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Leong Minying
Leong Minying

His first cafe - “The Hangar” on Arab Street may not exist any more but the exuberant and very tasty flavours that I had loved about the food @pavskiiii served there, can now be found at @burnclubst, his brand new casual cafe-restaurant alongside Ufit on Club Street. That was where I suggested to my friend @aikbengchia we go for our lunch, which he readily agreed.
I ordered a few dishes for us to share, and this was one of them. If you have ever dined at #TheHangarSg, you might recognise it. Renamed most aptly as “Roasted Pork Noodles” ($17), it showcases slow-roasted, handpulled pieces of meat which are a major head-turner in tenderness and flavour. They meet their match in the eggless kolo noodles tossed in a fierce chilli oil dressing. A poached egg and sautéed mushroom salad join them in the big bowl. Strewn across the top as a finishing touch are fresh parsley, spring onions and mint. So shiok!
Honestly, I am thrilled I get to savour this dish again.

✔ Combo fried chicken set* (~$24): This is their signature!!! And absolutely love the yangneom flavour. The original was surprisingly tasty as most of the time the inner bits are blend..but this is not! Thumbs up!
✔ Tteokbokki ($20): chewy and soft rice cakes with korean ramen. Very authentic taste.
✔ Chestnut Makgeolli: sweeter than the original and I like it! Cheers!!
Overall: ❤❤❤❤❤

A charming spot on Kandahar Street, this beautifully outfitted shophouse restaurant is the place to go to for Neopolitan-style pizzas. Made with imported Italian flour, topped with homemade tomato sauce and loaded with fresh ingredients, the pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven that is suspended from a ceiling (!). Neopolitan-style pizzas sport a characteristic leopard-like spotted crust and are incredibly flavourful. Order the Bismark ($25), a Burpple community favourite that comes topped with fior de latte cheese, ham, mushrooms, parmesan and a runny egg. Take Burppler Cassandra Chow's cue to swirl the egg yolk with the creamy cheese for "a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess". The Magherita ($18) and salami-topped Diavola ($23) are also winners in our books. For dessert, consider the 72% Venezuela cocoa cake, flecked with pink sea salt and topped with vanilla gelato.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Cassandra Chow

The chicken satay were rly tender but still hit your senses with that lightly grilled aroma. Drizzle some sesame sauce over &it tastes like yakitori!

Som Tam hit all the right notes - good balance of sour &spicy levels. It could have been perfect with the salty aroma from some dried shrimps!

Tom Yum Goong and Oozy Chicken were good too.
&Do pair your food with a beaker of Coconut Mojito! (No, it doesnt contain alcohol but it's rly refreshing!)

Using rare ingredients of the finest quality – some of which are difficult to find even in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong’s finest establishments – are skilfully prepared and included in GAKE’s omakase menu.
Highlight of the night definitely had to be the signature :
Truffled Hiyashi Somen ( Normal - $15.80, With Uni & Caviar - $35.80 )
Light texture rice vermicelli with crispy sakura ebi, truffle emulsion, tobiko.
Definitely a crowd-pleaser !

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Comes with prawn w mentaiko sauce, tea, miso soup and salad so I would say it’s a pretty good deal! :-) the sashimi was fresh and the generously portioned though the rice bowl isn’t the biggest! I love mentaiko sauce so I really enjoyed the tamago and the prawn

This is a newly opened Hototogisu outlet at Tanjong Pagar (100AM). There are exclusive menus at each outlet such as oyster ramen, crab ramen and clam ramen. We tried the oyster ramen, shoyu ramen and original pork ramen. Overall the meat was very tender and the broth was good. I ordered the oyster ramen which had a very creamy broth so I recommend not to add the entire oyster paste into the soup. It is definitely worth a try~👌🏻

delicious! the place was quite full when we went!
note : u will come out of e restaurant quite smelly due to the live cooking happening in front of u.

Mark this 100AM hotspot down for a no-brainer weeknight dinner. Sit outside if the weather's good to kick back over a few beers and the Gyoza Croquette ($11). Save space for mains though, because a beautifully cooked Buta Kakuni ($14) with melt-in-the-mouth Iberico pork belly awaits – order a bowl of rice to go with this!
Photo by Burppler Kevin M

I recommend ordering this if you visit @tiposg, think it’s the safest and yummiest dish on the menu 😋 The shredded slow cooked beef is tender and the sauce to pasta ratio is just nice 😍 The portion isn’t big so there’s still room for dessert!

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🥚 Looking at the chefs pour the luscious, gleaming egg from the glass window got me so excited. 🤤 Not only does it taste good, but it’s very affordable! For only $12.90, you can get the Omurice, a choice of salad, and a choice of spaghetti. 🍝 The upsize from regular to large is also free! Then if you’d like, you can order their special cheese sauce which they would prepare at your table consisting of 3 different types of cheese 🧀 for $2. I also decided to go ahead and order their Chicken Teriyaki Hamburg for $3, which was a little tiny, but the portion for the Omurice and pasta was a lot! I actually struggled to finish it near the end. 🍅 The taste of the tomato rice was not overpowering. Even my friend who hates tomato said he wasn’t affected by it at all. And like all Keisuke, there’s also free flow of beansprouts. They made it very easy to order as it has a layout of a mind-map for you to fill. This is the closest thing you can get to the Omurice you always see from Japan. (Unless you came across a better one, then do share with me because I want to try it! 🤗)
🚶🏻‍♂️Queuing: I was a bit skeptical when I heard people queuing for 3.5 hours. However, when I reached there at around 6.10pm, I was at the 2.5 hour mark of the queue. Yes, they place markers along the queue stating the various wait times. Fortunately I only waited 1.5 hours instead, which was still pretty long. It’s probably due to the fact that the outlet is really small (22 seats) and it only opened on 14 Jan. If you’d ask me whether or not I’d queue for it for that long a period, I’d probably wait till the hype goes down before going another time. But if it’s your first time and you really wanna go for it, do it!
🍛: Omurice Combo (L) - Demiglace Sauce, Neapolitan Spaghetti. Added special cheese sauce and Chicken Teriyaki Hamburg. $17.90
🍴: 201 Victoria St, #04-01 Bugis+

Ordered their signature main of Braised Lor Mee ($6) and I understood why my colleagues always order this same dish every single time!

The seafood broth was flavourful and did not leave me thirsty, with generous servings of fresh prawns, pork and clams. I asked for my noodles to be undercooked and they delivered, with a warm smile.

Also tried their Fried Mee Sua ($5.50) previously, and it's been the only eatery I order mee sua at (not a fan of the noodle type, ever). Be sure to have the noodles with the chili; the zing is oomph. Prices are nett, service is genuine, food is awesome. Defo coming back again!

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