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All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Matcha 4ever 🍵

Matcha Cream Puff (giveaway) just comeback on time for Christmas and previously missed it back to 2 years back. I felt that its quite thick cream texture but a bit creamy and milky for Cream Puff. It's worth it to try it for dessert time.

I realised that Mango Jelly for Matcha Mango Freeze (Grande Size - $8.70) was quite pulpy and hard to suck up from thick paper straw. I like Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale (Grande Size - $8.70) made of Matcha Latte and Oolong Tea Jelly. Oolong Tea Jelly was quite crunchy and strong taste inside the jelly. Please don't drink on night time as Oolong Tea contain caffeine and hard to sleep on night.

Matcha Mania ($5.50) + Softserve ($2.00) got bitter but salty aftertaste. I did asked for reheat the cookie and decided to eat in. I found its salty cookie after all. But I didn't want to try it again 😅 For cookie, I realised that first taste like bitter > salty but the final taste like bitter < salty. For Softserve, I felt that not much Matcha taste inside and just add-on for reducing dry taste for cookie.

Matcha Mochi Anpan ($2.40) is latest menu on sweet treats special. I like mochi a lot and for mochi's serving just nice. It was quite chewy and soft for mochi. For bread, it's not bitter enough and quite mild sweet taste. I hope that I can buy Matcha Cream Pan next time when I was at Great World City.

Matcha Boba Milk (Less sugar - 50%) ($5.90) got strong Matcha taste but giving unpleasant greenish aftertaste (Vegetal taste). I guess about the ratio between milk and Matcha was not balanced and milk just ruin Matcha if adding too much milk. The pink pearls were quite chewy but pearls were sticky to each other and hard to eat bubble tea.

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Matcha Zakuzaku ($3.50) filled creamy and milky matcha custard sauce but I felt its too waterish and not much matcha taste inside puff. For height, the measurment probably around 6-inch in height. I probably head for Matcha Hiyazaku ($4.50) next time.

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Waffles (Matcha Ice Cream) (Maple Syrup) (Ala Crate -$6.50) with choice of Tea (Earl Grey Tea) (Ala Crate -$4.50) ($9.60) I found its waffles was quite bit hard to cut into pieces, less crispy and dry aftertaste. Ice Cream was quite not much taste for Matcha, Maple Syrup complemented with waffles and can dipped or drizzled with waffles. I didn't eat lunch and straight away to head for waffles because of waiting time. Do expect waiting time for waffles to be ready for serving at least 15 to 20 minutes depends on the crowd because they are fresh made on the spot after placing order at cashier.

Matcha Green Tea ($4.90) (add-on $1.00 = brown sugar pearls) I felt Matcha didn't enough strong taste but Brown Pearls was quite chewy but sticky around the teeth. I like their shaved ice to be honest but I didn't like ice cubes because its melting quite slow in speed.

The taste for Kasutera Matcha (Matcha Castella Sponge Cake) ($2.50) was mid bitter aftertaste with add-on sugar (a bit sweet aftertaste) on the top of the cake. I found its a bit dry but quite spongy and soft for cake overall. The trend for Castella Cake was quite popular back to 2017 and a lot of people want to queue and wait for cake to be baked in batches and packed in the box in the past. I realised the trend just covered a period of time only and will not doing well over the time unless doing different variety of flavours and opening a few outlet (1 to 3 outlet). Having too many outlet don't make more money and cause too much problems such as crowd attraction and consistent standard flavour of product.

Green Tea × Genmaicha Ice Cream (Double Scoop - $6.50) *New Flavour* I felt that green tea was not that strong flavour than Genmaicha. I felt that Genmaicha was much strong and richer taste than green tea. I probably want to try hojicha and another flavour next time.

Matcha × Chocolate (Seasonal) Soft Serve ($6.90). I found that Matcha have less and barely taste but chocolate have covered up mostly Matcha taste. I found its a bit pricey with using average quality of Matcha.

Hokkaido Chizu Matcha (known as Cheese Cup Matcha) ($4.50) (add-on: Brown Sugar Konjac Jelly -$0.80) I didn't expected it's turned out to be so good and delicious for cheese cup. It's just literally wow factor on the cheese and it's so smooth and light texture. I didn't really like order cheese foam related drink because it's quite thick and don't really mixed well with the drink. But I realised that cheese cup covered up Matcha mostly and I didn't tasted it much for Matcha. I like their topping (Brown Sugar Konjac Jelly) its smooth texture, chewy and strong taste for Brown Sugar beside Brown Sugar Pearls.


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