All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Matcha 4ever 🍵

Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte (M Size - $5.50) I really like Matcha Latte complemented with brown sugar boba. The brown sugar pearl was good for the quality and quite chewy.

Matcha Blondies (6 Pieces - $9) I felt it was soft, crunchy and too sweet taste for my tastebub but the top of blondies (Matcha Powder)got strong bitter taste. I decided to buy it on store while collection of birthday cake with my sister (please refer to previous post).

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Matcha Latte ($4) was quite creamy, milky and thick texture after stirring with milk. It's also under Feb Promo (slice of cake + hot tea / coffee) ($9.60). I literally ordered Matcha Latte at every café in Singapore and even at overseas (recent at Malaysia).

Matcha Sweet Potato is one of popular bread in the shop and swirls of purple sweet potato and roasted coconut shavings on the top of the bread. I realised that after eating Matcha Sweet Potato ($2.80) for a few tries, it was taste so weird like strong sweet potato taste but was quite soft and fluffy bread.

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I felt that Matcha Turtle Bread ($2.80) was quite dry aftertaste for top of the bread but it was quite soft inside the bread.

Mixed Flavour Soft Serve (Matcha + Houjicha) ($7) Houjicha was not that intense and more towards strong roasted tea taste whereas Matcha was more heavier, intense and stronger taste. Thank you, Tsujirihei Honten for giving free Yamari Jelly for every soft serve. I really like yamari jelly so much that contain a lot of Dark Green Powdered Tea Warabimochi, Shiratamako and grounded red bean paste. It's so good for warabimochi, shiratamako and ground red bean paste was quite soft and chewy.

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Cha Tra Mue had ended the licensing aggreement with Singapore Franchise Management last year. It already replaced by new brand called Tiga Tiga. I just drank Matcha Latte ($4.50) for a few sips and realised quite diluted, milky probably due to add too much milk into the mixture and having weird taste for Matcha Latte. I saw some loose tea leaves leftover at bottom of the cup as they didn't filtered the tea properly.

Brown Sugar Pearl Kyoto Matcha Fresh Milk (M Size - $5.10) I just drank for a few sips and realised quite diluted and weird taste for Matcha Latte. But the brown sugar pearl was quite not bad for the quality and quite chewy.

Matcha Soft Milk With Dips ($4.20) was most messiest ice cream that I have tried ever as soft serve was melting too fast. It was quite milky and having thick dip inside the soft serve.

N°14 Inquisitive Wanderer ($3.50) made of mixture between green tea and white chocolate chunks. It was quite crunchy, sweet taste and warm aromatic cookie smell when packing into bag. It's worth it for the different types of unique cookie to travel into ulu location which it's not near mrt.

Matcha Latte (30% sugar) with Cocoa Pearls ($4.90) The staff told me that please shake the Latte before consuming. I decided to order with Cocoa Pearl first since its recommended by my friend. I felt it was so good to eat cocoa pearls (sweet) with Matcha (bitter) since it's quite delicious and sweet aftertaste. I want to try Matcha Latte with Honey Pearl next round if I happen to be at there.

Twisted Flavour (Matcha X Sea Salt) Aqua Cup (Regular - $5.40) I felt it's milky and creamy towards the end for me and didn't managed to eat soft serve finish last round with my friend. So I decided to get regular cup for Matcha X Sea Salt in this time. Matcha was mild sweet flavour and milky aftertaste due to too much milk contained soft serve and complemented well with Sea Salt. Sea Salt is a bit salty and good thing you can mixed with other soft serve flavour like sour or sweet-based if you don't like salty taste. It's worth it to try it as they have different variety of soft serve flavour in 1th and 16th of every month and also selling tubs for different flavour if you prefer takeaway instead of dine in.


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