All About Lunch

All About Lunch

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Value Set ($9.90) consisted of 1 base - mixed red rice (mixed with rice vinegar and black sesame) and 1 main (Unagi Mentaiko). I felt mixed red rice was quite delicious especially mixed with rice vinegar and black sesame and a bit sticky amd dry aftertaste. But I like unagi metaiko because most of shop at here didn't selling mentaiko sauce with unagi and want to try it for a long time after seeing online recommendation. It's best to add-on miso soup ($1) if you find the rice to be dry 😅

Mixed Vegetable ($2.50)
I ordered pan fried bitter gourd, potato slices and fried tofu with black pepper sauce. I felt that the pan fried bitter gourd was just nice, potato slices were quite soft and
waterish due to add too much water and fried tofu with black pepper sauce was quite hard on outer skin of fried tofu but spicy due to black pepper. It's quite value and
affordable meal for lunch time.

Chicken Chop ($6) consisted of french fries, cucumber and tomato. I like that chicken chop got that interesting dipping orange sauce and just to prevent that having dry aftertaste. The meat texture was soft at the center and hard at the edge of the chicken chop. I hope that I cannot wait to try out the rest of the items such as fish & chips, chicken cutlets, pork chop and cutlets for next few round.

The eatery provided a quick, fuss-free meal and self-service. You need to collect hot Black Pepper Braised Pork Ribs Noodles ($4.80) from the counter after the person called your order number. I realised fried sliced pork ribs was quite thin compared to last review that I wrote previously but the la mian serving was just nice for one person.

U Mian ($3.50) + Add-on (Poached Egg) ($0.50) is slightly different variations from usual ingredients such as Mani Leaf, Minced Braised Pork and Poached Egg. Their soup base use anchovies only that's why the soup quite clear and refreshing to drink. They have different variety of noodles (mee hoon kuek, ee mian, bee hoon and mee sua) but I seldom that seeing Ban Mian Store don't sell bee hoon and mee sua.

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Morning Ham & Egg Burger (set meal - $10.90) (ala crate - $8.90) is one of their best selling burger. Consisted of Benedict Egg, chicken honey baked ham and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. I accidentally broken Benedict Egg before starting to eat burger 😭. Overall taste, it was quite savoury and satisfied experience.

Can be make a set meal (fries + salad / soup ($1.50) + drink from winnies) - $3.90

Zoey's Truffle Fries (ala crate - $7.90) consisted of grated parmesan cheese, parsley and white truffle oil. I felt that fries was too thin compared to McDonalds and having strong truffle aftertaste.

Mushroom Soup (ala crate - $4.50) consisted of cream, crouton and buttom mushroom. It was creamy and thick texture with diced mushroom inside the soup.

Corn Soup (ala crate - $3.90) consisted of corn, fresh herb & cream. It was creamy and thick texture with a bit of corn inside the soup.

I felt that for chicken rice ($3.00) (breast) was quite dry and not much taste. I saw most of people changed to chicken drumstick or wings instead + add-on char siew ($1.00) was marinated well with the sauce and having strong roasted taste.

Sugarcane Drink usually help to stay hydrated during hot afternoon time and reduce heat inside the body. But it's usually sweet and refreshing taste.

I really like Muah Chee (RM 3.00) so much in the past when I can eat without worries but now to the recent allergy and heaty I cannot order it anymore. Until I went to Penang last year (Dec), my sister she is a fan of muah chee btw and she order one packet from uncle. Uncle he also give each muah chee to us before he packed muah chee inside the container. Muah Chee was quite warm, soft and chewy with fresh peanut bits topping after serving to us.

Walking from bottom of Kek Lok Si Temple to Air Itam Market took around 15 to 30 minutes. It's quite crowded area and need to share tables with other people. The waiting time for Laksa was quite long around 30 minutes and need to due to probably special order for my one of sister (without chili) and me (without prawn paste). I felt numb in my lip when eating a few sips of noodle and soup. Laksa was having no ingredients inside the soup besides noodles and vegetables. The taste for Laksa was quite spicy and not suitable for people who don't take spicy food.

Kitsune Set - $9.80 (Oden - $2.40 extra ingredients lol) I felt that udon soup base is quite salty for me but udon still remain same standard - chewy and not that hard that I have tried in past. Oden soup base is quite sweet based and most of ingredients had been soaked by soup. Pumpkin (Tempura) ($1.20) taste same standard - sweet and crispy on the outer skin. Kakiage (Tempura) ($2.00) taste same standard - crispy skin on the mixed vegetables.

美食好味道 (Tanglin Halt Food Centre) - Lor Mee ($4) I realised Lor Mee's soup taste was quite watery and that not really thick starch gravy compared to other stall I have tried before. They give a lot of ingredients such as battered fish, sliced chicken slices, ngo hiang and boiled egg. I felt that battered fish got a lot of batter inside the fried fish.


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