Featuring Brotherbird Coffeehouse (Bugis), Cake Spade, Hvala (CHIJMES), Maccha House (Orchard Central), Dopa Dopa Creamery, Hvala (111 Somerset), machi machi (Arab Street), Wimi Ice Cream (321 Clementi), Maxi Mango, Tuk Tuk Cha (Jurong Point)
wenyi loh
wenyi loh

Say real, genmaicha is the best drink from Hvala. It has this roasted smell that gives this drink so many layers. LOVE IT

The ice cream is THICK like THICK & RICH, gets quite gelak aft awhile cus it’s on the sweeter size (think mango syrup, but the more natural one)

I enjoyed the milk tea so much especially when the creme brûlée was being stirred in. It gives this eggy pudding like texture and occasionally biting into the sugar crust. The milk tea also has stronger tea flavour than those typical bbt shops. But $7 tho.....

Not a fan of the no-bake cheesecake, it was way too heavy & jelak, would rather get their matcha tiramisu (that’s gr888)!!

Overall: price is not worth for the size but still a decent dessert place with cute Kakigori and fruit bowls.

Chocolate Banofee Kakigori (RM17, small): the chocolate flavour was rich enough & the shaved ice is soft (as expected). Nothing surprising but it’s a decent bowl.

Mont Mauve Kakigori (RM17, small): really like this bowl! It’s a mix berry ice, topped with whipped cream and kuriaro rose powder. The rose powder helped to Zeng this fruity bowl which gives it a floral note.

I am alwaysssss back for their strawberry tofu cheesecake & lychee rose cake (so nth new cus it’s that good). Ordered rose latte this time, what a pretty drink. Tasted rlly nice, milky & has that bandung ish taste too which I quite like. Matcha honey yuzu sounded so weird to me. Am personally not a matcha fan but this combination won my heart, the addition of yuzu made it refreshing unlike other match drink out there!!

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Not a fan of sesame in general (not fair for me to be commenting but my friend likes it being pretty rich!). Honey Earl Grey cake is too sweet for me & it’s on the denser side.

It’s a very aesthetically pleasing place that looks very clean & simplistic. Overall, giving a premium feel to their place. Good place to chill with a book or just casually hanging out with your girlfriends!!

My favourite cakes EVER!! Love that the tofu cheesecake was rich but not jelak (light in palette, especially since the strawberry jelly was pretty refreshing & balance the entire cake!!). I love the lychee rose (I order it everytime i’m there), strong rose fresh cream (lighter in palette compared to buttercream & i enjoy it a lot). could have more lychee but overall a very good place especially when it’s sooo pretty!!

Do not expect a typical matcha ice cream because IT. IS. NOT. It has this roasted flavour like those in hojicha latte!!!! probably too sweet for me/ melts too quickly but the flavour wins it all!!!! wew

HOLD UP, the mochi donut was served warm & it was super crispy. Had the choice between cookie butter and brown sugar soft serve. Cookie butter soft serve was light&&&&& creamy. You basically can taste every component of the soft serve. First comes a light cookie butter taste followed by the milky taste of it. Y’all should all try it!!!


comes with 2 scoop of ice cream (i chose original coconut + thai milk tea) and 3 toppings. i love red ruby and u know how some red ruby r mushy on the outside and not crunchy on the inside, THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT MAN it was gud. coconut flesh from of the husk is pre cut for easier consumption wuuhuu


The Golden Toast + Taro Kaya ($4.20) is literally crispy on the outside and HEAVENLY SOFT N FLUFFY on the inside. It is served warm so it warms my soul bringing comfort oh man :’))))) oh n their ice cream ($2.50 per scoop) be it coconut or thai green tea, never fail me


hardcore 🥑

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