3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Somehow when I think of Popiahs , I think of cosy corner . Probably so because I reminisce the old days of visiting coronation plaza after school.

Or Perhaps it’s the consistency of the popiahs here - that you won’t be disappointed with hard popiah skins or stale ingredients. It’s a good popiah everytime.

I like cosy corner’s chunky eggs and spicy homemade chilli . Would have loved for the radish Fillings to be served a little warmer .

Be sure to shout out your orders clearly and fast because the service staff has no time to wait .
( regulars will know what I mean ...)

If anything excites me, it is a warm fresh bread from the oven .

Arrived at the bakery this morning and at was hunting for my favourite chocolate twist amongst the shelves .

Bad news - can’t find it .

Good news - it just came out of the oven at 10.30 am.

Even better news - I get to eat it fresh and warm .

Aromatic imported from japan chocolate that’s not too sweet , crisp almond flakes and a fluffy bread .

This really made my day.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this old fashioned black carrot cake.

Soft and moist homemade carrot cake with a not so sweet black sauce .

Completely satisfied my carrot cake cravings .

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Double the price but no double satisfaction

Was craving for a piping hot and fresh popiah so souperstar Tanjong Pagar presented some convenience .

A little let down when I took my first bite.
Nothing about the roll was fresh - the eggs were dry , the skin was rolled over too many times possibly from the lack of ingredients and hence tasted so much of the skin rather than the ingredients , the turnips were dry and not pipping hot , the cucumber strips was dry .

Very lack lustre standards .

I will just stick to cosy corner at coronation in the future - though far out but it really does satisfy that popiah craving .

YM bakery is a quaint little bakery that does homemade pies and quiches at the basement of PLQ mall. You won’t miss the stall - it’s just situated outside ntuc finest.

My favourite has got to be their quiches - especially the salmon and spinach quiche - it is moist , flavourful and filled generously with ingredients . The quiche pastry is crusty and buttery but not greasy .

The blueberry part is nice - wished it was a little less sweeter but more generous blueberry fillings but at at 2.60 - no complaints 😀

Quite a rare find these days for homemade bakes made on site and with lots of love .

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Quintessentially Singapore 🇸🇬

If I were to migrate - this sort of breakfast and being able to get to get to a hawker within minutes with just my uncombed hair is what I will miss .

At 3 dollars , you get bang for your buck .

Homemade aromatic kaya - probably the best kaya for me - not too sweet and with lots of pandan and eggy goodness

Aromatic, “ Gao” and deep flavoured Kopi.

Soft boiled eggs .

The only things that can be improved would probably be the freshness of the eggs and more generous slap of kaya on the soft buns.

But at 3 dollars per set and with the addictive kaya , I would choose this over Yakun or Killiney Kopitiam anytime .

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Probably the best in Singapore.

Sufficiently moist, not greasy , a good balance of sweet and savoury . And generous portions - what more can one ask for ?

Unbeknownst to most , the son of the owner of lai Heng is also frying up a good plate of fried kwey Teow at Sembawang Hills Hawker .

I tried it once without knowing the connection and it was really good too !


Was craving for a good popiah so braved to head down to Chinatown during the festivity - however it was a letdown for me .

The popiah skin was hard and dry and the fillings were little - struggling to even hold up the stiff popiah skin .

It was a little too sweet for me as well .

In fact - my stomach felt quite uncomfortable having to digest that hard and stiff skin .

Time to look for an alternative popiah place .

This 1 dollar coffee is a bliss - somewhat not as aromatic as I recalled it to be but still Michelin worthy coffee .

You won’t miss this stall - just look for the Long queues . The queue moves fast though .


Finally tracked down Aussie rolls which used to be at chevron house basement.

The roll size was still generous but felt that the flavour and quality of the rice used to be much better .

Was missing the distinct vinegarish taste in the rice and the firmer bite on the grain .

Nick vina bakery
(Housed within Cold Storage )

Nestled within Cold Storage is nick vina bakery - my to go place for a trusted sourdough breads.

This bread came out pippin’ hot from the oven when I arrived at the bakery .

This might be called a naan but it could pass off as a napolitian style pizza .

Olives , sunflower seeds , cheese , garlic butter spread . What a symphony of taste and texture juxtaposed against a beautiful sourdough “ pizza” with a distinctive tang .

Why pay 💰 $$$$$$ at pizzerias when you can get this at a small fraction of what you pay at expensive restaurants ( and most are not even made with sourdough)

The flavour and texture of the pizza or naan whatever you call it brought such a big smile to my face - it really made my day.

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I call this the old man’s tea set because typically you see how the elderly love sipping their hot teh / Kopi with a pau in hand.

I’d always return to valley point’s nam kee for my pau fix because the paus here are freshly made on site .

Seemingly more fluffy pau skin a quieter and enjoyable environment for an inexpensive tea set .

The coffee and teas here are also well made - some say better (and definitely cheaper ) than Toast Box .

The char siew pao was slightly on the salty side today but still enjoyable - as the flavour was eased off by the tea . The saving grace is that the meat is pretty lean.

Get as set of 2 char siew paos and a tea / Kopi for only 3 dollars - extremely affordable .

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I dream of food .

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