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All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Featuring Boufe Boutique Cafe (Tanglin), Hvala ([email protected]), The Bakery Chef, Takashimaya Food Hall, Lady M (Orchard Central), Takashimaya Square, Tsujiri (The Centrepoint), Café&Meal MUJI (Raffles City), Dolce Tokyo (Bugis Junction), Bugis Junction

As mentioned on my previous post about trying on limited flavour for Matcha at Takashimaya Japan Food Matsuri Fair, I managed to go down on last Friday. Its quite average bitter, creamy, cheesy and milky taste for Matcha Cheese Tart ($3.90). It was not so warm but I found its not waterish or soggy compared to Kazo Matcha Cheese Tart even though left out at open space for a couple of hours.

Finally I got time to taste out for Jiggly Bunny Tart ($8.50) after releasing early this start of year. I felt that its too sweet for me due to matcha mousse + azuki bean but with chocolate almond tart base got a bitter taste to complement fillings of the tart. For Bunny, I felt its so soft and wobbly (easily to shake for photo) but didn't taste much for soy milk pudding.

Matcha Latte ($5) have less bitter, more creamy and milky taste. Got thick and creamy matcha aftertaste. To My Bestie, Thank you so much for treating me Matcha Latte !!!

Ongoing Promotion - Buy 2 Croissant and 2nd Piece (Half Price)
- Matcha Red Bean Croissant (抹茶红豆) ($4.30) filled Matcha Cream and Red Bean Paste. I really like bitter and sweet for Matcha and Red Bean taste and quite crispy and tasty for outer skin for Croissant.
- Okinawa Mochi (小倉沖繩麻糬) ($2.90) filled Red Bean and chewy mochi. I really like sweetness of red bean and not much flavour for chewy mochi.

Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe ($8.50) is another ultimate set beside 108 Matcha LOVE ❤️ Parfait. Matcha Soft Serve Parfait Deluxe consisted of (x2) white mochi, matcha jelly (topping), (x2) soybean warabi mochi, red beans and lastly not list, choice between brown sugar syrup dipped over the top of ice cream. I found its too mid-sweet and bitter for first few tries with having a bit of brown sugar sauce. I realised that matcha ice cream melted too fast and getting too watery with matcha jelly afterwards. Good to share with friends and worth it to try for deluxe set for Parfait if you are at Suntec City.

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Matcha Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve (in cup) ($6.00) Not intense but quite milky and creamy. Not so sweet but less bitter taste. Probably I should be sharing with my friend next time for Yame Matcha and Azuki Beans flavour for Gelato.

Finally I managed to go Lady M for first time with my friends together. I managed to order Green Tea Mille Crêpes ($9.50) and Strawberry Shortcake ($9.50) are under classic flavour along with Signature Mille Crêpes. We ordered high tea for 2 cakes and drinks ard ($31.00 ++) and its quite worth it to share with your friends. For taste otherwise, Green Tea Mille Crêpes was quite creamy and milky with layers of crêpes, not that sweet and much lighter taste on green tea powder. For taste otherwise, Strawberry Shortcake was quite creamy, didn't know that the cream of strawberry shortcake contain alcohol until my one of friend told me. Probably I eat cake and cream together would not taste the alcohol directly unless separating out the cream and cake.

I finally come down to Takashimaya Food Hall for the autumn fair season. I saw Tsujirihei Honten they come down from Japan to Singapore twice annually. I missed it during first round of this year earlier due to iLight Season. I saw some of the people posted online at Instagram or Burrple. I just plan on last minute for coming down for ice cream with my friend during sgnightfest season. I just asked more sauce for Matcha ($7) and it melted so fast and didn't have chance to take photo. Without having soft serve adding into matcha sauce, I realised that taste was less heavier, intense and lighter. My friend ordered Houjicha ($7) with a bit of sauce. Houjicha is not that intense and more towards strong roasted tea taste. I decided to go second time with my friends. (but they didn't tried and don't really like it) I requested that ordered Matcha without adding Matcha sauce. I managed to take photo of it before melting away. With having soft serve adding into matcha sauce, I realised that taste was more heavier, intense and stronger with complement soft serve. Probably I will be sharing with my friend next year (around feb) for mixed flavour (Matcha & Houjicha).

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Ordered Matcha Latte (M Size - $4.70) with 25% sugar level and add on 3P options ($0.80) - a mixture of chrysanthemum (quite sweet), pink cactus (taste like bandung), black sesame (got strongest taste out of three pearls) and burnt caramel (a bit of caramel aftertaste). I tried to taste matcha before without milk and its quite strong bitter taste and dark green colour. After mixing with milk, the overall taste for latte is not that bitter but a bit of sweet aftertaste and colour change into slightly light green colour.

Matcha Cheese Tarts ($3.20) was not too bitter but slightly sweet aftertaste. The crust was quite soft and also filling looked quite smooth in texture, soggy and waterish due to left out at open space for a couple of hours.

($2.20) I found it is too creamy and milky for matcha and its very soft cream roll to eat. Its quite sweet and a bit of bitter aftertaste for cream roll. Easily to grab and eat around the area. Its one of cheap dessert for soft cream roll.

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Matcha Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.00) was quite bitter having heaven & earth green tea aftertaste without mixing Hot Fudge but covered up a lot of bitter taste of ice cream. Quite suitable for people having sweet tooth for matcha ice cream. It will be final post of Matcha series for Macdonalds after four weeks of eating Matcha Ice Cream.


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