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My first love
Toad Tai
Toad Tai

Paid a mere $3.50 for this delicious serving of pitan tofu after the 50% eatigo discount. Generous portion size with a perfect sauce to tofu ratio. A definite must order if you're a fan of century egg

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$35++ for thick cuts of unagi, chutoro, mekajiki, hotate, amaebi, sake, ikura and tobbiko. Quality was a bit of a hit and miss: mekajiki was fresh and buttery, as was the sake; but the amaebi was bland and tasteless. I would probably go for the basic chirashi bowl priced at $25 next time - this restaurant doesn't do justice to the more premium varieties of seafood

Do note that green tea is chargeable at $1.50. Service was average but efficient. Restaurant was quite empty on a weekday lunch.

In all, decent Japanese fare at an accessible location. The lack of crowds is definitely a draw factor, as well as the reasonable pricing. 3.9/5


Generous mix of marinated tuna, salmon and swordfish sitting on a bed of mixed grained rice ($18++). Sashimi was impeccably fresh, as always. But the winning factor for koji is the explosive mix of flavours and textures in this small bowl. Besides cubes of sashimi, there's also a dollop of creamy and fatty negitoro, bursts of saltiness from ikura, crunch from the marinated jellyfish, and finally topped off with a sprinkle of tempura flakes. Just perfect.


Very reasonably priced at $9.80++ (only available for lunch). To my delight, I even managed to redeem a free piece of toro saba sushi using jpassport! The bowl contained a mix of salmon, tuna, white fish, vinegared mackerel, topped with a small scoop of ikura. My only qualm is that the fish was a little overmarinated for my liking. Big eaters should also take note that the serving size here is fairly small.

I really wanted to like this meal...but it was rather underwhelming. The sashimi was cut into really small cubes, and over-marinated such that it got way too salty after a few bites. The set came with three kushikatsu - chicken sausage, eggplant and zucchini - and a tiny scoop of average-tasting ice cream. I got this using the entertainer app, so I only paid $12nett which really isn't too bad. But I wouldn't pay the full price ($20++) for this. The service here was good though - my tea was refilled promptly, and the staff are friendly and courteous.


If you close an eye to the slightly ragged cuts of sashimi and the haphazard presentation, this chirashi set is actually quite good value for $18++. Fish was fresh and portion was generous. The chef also acceded to my request to change the tuna to salmon, and even gave me salmon belly in replacement! This set came with a tasty (albeit slightly too salty) bowl of miso soup and chawanmushi which was packed with ingredients such as prawn and unagi!


$17.90++ for a set which comes with ootoshi (albeit a very, very meagre portion), chawanmushi and miso soup. One of the best I've had at this price point - sashimi is plentiful and fresh, and the chawanmushi is delightfully smooth and wobbly. Large eaters should take note that the serving of rice is petite, and additional rice comes at a cost of $3.

I particularly liked the rice even though I'm generally not a huge rice eater - sticky pearly grains of Japanese rice perfectly seasoned with vinegar, and mixed with a sprinkle of pickled mushrooms.

Good food and plentiful seats in a well-located setting - what's not to like, really?

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$16.90 nett for this bowl of goodness, tucked into a little corner of Square2. The sashimi, an assortment of tuna, salmon, baby scallops and yellowtail, was fresh and generously cubed. Marinade was the heavy Teppei-esque variant, although the quality of the sashimi definitely surpassed Teppei. The rice was tasty as well - fluffy and well-cooked. My only complaint would probably be the abundance of rather unnecessary garnishes like chuka wakame.

Paid an additional $3 for a set meal, which comprised refillable tea, chicken soup (???), and a salad lightly tossed in my favorite Japanese sesame dressing.

In all, a good meal that warrants a return.

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After the entertainer app discount, this bowl of goodness came up to $15++. A real steal considering the quality and quantity of seafood! After changing the maguro to salmon, I had 4 slices of salmon, 2 slices of swordfish, 2 slices of yellowtail, 2 slices of scallop, a nice fat juicy prawn, and a tiny dollop of creamy uni. The rice was also delectable - aggressively seasoned grains of Japanese rice that retained a nice chewy bite. Service was prompt, albeit rushed on a busy Friday night. The lady boss (I presume) was warm and personable, and also very attractive

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$28++ for this palm-sized (I have a small palm!) fish collar. Baulked a little at the price initially, but I can emphatically say that I have no regrets ordering this. It came perfectly grilled - crisp skin glistening with fish oil, and the flesh hidden beneath was tender and juicy. No complaints, really. But would I pay for $28 for it again, when $18 buys me a full chirashi don? Hmmm... that's the question


Koji never disappoints. Fresh cubes of sashimi marinated in a light shoyu dressing, topped with a dollop of fatty negitoro and finished with a sprinkle of crunchy tempura bits for an explosion of flavours and textures ($18++). I highly recommend topping up $1 for the multi-grain rice!

Service was prompt and friendly as usual. Skip the green tea though - it doesn't warrant $3


It was alright. Reasonably fresh fish and a reasonably sized portion for $12.40nett. Rice was the long-grained variety, which was unfortunately unevenly cooked. Nothing to compel a return visit, unless I happen to be in the vicinity (even then, there's a strong competitor just down the road at a similar price range). The f&b business is too competitive to afford being mediocre

Anyway, this is a small hole in the wall Japanese joint just a stone's throw from the new Bencoolen station. Unless you fancy sitting in the blistering heat, takeaways are a better option


I love to eat, and love to talk about eating.

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