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3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Nick vina bakery
(Housed within Cold Storage )

Nestled within Cold Storage is nick vina bakery - my to go place for a trusted sourdough breads.

This bread came out pippin’ hot from the oven when I arrived at the bakery .

This might be called a naan but it could pass off as a napolitian style pizza .

Olives , sunflower seeds , cheese , garlic butter spread . What a symphony of taste and texture juxtaposed against a beautiful sourdough “ pizza” with a distinctive tang .

Why pay 💰 $$$$$$ at pizzerias when you can get this at a small fraction of what you pay at expensive restaurants ( and most are not even made with sourdough)

The flavour and texture of the pizza or naan whatever you call it brought such a big smile to my face - it really made my day.

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I call this the old man’s tea set because typically you see how the elderly love sipping their hot teh / Kopi with a pau in hand.

I’d always return to valley point’s nam kee for my pau fix because the paus here are freshly made on site .

Seemingly more fluffy pau skin a quieter and enjoyable environment for an inexpensive tea set .

The coffee and teas here are also well made - some say better (and definitely cheaper ) than Toast Box .

The char siew pao was slightly on the salty side today but still enjoyable - as the flavour was eased off by the tea . The saving grace is that the meat is pretty lean.

Get as set of 2 char siew paos and a tea / Kopi for only 3 dollars - extremely affordable .

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In the same sleepy market that houses the infamous Guangdong Wanton Mee lies my favourite “breakfast for dinner “ stall.

This stall is Manned by 2 cute grandmas - so hospital and friendly .

There are days that you feel like having your breakfast bee hoon for dinner and this market is the best place to come .

The bee hoon has a good wok hei without being greasy and was well seasoned and not salty.

Just 2.20 and you can eat your fill . Don’t forget to wash down with a good bowl of green bean soup at 90cents - where can you get green bean soup for that price these days ?

You can also get your fill of peanut porridge or nasi lemak with condiments or Orh bee bei dessert .

A pity this market will be torn down soon - not the most comfortable market to eat in but it’s a convenient and reliable place to go to in the latest of nights .

One of the best egg tarts I have tasted in Singapore .

Very light and flaky without being too sweet .

Back to ah lock for my beautiful breakfast set .

Pancakes were slightly more fluffy this time round which is great 😊. The peanut filling was great as usual - not too sweet with a good texture of grounded peanuts .

Paired with soft boiled eggs and your choice of hot Kopi or teh 🙏.

Beautiful breakfast for a beautiful morning .


Same same but different

Those who know me call me names - like the food expert or the walking food guide and I do take my food very very seriously - that includes going only to certain outlets for certain food .

I would travel down to valley point , nam kee for my red bean pau and insist that I only have it here after countless unpleasant experience at their other kiosks island wide .

This is quintessentially the “ central kitchen “ of nam kee pau where you see the pau chefs in kitchen .

The pau here is soft , plump and fresh - quite different from their Tangs foodcourt outlet where I had paus With very soaking wet bottoms ( due to over steaming ) or the paus I had at their duo outlet which have very bumpy skin/ torn skin ( likely kept overnight ) and are hard and dry .

Since you pay the same price , why not get the best ?

Right ?

These days I get very excited when I find something value for money and especially so if the standards are good.

I love curry time’s range of bread - especially the gula Melaka coconut bread . The bread is slightly chewy and well proofed - unlike the sticky and sickening soft consistency of bread talk breads .

What’s more - you get a good cup of teh c that’s robust for a total nett price of 2.50.

Doesn’t that call for celebration ?

The breads come with a variety of “feelings “🤣-
Hae bee Hiam , ikan billis , sardine and their infamous curry .

I find these actually miles better than their curry puffs 😚.

Only available at velocity curry times. Do find some time to come here to have tea , eat bread and shake legs .

Don’t ask for your bread to be warmed up though because they would use a microwave and breads and microwave do not go together .

Be nice and just have the bread at room temperature 🤣. It’s good enough I assure you .

Back at one of my favourite haunts for my red bean pau.

Creamy homemade red bean paste enveloped in a fluffy mantou naturally coloured with vegetables like beetroot / spinach .

The red bean purée is so so so creamy and the best part is that it is not sweet .

I crave for these fluffy paus Everyday .

So fresh and healthy 😊

Finally got my hands on the red bean flavour since my partner was willing to share one with me.

The red bean is outstanding - full of authentic red bean flavour .

It’s essentially like a greaseless crisp Prata and surprisingly quite light .

Best eaten when hot 😊

Back to my favourite place for beancurd .

I just love how Fresh and smooth the beancurd here is.

I asked for the topping of creamy red kidney beans and for some soya milk to be added to my beancurd .

Remember to ask for your beancurd sans sugar syrup since the kidney beans are slightly sweetened .

10/10. Excellent .

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Posts by fellow burpplers always have this magic of making me think and dream of their recommendations until I finally get my hands on them.

I have had my dinner this evening but when I got past Isteaks and recalled the glorious cinnamon pumpkin posts - I had to get them 😁

I like how charred the pumpkin was roasted to and the nice flavour of cinnamon went well with the pumpkin - my only gripe was that the pumpkin was not creamy and more so grainy and fibrous ( I guess these were the Malaysian pumpkins and not the Australian ones ) and hence it affected the whole texture of the dish .

Nevertheless , a good inspiration for me to try making this at home soon 😍

If you need a light supper after dinner , you can order these as sides .

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At the Tangs foodhall run by the fei Siong brand is this stall selling pau and small eats like chwee kueh and chee Cheong fun and glutinous rice .

The stall doesn’t advertise but this is the same nam kee pau brand that you see at ion basement / Bugis / centrepoint basement food street etc .

Apart from their pretty good small handmade paus ( is which the Tau sar is seriously addictive ), they serve a pretty good glutinous rice .

The rice is cooked just nice without being too soft or greasy and the chicken strips are tender .

Pair it with their homemade sambal for a little oomph .

A pretty affordable mid morning or afternoon snack .

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I dream of food .

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