All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Matcha 4ever 🍵

Hey Matcha ($7.50) got that lighter matcha (green tea) flavour for yogurt so I didn't expected that. I preferred light over heavy taste or flavour for yogurt as I didn't get bloated so easily plus most of yogurt shop made me so full or bloated. I felt that one serving of the drink can be a lunch or dinner for me already and mainly for people who didn't wanted to eat normal meal :") They got 3 drinks for $15 promotion until 31 January 2021 so you can go with your friends for sharing cost of yogurt.

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Matcha Coconut (Premium - $4) contained ingredients (Matcha, Coconut and Almond) was quite lighter matcha flavour which I really impressed, enjoy with it and didn't have weird aftertaste compared to eatcalli's SOMATCHABETTER ice cream flavour. Keto Chocolate Sorbet (Premium - $4) (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder and Xylitol) was quite thick and rich chocolate flavour which I did enjoyed it but got internal shock as I didn't have good time after that having got hard time to eat dinner lol. >< I didn't know that one of ingredients (Xylitol) cause digestive side effects and just google about it while writing food reviews. Please take note of ice cream's ingredients before you purchase it at there. I really like the way that they labelled ice cream's ingredients for people who are particular with food especially food allergies.

Yole (Plaza Singapura)

Yole Matcha Ice Cream (Limited Edition) (3 Toppings for $5.90) I chose strawberries, almond and dark chocolate sauce (always favourite sauce after all) :") I didn't really taste much matcha taste but the topping especially dark chocolate covered up taste of matcha flavour already. So I expected it already that after seeing some reviews out there, I managed to try on last day before it ended for limited edition under Christmas Season. I missed it out on some Christmas Drink but it's alright because it still have next time (such a optimistic mindset).

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Matcha Latte ($6.00) was quite strong milky and creamy taste and didn't liked it but at least it was a decent drink. I found that I can taste milk more than matcha but it was probably about the proportion issue between matcha and milk?

Matcha Cheese Tart (Flor Patisserie) ($3.80) I wanted to try their cheese tart also and didn't saw it on previous visit at there until saw fridge on the capitol contained a lot of cheese tart. so I decided to buy the tart back for home. The cheese was quite thick and also can be easily covered up over matcha. They also selling a variety of flavours such as earl grey, durian, etc but durian flavour sell $5.00 and rest of them sold around $3 to $4? they didn't really put price tag on the cheese tart at fridge itself. I tried not taking cheese tart from fridge itself because of hygiene purpose and let them to take and pack cheese tart for takeaway instead.

Matcha Bo Bo Cup Cake (September 玖月) ($5.90) I didn't expected that it's full of whipping cream plus didn't enjoy their matcha cream (taste so weird). I really like their boba pearls but it's quite sticky for me. It's a bit disappointed for me and ppl pls don't order this dessert even though it can be takeaway easily.

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I decided to reduce my number for post and I wanted to post all but it's quite repeating so I cut down a bit for now. So yes it's final post for keong saik bakery. I didn't expected that I will be heading back again before heading to work. Tarté au Matcha ($8.50) was quite nice and isn't that milky or creamy. Probably I need to share desserts with my friends :") I usually eat dessert alone and felt that my stomach cannot take it anymore due to dairy tolerance >.< tbh I got that great time to take photo for this because the lighting shine much better and my mood turned much better too.

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Didn't expected that Matcha Burnt Cruffin ($6.50) is so good and usually sold out before evening time. Went there after lunch and it was only left 2 over the counter. Decided to spilt two post for keong saik bakery most of time. So I can focus on the baked good itself. It's was quite thick and strong bitter aftertaste and also crispy on outer skin.

Matcha (Oats) Yogurt ($6.90) was quite unique and interesting drink that I did saw purple rice or red bean or taro toppings b4. But I really like oats topping that it was quite chewy and fresh made. I felt that matcha got that jasmine green tea taste. Probably I go for red bean or purple rice next time again. If you order L Size Drink, got free boba carrier. 😅

Hot Matcha Latte ($2.90) was a good drink for drinking during cold weather. Managed to order it after recovering from flu. Probably I should order Hot Houjicha Latte next time ba. It's smooth and not that bitter and sweet taste for Matcha Latte. Let me know what you all recommended for Don Don Donki Drink Stall.

I really wanted to try Matcha Houjicha Latte ($6.80) (Oat Milk -$1) after a lot of people posted. It's a hybrid between Matcha and Houjicha Latte 🥰 and didn't expected that their combination really good. Matcha (Bitter) and Houjicha (Roasted) was quite interesting and unique drink that I have tried b4. You can opt out less Houjicha Syrup (no cost).

Overall Experience for Conclusion: I really like and enjoy their vibes for sitting at Tatami Carpet itself. If without 1 hour dining restriction, I would want to stay for relaxation. I like their cafe vibes for enjoying tea 🍵

I really want to try Matcha °8 for ice cream but they didn't have it right now for menu 🙃 I just choose Matcha °3 (vegan) ($7.80) for ice cream instead. Their other options such as °1, °2 and Matcha & Cookies. I did expected that their ice cream was quite good but its just strong taste for bitterness. Just like bittergourd didn't really affected other food's taste. Its not really milky and creamy for my tastebubs but they really cater much for vegans and dairy intolerant people.


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