Lunch Places In Raffles Place

Lunch Places In Raffles Place

Trying to find the best value lunch around my work place 🥗🍜🍕🍣🍔
Alexis Han
Alexis Han

$15.5+ lunch deal
Includes one main, one side and a drink (hot/iced tea)

Definitely my to-go for Vietnamese food. Totally worth the value cause the mains and sides are absolutely delicious. Everything was done to near perfection (in my opinion). And i appreciate restaurants who do every single dish well and not just a few of their signature dishes. Allows me to try out more dishes since everything taste amazing.

Usually I would order their pho as it is really yummy (the broth is the same for diff ingredients so it only depends on which meat you prefer eg. beef,duck etc) . The broth is light yet flavorful and the noodles have the right texture.

This time round, I’ve ordered the twice cooked duck leg with the dry noodles. Duck leg was tender and had some crisp skin on. Duck fats were also just the right amount. The noodles were slightly dry, would love to have more dressing on it. Noodles texture were slightly on the tough side but still alright. The dressing kept it light and tasty.

For my side dish , I had the prawn spring rolls dipped in plum sauce. Crispy and meaty, the sauce made it more interesting with more flavours swirling in my mouth.

Another side dish I would recommend is the viet nachos - black sesame crispy pancake like crackers with tasty pulled pork drizzled with nacho cheese. The portioning for this would be the most worth it out of all other side dish.

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$10 Nürnberger Dog
$4 Fries
$10 Pale Ale with passionfruit aroma

My favourite lunch/dinner hotdog place around Raffles. The hotdog bun used was the pretzel bun which gave it a slightly buttery taste. I loved it. The sausage is juicy and meaty - tasted real if you know what I mean, not those fake hotdogs. Also, the Nürnberger Dog also had potato salad & wholegrain mustard, topped with chives bits & mayonnaise. The flavours blended well together and excited my tastebuds with some of my favourite ingredients.

Fries are good as well. Thin cut, crispy yet not too oily. Dipped them in mayo + tomato/chili - simply my preferred way to eat em fries.

Pale Ale had the passion fruit aroma, and texture was not too bad. Pretty light and drinkable.

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At $9.90, you get a portion of soba drizzled on with pieces of garlic shoyu salmon and an onsen egg. Pretty value for money. Taste wise, it was alright, nothing too fancy but would consider it a delicious healthy lunch option 👌🏻


$9.90 for chunks of salmon sashimi, avocado and lots of cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Topped with red rice base.

Really wholesome and fulfilling lunch choice. Was definitely value for money with the portioning.


"Feel better, Live better, Eat better" Picky Eater//Food Lover

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