All About Matcha 🍡

All About Matcha 🍡

Matcha 4ever 🍡

Oh yes I managed to get Matcha Pan ($1.70) from Barcook Bakery πŸ˜— before phase 1.2 heng ah 😬 Matcha Pan got distinct taste for Matcha but just worth it to buy it once a while.

Matcha Made In Heaven ($4.20) was quite average tbh but matcha jelly really weird taste tbh. that’s just really distinct taste. heaven on hell 🀯

Matcha Macchiato ($4.50) was quite milky and got silky for soya bean. quite thick for Macchiato and also matcha really weird taste tbh.

Peanut Soup πŸ₯£ was quite really sweet and soft texture according to my mum and cannot eat πŸ˜…

Matcha Filling was quite ok πŸ‘Œ but it’s quite sweet taste πŸ‘…

Lava Bun’s Pricing (1 Piece - $3; 2 Pieces - $4; 6 Pieces - $11)

Adzuki Lava (Matcha Filling with Aduzki - Red Bean) hmmm πŸ€” I don’t know how to write food reviews already for this because I felt that it was quite sweet and milky aftertaste for matcha lava filling and also their red bean was quite hard to chew after reheating the lava bun.

Tiramisu Lava (Espresso, Almond and Cheese)

Red Velvet Lava (Yogurt, Beetroot, Chocolate and Cheese)

Orange Pomelo (New Flavour) (Orange Slices and Dried Pomelo) (not in picture)

I also felt that all their other flavour for lava filling was quite sweet aftertaste for me and probably not buying if I passby again 🀭 If you want to eat melting

Didn't expected that their Green Tea Swiss Roll with Auzki Bean ($6.90) to be good and decent πŸ₯° but their red bean filing was too little alr 😬 and wanted to be dine in for trying their cake and drink during tea time (always queue up on the weekends πŸ₯²) (will be updating the pricing)

Didn't managed to order Matcha Croissant on last Fri. Matcha Latte ($6.50) was quite good for me as it's not that thick and need to stir throughout the drink to avoid matcha powder sink into bottom of the drink.

Wanted to clear my tea list for matcha latte πŸ₯² for a long time and didn't expected that I would travel from Orchard to Bugis πŸ€” Matcha Latte (Cold) ($6.30) and oh yes, they accept NETS, Paywave and credit card transaction, etc and don't accept cash or paynow transcation πŸ™ƒπŸ˜¬. The taste for Matcha Latte was quite bitter enough as the milk didn't really covered their bitter taste πŸ™‚. I didn't expected that their matcha serving was so much 😱 and really appreciated how much effort that they done live for whisking matcha powder after ordering drinks on the counter πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Saw Matcha Cheese Milk Drink b4 at tampines west b4 on last year and didn't get it previously πŸ˜…Matcha Cheese Milk ($4.00) (20%) (normal ice) tbh matcha taste weird without Cheese Milk idk and pls don’t ask me the reason. After stirring matcha and cheese milk, matcha taste better a bit and they released another topping (brown sugar)

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Decided to write on bus before heading home πŸ₯² bc the taste for brioche bun ($3) was quite buttery, salty and dry aftertaste. So I managed to try their matcha ($3.70) (premium - $1) ice cream after waiting for another outlet at amk πŸ™‚ Matcha just be nice taste in terms of bitterness and also influenced other to order flavour too at same time πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ u all try their brioche bun if you all passby amk area.

Saw someone's ig stories about the whale tea and already consider to get bubble tea when I was at farrer park and running errands for don don donki πŸ₯² so I wrote it on yesterday after night class but I forgot what's the name for drink so I edit the caption later once I find it on my phone πŸ‘Œ Brown Sugar Shizuoka Matcha ($5.50) was quite weird taste tbh and getting diluted with milk πŸ₯› but I didn’t really like their brown sugar pearl to be hard and sticky tgt. heard that their matcha milk tea is nt that fantastic and can be order their drinks from don don donki

So I decided to try Iced Matcha Latte (promotion price - $2.50) on last Friday. I would not want to try it unless got discounted pricing lol πŸ₯² it’s quite diluted with milk tbh plus I barely taste much matcha taste.


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