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Featuring Restoran Win Heng Seng (永兴城茶室), Kedai Makanan O & S Restaurant, SHIN NIHON 新日本焼肉党, Beta KL, Lim Fried Chicken (SS15), Tabe Tomo, Lim Kee Cafe (Tian Jing Hotel), Torii (Batai), Nomms, Bukku Cafe
Yap WenYi
Yap WenYi
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If you’re looking for a place for fried chicken burgers 😍 Their fried chicken is crispy and juicy! My RM17.90 Double Trouble c/w a side and coke. Located near Cosan Coffee at SS15. Try their volcano spicy sauce! Definitely giving you some heat.

If you’re looking for yakitori, then you won’t want to miss this place! Their skewers are delicious and affordable (RM7-RM11)fast serving, hotpot (RM35 per pax). Try your luck for RM35 Soda whiskey Highball or RM10😍. If you can’t look for parking then ask for free valet parking provides by them.

don’t forget to bring your food buddies to Torii which locates at Plaza Batai @ Damansara Height (Same row with Yellow Brick Road) BYO wine RM80 corkage fee per bottle.

Beef Donburi with caviar, foie gras, truffle, crispy garlic and Osen tamago. The must try grain bowl when you come to Torii. The portion is small so you can order more ‘delicacies’ and skewer. Try the slider! Melt in the mouth. Corkage fee: RM80 per bottle.

Wagyu cut 600g (RM480) with their homemade dipping sauces & Special Salted Beef Tongue (RM40) are really delicious (2 of us actually able to finish all of them)! Don’t forget to make reservation before you come in. Always full house during the Friday night. If there’s only 2 guests, you will be seated at their bar place.


Bukku cafe located at Klang. Lovely cafe but limited indoor sit for big group on the ground floor.

Beta KL is nest at the East Wing of Fraser Place building. You can choose to try out their 3 course dinner menu (RM150) or ask them to get you the à la carte menu. Beta is a beautifully designed place if you are looking for a chill place that to enjoy a glass of cocktail and ‘just-right’ portion meal. The staffs are attentive, friendly and helpful in ordering food.| Photo: Soft shell crab (RM45), Chicken (RM45), Duck Leg (RM60), Roti (2 pieces RM8), Blue Rice (RM5)


Who doesn’t love Lim fried chicken? Crispy skin chicken, fried egg, deep fried snake bean and curry sauce on white rice are perfect plate for lunch!

Packed and hot as usual but prawn noodle is the must!

Restoran Win Heng Seng is located at the corner of a row of old shop lots in front of Jalan Imbi. 三间庄猪肉粉 (RM10 with pork ball and sausages)is one of the famous food stall among this hawker restaurant. Other than that, they have fish ball noodles, char kuey teow, Chee cheong fun with yong tau fu and many other soup noodles.


Lim Kee cafe is located just at the ground floor of Tian Jing (天井)hotel. LimKee cafe is managed by the same team who managing the hotel. Their Flatwhite RM7 is beautiful crafted but I was surprised by their breakfast lounge called Nanyang lounge which serve ‘not-your-usual-continental-breakfast’ RM230(couple) or RM150(single)for a night included the simple and warm local breakfast before explore the KL Chinatown! Don’t miss out their hearty breakfast!


Beautiful plated nigiri sushi only RM75! The sushi is so decent and fresh! A lot of variety on menu! Didn’t get to try their sashimi but the price seems reasonable! Will definitely come back again!

Based in Kuantan, Pahang Nvr skipping breakfast and dinner 💙 because food is for soul

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