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3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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I crown this the best curry puff in Singapore ....

In this sleepy part of Queenstown lies a “ no name” stall 10 within a coffee shop at Blk 164 stirling road.

You see these friendly malay ladies tirelessly making endless curry puffs - curry potato or sardine.

They have the best crisp skin I have ever eaten and the fillings are so tasty - there’s even a huge piece of egg in the curry potato ones .

Everything is handmade on site so there are limited quantities . Don’t be surprised to see stacks of curry puffs and still be refuted purchase because they have so many pre orders .

Their mee rubus is also highly recommended .

Come early to avoid disappointment .

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A great in between meal snack that’s fluffy , moist and not too sweet .

I love how the crunchy toasted oats add a contrast of texture to the spongy muffin .

Yums !

For days when you crave a pizza but have no kakhis to share a pizza with you ...

This sesame pizza is as good as it looks.
Soft Japanese bread stuffed with black fragrant toasted sesame seeds and topped with ripened red tomatoes and a generous amount of cheese then baked .

Not your regular thin crust pizza but for 2.50 what’s there to complain ?

What a myriad of flavours and textures ....

I liked the combination of the soft tofu and the slightly more jiggly grass jelly .

Topped with red beans, green beans, kidney beans , soft peanuts and taro balls.

I would recommend switching the soft peanuts out for crunchy peanuts for a greater contrast of textures .

The taro balls were more starchy than yammy and so I had asked for 2 taro balls instead of the usual 4 .

But overall an affordable and Creative dessert to beat the heat 😊

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The Star here is really the fluffy egg and the tasty white bee hoon more so than the braised pork.

Sometimes you’d just like breakfast for dinner. And a moist plate of homestyle white bee hoon is probably a best choice when you need something light but satisfying.

Black gold

In a sleepy corner of the basement 2 of Bukit Timah plaza is a dessert shop that is my to- go place for a reliable hot Hk style dessert.

They do pretty good walnut paste , almond paste , black sesame paste , some local desserts (black glutinous rice , Tau suan, ginger/ peanut soup with dumplings ) and cold desserts like flavoured ice shavings / chendol etc .

I love their black sesame paste especially because it is so smooth and rich in genuine sesame taste. The desserts here are also not too sweet and never starchy which is a big plus plus point :)

I love how they do everything so well - try their glutinous rice , chee cheong fun , fried bee hoon , rice dumplings ( Bak Zhang).

It’s the to- go place for a light lunch / dinner and for a good variety of hot/ cold desserts .

Wak Limah

Absolutely my to-go-to place when I visit Shunfu market .

The Tauhu goreng is moist and soft within and slightly browned on the exterior from being flash fried .

Drenched with a delicious spicy and sweet peanut gravy and complemented with bean sprouts and cucumber strips for a nice crunch.

Loving this all time coconut-y treat.
Happy to say that standards have improved from
My last visit 👍

Cafe O is my best bet to get an egg prata that is completely “Matte” and crispy .

Why matte - because there is no trace of oil.
And for those of you who have pet peeves of oily Prata - this Prata will be TOP on your list .

It’s pretty much like eating a crepe actually 😇
Be sure to request for non oily Prata and just to inform you - only a specific indian gentleman can make this order to my standards so I’d always be sure he does my Prata ( he takes the evening shift ) .

The curry is so aromatic without being greasy or oily :)

The best place to have Prata in air con comfort .

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My curiosity about breads and bakes leads me to new places and because of the bakeries I have come across, I tend to be able to draw similarities between bakeries.

Although not explicitly being advertised as nick vina bakery , the bakery situated at the marketplace ( Cold Storage ) entrance actually sells breads from nick vina.

My personal favourite is their raisin bun made with German flour and sourdough.

Since there’s a craze on bagel sandwiches these days , these cheese bagels when toasted and slapped on with more cream cheese and smoked salmon is a perfect brunch treat at home.

I like how innovative Mr bean is and this curry potato and egg pancake from Mr bean has hit all the right notes.

The creamy potato is masked with an aromatic and spicy 🌶 curry seasoning and the combination of potato and egg is just the perfect marriage .

I like how the wholemeal pancake imparts a slight nuttiness and bite 😊

My favourite “ flavour “ from Mr Bean hence on :)

You gotta try it to experience how good it is 😊


I absolutely love the homemade kaya from teck huat. It is so eggy and fragrant and most importantly not too sweet - I think this might be better than Kiliney’s kaya .

Teck huat specialises in Kopi and toasts and they have several outlets all over Singapore.

This set costs only 3 dollars and the coffee was really aromatic - though standards have fallen slightly since our last try . Change of Kopi powder maybe ?

However , the homemade kaya and the fluffy toast remains good .

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I dream of food .

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