed in home made chili crab sauce, egg white and mixed wild mushrooms, the spaghetti was far from al dente but had a texture somewhat like thick beehoon. The chili crab sauce was tangy, but also got spicier increasingly. Considered generous for the size of its soft shell crab.

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While the salted egg trend is still going strong, the pairing of salted egg with fish (meat, not skin) is not as commonly seen as compared to say, chicken. Hence, since it’s the first dish in Yummo
Chow’s salted egg series, I thought it was a good idea to try.

A 200g deep fried Dory fish fillet in a house made batter, served with house salad and regular fries. Dipping tartar sauce by the side, while the salted egg sauce poured over the fish fillet. I liked the balance of the salted egg sauce; in terms of spices with evident curry leaved and red chili, creaminess, sweetness, mouthfeel. However, it appeared that the taste of a frozen fish fillet was too strong that it masked the salted egg taste subsequently. Possibly also caused by the inadequate amount of sauce.

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While it might not appear to be that aesthetically pleasing but rather on the charred side, this Cajun roasted chicken leg was really well marinated with spices which could be evidently tasted from the skin. It was also the char that had us enticed on the crackling skin. Underneath was some juicy tender chicken meat of a bright color that was so easily torn.

Served with really crispy shoestring fries, mesclun salad and orange citrus vinaigrette. I couldn’t stop munching on the fries.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Sam from @orhgaotaproom for hosting!


Perhaps you might be having second thoughts about trying this black-looking fish and chips but wait, don’t judge a dish by its appearance. The charcoal fish and chips is a specialty at The Pipe District. There’s a choice of dory or salmon, priced differently.

Coated with a crispy charcoal batter, the dory fish was tender and pretty fresh, and had no signs of being overcooked. While the looks of the charcoal batter was daunting, it tasted just like a usual better, not strong on the earthiness or any smokiness that the charcoal powder added could have imparted. Surprisingly it wasn’t very oily too. Each set comes with a side of coleslaw and a choice of straight cut fries or sweet potato fries. Love the tinge of sweetness from the sweet potato amidst the savoury!


Jumping on the bandwagon of plant-based meat alternatives in the food scene this year, PizzaExpress has launched 4 new dishes on its verde menu, featuring 2 pizzas and 2 pastas each for pork and beef by using those from Omnipork and beyond meat.

Sure, it does look like a normal beef pizza but topped with Beyond Beef, vegan mozzarella, passata, red onion, red chilli, garlic oil and kale. Also served with a lemon wedge. The beef was slightly charred but fortunately, there was no unpleasant taste/smell of the plant protein used. It was a rather good attempt also to mimic the texture of real meat. However, there wasn’t much meat flavour. Instead, you get heavy flavours from all the other spices and toppings. Well, I would still prefer my real meat if given a choice. For one thing, it’s pricey for the pizza size, especially when there’s no real meat involved.


To be honest, I was expecting a salad with fully grilled tuna for this as I was curious about how it would have tasted like. For someone who doesn’t eat raw meat at all, I was stunned when I saw the pinkish-red flesh in the middle. But to be fair, I could actually taste the freshness of the grilled tuna, and it wasn’t fishy at all. In fact, the meat was rather tender.

The salad base was baby spinach and cherry tomato orzo pasta with grated Parmesan, capers, red chilli and preserved lemon dressing. Orzo pasta adds up a nice chewy texture to the salad especially so given its rice-shaped body. Surely they were generous with the grated Parmesan. Salty sourness of the preserved lemon dressing was unique, completing the dish with a signature citrusy touch that complemented the pasta.

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A comfort food dish served in a relaxed, quiet environment. With al dente linguine tossed heavily in olive oil, I pretty much enjoyed how fragrant this aglio olió style pasta was, except that they could probably reduce the amount of olive oil so that the pasta wouldn’t have been coated in oil. Nevertheless, the chopped garlic and chili made up for it along with super plump fresh prawns. Slightly pricey but worthwhile with the entertainer app. Do note that there’s a specific menu if you are using the app.


Got me so excited when I accidentally found this hipster cafe/coffeeshop at Anchorvale CC, because it made my trip all the way from the west to the northeast area even more worthwhile! I wished I had such a hipster CC in the west too. Spent a great evening dining, people watching at Legend as it is situated along the scenic Sungei Punggol and across the Sengkang Riverside Park. What's more, legend has live band performance at night, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

There's a wide selection of food; you could either go local zi char style or the western pizzas, pastas, mains. Cheap beers are available too! We had the meat lover platter which has portions just right for 2 people. Comes with:

1. Sirloin steak which you can specify how well you want it to be done
2. Juicy Cajun chicken that was marinated with spice and had a crispy layer of skin
3. Grilled pork chop that was tender, not too dry
4. Mashed potato with a smooth texture and savory brown sauce, not too buttery
5. Grilled pork sausage and grilled cheese chicken sausage which was my favorite of all because the cheese really bursts out upon cutting, and even more so in the mouth
5. A side salad amidst the meatiness

Help yourself to the sauces available such as black pepper, mushroom, mustard, chili, ketchup!

Not really sure of what fish to order and what's the fresh catch of the day? The staff at Greenwood Fish Market would be more than happy to make their recommendations!

This 500 grams of fresh swordfish steak was recommended to us for sharing between 2. When I asked which cooking method would suit this, chargrilling was the reply. Indeed, the chargrilling was pretty well done as the charred lines were left on the outside, while the fish still had its own freshness. It looks small, but fed the both of us really full in actual fact. It's served together with some vegetables and mashed potato. You could either eat the fish with some spicy chili which helps to clear the slight bitterness from all the chargrilling, or dip it into the buttery sauce served at the corner. The sauce went well with the mashed potato too.

Before main course was served, each person gets a serving of their homemade bread. It was really fluffy and buttery, the buttery note reminds me of a traditional English bread style.


The sister has been on the hunt for a comparable Fish and Chips to that we had in New Zealand which is made using Cherry Snapper. So when we found out about the wide variety of fish selection and cooking methods at Greenwood Fish Market, we were thrilled to give it a try.

Three long pieces of fresh red snapper coated thinly with a crisp non-greasy batter, deep-fried till bright golden yellow. Not extremely impressive but more, a simple heartwarming fish and chips. Rounded the dish up with some thick cut chips (not to my liking personally because it feels soggy easily) and mesclun salad on the side, along with tartar sauce and sweet chili. Btw, the sister picked out a fish bone.


Mindblown by this starter on Greenwood's menu. I like how they carve it so beautifully that when it looks nice, it's also easier for us to slice and share conveniently at the same time. Size of the squid was considerably big and well marinated with spice. Also perfectly chargrilled, leaving a charred note that lingers while retaining the freshness, sweetness and chewiness of the seafood itself.

Comes with a side salad and chili that packs a punch. The heat was manageable, and I could also taste some citrusy notes in the chili. Good to have, especially if you might find it a little fishy or bitter from the chargrilling.

Seafood lovers rejoice! Suitable for sharing, this seafood assortment of fresh fish, tiger prawns, squid and Venus clams was so magically baked in this umami filled broth. I would think that the parchment paper also helped in retaining the broth's rich flavour. The secret ingredient behind this; butter. Its so fragrant, without being too oily. So good on its own, but even better to wipe it off with some toast!


Foodie for life <3

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