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All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Hvala ([email protected]), The Bakery Chef, Hattendo Cafe, Kurasu, Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Kazo, Café&Meal MUJI (Raffles City), Dolce Tokyo (Bugis Junction), Bugis Junction
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Only Tall Size available = $8.00. It's not available for Grande or Venti Size. I re-double checked the menu at the counter. It's best not putting too much whipping cream. Matcha always to be bitter for a few first tries without adding too much whipping cream. Its worth to try it out for matcha lovers.

Matcha No. 1 (exclude service charge - $4.80) is less bitter (see light green colour)and more sweetness (due to add more milk) into the ice cream. Worth it for trying first time in the variant of between Matcha No. 1 and No. 2 for intensity in terms of taste (from sweet to bitter) and colour (from light to dark green). Cannot wait for trying Matcha No. 2 Served in takeaway cup, cone (additional - $1) and pottery bowl.

I didn’t like the taiyaki’s outer skin was too sticky and hard to chew (they should be trimming some of outer skin for Taiyaki before serving to customers) but the filling for Matcha Mochi was so good to eat when it was hot and warm. #AlolaBeachesBugis #AlolaBeachSPH

I just went to purchase M sized ($4.90) with 25% of sugar level for Matcha Latte from bober tea. For taste otherwise, not bad like got a bit of matcha taste and milk (latte) like quite strong. I think need to increase sugar level or add pearls for add-on topping if order Matcha Latte.

They are having June Promotion for lava series cake + hot tea or coffee ($12). Its worth it for getting a set instead of having ala carte ($9.80). I felt that the taste for chiffon cake quite dry a bit but got matcha lava and whipped cream covered up. I can taste jasmine more for the cake itself rather than matcha. Got some of hits or miss for green forest lava cake but I want try on the lava boba milk tea lava series next time before promotion ends till the end of June.

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I got 20% discount for hot drinks from 8 may to 10 may. I decided to try on o-matcha latte since I got houjicha latte on previously. Its one of common latte selection from the customers. The temperature of o-matcha just nice and good to have during cold weather. Its bitter aftertaste probably I didn't stirred matcha before consuming.

Mix Warabi mochi Plate ($6.20 / 6 pieces) include Kinako (Soy Bean) and O-matcha (Matcha) with a jar of kuromitsu syrup. We almost added kuromitsu syrup after we started to eat kinako flavour. It have enhanced flavour adding with kuromitsu syrup. Its able to cut warabi mochi down in half without struggle. Its such a great experience to eat the warabi mochi plate.

Hojicha Latte
Its one of popular latte selection from the customers. The temperature of Hojicha just nice and good to have during cold weather. Its bitter aftertaste probably I didn't stirred hojicha before consuming.


O-matcha Float ($6.80) is interesting concept for adding float into matcha beverages. Its quite nice to drink for mixing matcha + float. Worth it trying out for first time when you do not know what you want to order.

Tsujiri O-matcha Parfait ($7.70) consist of matcha ice cream, sweet beans, cornflakes, jelly, chocolate roll biscuit and topped with cherry. I find the matcha ice cream to be not that sweet taste. I just like their standard serving and price for matcha remain the same when they started at 313 Somerset Basement from couple of years back ago until moving to current location - Centrepoint.

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Matcha Pancake consisted With Rice Ball, Red Bean, Ice Cream and Whipped Cream. We ordered 4 pieces -$12.20 for set include hot tea. Drink really not appealing but well matched for pancake.

Matcha Cream Bun ($2.70) I finally got chance to try it before pop-out events at Nex ends today. For taste otherwise, I felt its quite light and soft texture for cream. Its famous for the different flavour of cream buns.

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Matcha Azuki Creme Blossom Frappuccino ($9.40) have blended up with matcha, red beans, milk and ice. It topped with whipped cream, rice petals and cranberry toppings. The red bean have its own crunchy texture but it was very diffcult to slurp from the straw itself. For the taste of itself, it was quite mix of sweet and bitter for the drink with complement of red beans.


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