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3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Simply love the sight of freshly baked bread.

As Long as its warm - all breads taste good .
You will be spoilt for choices at their SingPost branch and the breads are ready as early at 9 am.

The basement of SingPost is like a mini breakfast heaven.

You get coffee and toast , Swee Heng cafe , nam kee pau and of course one of my favourites , Kopi and tarts .

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I like the quality of tea dust used at nam kee - very fragrant tea and not forgetting their fluffy red bean paus .

Perfect match !

Just look out that when you order your paus , the server doesn’t give you a pau with blisters .

It’s suggestive that it has either been steamed too long or it may be overnight food 🤣.

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Enjoying this almond ginger milk tea to excuse myself from caffeine so that I can have a good sleep tonight.

Been downing too much of caffeine lately .

Love fun toast for their innovative-ness in drink menu .

More variety more fun 🥰!

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Who says you can’t brunch in a hawker ?

Black sesame sourdough bap from le wheat nearby and eggs and beans from the western food stall .

Total spending = 2.50

Add on 80cents for a hot cup of teh .

#ear well#savemore#financialindependence

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Sharing the same home as the lagoon carrot cake was this beautifully crafted popiah .

Rare to see stalls using fresh popiah skin that is QQ so when I saw this little baby - I was very pleased .

At 2.20 , steep for hawker food price but definitely worth an order as it was packed with ingredients and am loving that fresh doughy smell of that skin .

Looks deceivingly sweet and rich -
This was actually really light and the hazelnut custard was aromatic and not sweet at all .

One of the best eclairs I have had in a Long Long time .

So huge and substantial - much more value for money than the breads sold at their takeaway counter .

Pair up with a 2.40 marche cappuccino which is robust in flavour .

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Probably one of the few places you can get a no frills Orh nee . Not cheap for hawker prices but when the craving comes and you don’t feel like cooking - then no choice 🤣

A little different from the traditional style given that the yam is just steamed and mashed and mixed with coconut milk .

Topped with gingko nuts and sweet potato cubes.

Probably one of the last few standing traditional Chinese pastries / kueh house . The pastries here are freshly made daily .

A very traditional type of Teochew biscuit and I must say this was really delectable .

The crust was flaky and crisp and the inside was homemade salty bean with a dash of pepper .

An explosion of flavours .

This has overtaken proofer bakery’s banana cake as my fuss free banana cake.

Moist and soft and studded with lots of crunchy walnuts .

The best part is you don’t get that distasteful baking powder / soda taste ( like hiap Joo and proofery) or that fake banana Essence taste like most banana cakes outside have .

The best part is that it is only 2 dollars and such a huge portion .

A must - have !

Way to go ! Hdb type bakeries !

Local barista 😃 at work .

Expect aromatic Kopi and fast service .

Must try kopi_0 plus milo -

My special order .

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In the same hawker that houses the famous lei Cha stall and the famous Margaret drive western food , lies my favourite dessert stall - shun xing hot and cold desserts .

Prices haven’t changed since the last 20 years I heard and the desserts are always consistent .

You get a bowl of GAO green bean soup ( not the diluted type ) which is perfumed with bits of orange skin .

Service is so friendly and i was shocked that the friendly auntie recognises my eyes behind the mask even though I am not so much of a regular.
When asked why - she says it’s my pretty face 🤣.

That makes me want to come back more 🥰.

Most desserts sell out by 2 pm so be sure to come early . Service is brisk so if you see a queue, don’t fret .

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Portions of the appam and the thosai seem to be leaner and less substantial these days but still good as a light beeakfast treat .

Missing a little of that tangy- ness which it used to have .

How standards improve soon .

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I dream of food .

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