All About Matcha 🍡

All About Matcha 🍡

Matcha 4ever 🍡

Matcha Strawberry Latte (M Size - $4.10) Finally tried it out so long and I even asked them b4 and they told me that out of stock πŸ₯² its quite aesthetic drink tbh but its quite a bit of strawberry topping only πŸ˜—. I felt that their matcha latte is quite milky (3.5/5) as I mentioned on previous food reviews.

Tea Mooncakes ($68) (gifted) include Yuzu Sencha Tea Box

Matcha (Γ—2) (3.5/5)
I didn't expected that their paste for Matcha was quite average but still have mild taste for Matcha tbh.

Hojicha (Γ—2) (2.5/5)
I couldn't able to try Hojicha much tbh πŸ₯² but its quite contain inside nut.

Yuzu Lime (Γ—2) (4.5/5)
So I got impressed by their unique flavour instead of their usual flavour (Matcha / Hojicha) its quite strong ans refreshing yuzu aftertaste for my tastebub.

Sakura Lychee (Γ—2) (4/5)
My sister told me that its quite good as Yuzu Lime compared their usual flavour but it's quite balanced and experimental with adding new flavour.

Yuzu Sencha Tea (4.5/5)
I just drank tea today so I write food reviews right now. Its tasted quite weird for first try? But it's quite mixed taste for sour and bitter tbh. I didn't pair tea with mooncakes πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯²

Oh yes finally tried with matcha pearl with genmaicha milk tea but my sister went to try without milk tea πŸ₯²πŸ™ƒ it's ok and I just tried it without trying to ask her and she just pissed πŸ˜— so I rate the pearl to be low rating (2.5/5) because its quite soft and crumpled like gonna to be cri for it. Genmaicha milk tea just gonna to be much better than hojicha milk tea. πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚ thank you everyone for letting me know but I just gonna moving on to another chapter real soon. Thankful that I didn't have much drama for food reviews.

I finally tried their Matcha Baumkuchen Cake from chateraise and its quite dry aftertaste (no moist inside the cake) πŸ₯²

So I just went back to office for moving and packing up stuff and just nice that I just plans to buy their tea already :"))) I am really impressed that their fast service and also their tea quality is too good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ but its quite expensive for me tbh and it's once a while to drink L Size for drink πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯² oh yes I forgot to write what drink I have tried it πŸ˜… Genmaicha Jam's Oolong Tea Au Lait (L Size) (10% Sugar) (Less Sugar) ($6.70) I just realised that all drink are under L Size and good for sharing with friends and family.

I already put in my list for Matcha Latte (0% Sugar) but I always passby plq for maker market πŸ˜… so I decided to buy their matcha latte ($4.80) for trying it out. Matcha Latte was quite bitter flavour without adding sugar into the drink but I didn't wanted to regret it. Want to try their mung bean smoothie boba milk tea next time and got 1 for 1 ongoing promotion for mung tea milk tea. (4/5)p

I just literally missed Matcha Croissant fter trying their matcha cream bun and egg tart as previously I mentioned that their cream was not enough matcha inside but same going for this croissant. But I like their crispy and flaky crossisant even though I never reheat them and left it at fridge. (2.5/5)

Matcha Chocolate Soft Cookie ($2) taste like average and normal matcha with mixed chocolate chip. It's easily to crumb into small pieces as I was cutting down into half. I felt that it was quite dry aftertaste without consuming any water πŸ₯² so it's encouraged to pair with coffee or tea instead. They sell other flavours beside matcha chocolate soft cookie also and they left it at counter. (Swipe towards the end of the post) (3.5/5)

Matcha Egg Tart ($3.20) (discount after 7 p.m. - $2.24) didn't much taste for Matcha 😭😭😭 but the custard just got soft and jelly texture πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ they also selling other flavours such as original and chocolate πŸ˜„

Matcha Latte Kuma Ice Cream ($6.60)
hmmm πŸ€” mixture of bitter, sweet and milky taste for in my opinion. but it’s quite overdose for my stomach. plus kuma ice cream melted and dripped away 😒 so u need to be fast πŸ’¨ for taking photo tbh and managed to take photo for group and individual (so luckily) (4/5 bc cute factor πŸ₯° for kuma ice cream and if without cute factor - 3/5)

Hojicha Latte Kuma Ice Cream ($6.60)
same review as matcha latte πŸ˜‰

Matcha Crepe ($7.80)
its such creamy and milky for matcha sauce for my opinion. but the crepe was quite weird taste probably for me. barely managed to eat finish for dessert as I felt bloated as i got overdose with eating too much dairy πŸ₯›. (7/10)

Matcha Latte ($6)

So its gonna similar reviews with lucky cat. oh yes u just need to stir drink a bit (3.5/5). for sugar and stirrer will located at level 1. (Self Service for this)


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