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Nelson Tan
Nelson Tan

Discovered the dark, again, when I tried their waffles along with a scoop of 80% dark choc and another scoop of salty peanut butter ice cream. I have to praise the waffle for being crispy outside and really fluffy inside. It is quite light, and not very dense. The dark chocolate ice cream was still as good, but just a little sweet for me, and the salty peanut butter ice cream could be a new favourite as I liked the mix of sweet and salty. There are a number of toppings you can choose from, and we had the caramelized almonds. Any ice cream day is a happy day.

Flamed grilled steak, arugula, lettuce, roasted broccoli, roasted sweet potato, hummus, tzatziki (so much love for this), parsley, Greek vinaigrette, sunflower seeds. Order a grain bowl so that it fills you up! Steak was medium-rare (the chef and I agreed that medium-rare was the limit steaks could NEVER go beyond); it was perfectly cooked. The bowl had individual flavors that were distinct but melded together in perfect harmony. It is also affordable, convenient, and at a good venue for those working around that area.

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What can I say..I’ve had my doubts about ramen in chicken broth but this restaurant proved me wrong. So much flavor and ingredients (you get a good sized chicken drumstick too) packed into a bowl of 🐓 goodness. It’s a generous bowl so skip a meal before having this. Every diner is given a choice to customize their meal, so I chose to have a normal tasting broth, less oil, and of course, hard noodles (might do extra hard on my next visit). Eggs and sprouts are complimentary and those are already on the table.

Buttermilk waffles, jalapeño beef ragu, bacon, sunny side up egg, mozzarella, tortilla chips, fruit salad, greens. You’ve got a good combination of spicy beef ragu (could have a little more acidity) with bacon AND mozzarella cheese in it (how can you not love it?!), buttermilk waffles that are slightly softer than your usual waffles, and a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg.

Geotag is Suntec City but photos are at Changi Airport’s T3 Departure. I ordered two versions: an original dough/custard filling, and one that is matcha dough/red bean filling. I’m a bigger fan of the custard version as the filling is generous, and it’s a good proportion of dough:ratio. Also, the custard isn’t too sweet which is perfect for someone like me. It is slightly pricier than the normal ones you see, but still good. Be prepared to wait if the queue is long!

A “make your own bowl” salad for the start of the week. Cajun chicken (great flavor, but a little dry), carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, sliced egg, with an apple cider vinaigrette from @thelawncafe.

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Finally here for their beef noodles ever since they opened in Tiong Bahru Plaza. There are also 7 types of noodles to choose from, depending on the thickness and shape, as well as the choice to have it in soup or just dried. The broth looks deceptively light but it is packed with flavor (when you’ve got 15 herbs in the stock and probably even more). Noodles are perfectly cooked and the meat is tender. What I love about this place is that each dish is cooked to order: freshly pulled noodles into a waiting bowl of piping hot and flavorful broth. I would definitely recommend adding their chili oil because it gives the broth even more depth. Vinegar is optional. My first experience with Lanzhou Beef Noodles: Absolutely loving it. In other words, 超赞! 🍜

[成]美食好味道is located right in between the boneless braised duck and the roasted meat stall in Tanglin Halt Food Centre. Prices range from $3.00 - $5.00. They do not use pork here, so the meat options you have are chicken and battered fish. The broth was not as flavorful as I thought it would be, and slightly watery. For the battered fish, batter > fish, and we were given a quarter of a hard-boiled egg. They are generous with their ingredients so this will fill you up for lunch.

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This dish is made with a miso base, hence the slight saltiness. There’s also konjac and radish in the stew too. Although salty, it is a comforting dish as it warms your stomach readily. Only for offal lovers!🐷

Malloreddus, also known as gnocchetti sardi or ‘little Sardinian gnocchi’ are a typical pasta from Sardinia. It is slightly yellowish because of the addition of saffron. Nostra Cucina serves theirs with a sausage ragu. A meaty sauce with the slight tartness from the tomato base, paired with the perfectly cooked al dente pasta. O mama mia.

A familiar name (probably) for office workers in the CBD area, hungry stomachs after a few drinks at the pubs, or just supper-goers. Went straight for their minced pork noodles, which at $4, is very affordable. You’ve got your usual toppings of minced and lean meat, meatballs, and a mushroom (😐). The addition of ikan bilis was a new thing for me but it certainly added some crunch to the dish. Noodles were well-cooked, but I felt that the sauce wasn’t vinegary enough (compared to Ming Fa, or even the airport’s T3 Kopitiam’s ba chor mee). Although it’s a ‘lighter’ version of the ba chor mee that I know, I still wouldn’t mind enjoying it.


Satisfying my tummy one dish at a time. Instagram: @nelsonutella

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