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3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Some of you may find this nasi lemak looking quite familiar.

Wrapped in a banana leaf and brown paper with an option of chicken or fish.

2 dollars is really very affordable and gets your bang on your buck for a quick lunch while you do your endless zoom meets .

The best part of this nasi lemak is the really wicked sambal Chili and the crispy peanuts.

The worst was the poor rice quality which tasted like plastic and lacked in any trace of coconut fragrance .

Found out from the stall uncle that the main supplier is from khaki Bukit and they supply lontong and mee siam as well.

Would pay for the homemade sambal chilli but the rice needs major major improvement .

What a waste ... ...

Not all doom and gloom ....

Greeted by the yellow fairy and the brown bear this morning . Just my own way of calling these cakes 😇.

Just the sight of that pinkish hue on yellow lemony cake has driven all that doom gloom feel away - almost like a breath of fresh air . Yes - you can still have your cake and eat it ( at home 🤣)

I tried the cakes at headless baker when it first opened and have bought a few times over and the standards are always consistent. In fact - I find the cakes less sweet now and much preferred .

I like how each cake at the headless baker is given a unique identity so it’s not just a universal batter then topped up with condiments .

The lemon 🍋 cake is lovely and moist with the tartness of the lemon infused cake juxtaposed with the frosting and then accompanied with a floral and nutty note from the rose petals and pistachio nuts. The banana is also a house favourite , moist with a nice slight chewy texture .

While big F and B establishments seem to be facing dooms day , I am Glad that some small and medium local start ups are flourishing.

WFH means that you get to have a nice silky beancurd for lunch / tea time at the comfort of your own home .

Love the silky beancurd from Whampoa beancurd at Clementi .

#stayhome pleasures #

Crown bakery has the best earl grey scones .

Rich in earl grey flavour and not too buttery.

Thank God for refrigerators - I have tons in my freezer now.

Simply just toss it in the oven and it is as good as fresh .

I love everything ole school .. ..

The sight and smell of these traditional bakeries , traditional ways of baking , cakes creamed in traditional ways , that familiar smile from the elderly baker ...

Even after a full lunch at Alexandra village , I can still Chomp down on a few of these at ago .

Perfectly soft and light , with very light creaming just enough to hold the toppings .

Look at that bright green pandan sponge 🤣

Ole school wanton mee

I have mixed feelings about this wanton mee .

The best part were the noodles which had a nice bite and no alkaline smell . The chilli was also light on the palate - not the sambal type but more of a savoury traditional Chili .

The char siew and stiff wantons were nothing on their own but provided some taste and texture to harmonise the dish .

It’s not perfect but strangely - it is just that ole school taste that appeals ....

Back to my favourite pastry shop that has been there for decades and even more .

It is rare for pastry shops to make their own fillings for their pastries and Lau Chong kee just does that . This means less sweet fillings and more authentic taste .

Flaky and crispy pastry with a smooth lotus seed filling that’s not too sweet .

Also must try their 豆蓉酥(salty and sweet bean pie ) . It is extremely addictive . Extremely extremely smooth sweet and salty bean paste that’s not too sweet encased in a crusty and crispy pastry .

Also must try their mini red mooncakes - the red bean paste is so aromatic - a taste of it and you”ll know you are getting the real stuff - homemade red bean paste .

Must also try their “flower shaped “ egg cakes ( 鸡蛋糕) and the red bean egg cakes .

Still the place I’d always go back to for my old school pastries .

Always fresh, authentic and so affordable .

I hope they will continue for many many many more years to come .

Back to YM bakery for my afternoon treat of quiches and tarts .

Everything here is homemade and I particularly love their quiches because they are fully packed with wholesome ingredients .

You get a good array of variety fruit tarts , lemon meringue tart and even a rustic carrot cake .

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Well stewed vegetables albeit too small a serving for the price .

Was hoping there would be more variety of ingredients like mushrooms and some carrots Instead of the cabbage alone .

Best to still go do their set meals - more value for money .

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If there’s anything I’d love to sink my teeth into every morning - it has got to be the pancakes from ah lock .

Light , spongy , with a fragrant eggy aroma and thin crisp sides - I hope the standards stay as such forever .

Get it in a set with 2 soft boiled eggs and a hot drink of your choice .


So good bakery

Why are you always smiling at me ?

It’s a must get for these egg tarts everytime I pass by so good .

In my opinion , these are better than the famous ones..... because the shortcrust pastry is less sweet and lighter .

And better still - these are bigger 🤣 and cheaper .

How can something so simple be so delicious?

Crisp at the edges and soft and fluffy in the centre with a nice sour tang . For maximum enjoyment , be sure to eat it fresh :)

Best for breakfast with a cup of steaming hot coffee .

I dream of food .

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