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Crododo Milkshake Combo $10.90 each with one crododo and one milkshake! Crododo is croissant in the shape of donut, hence the name Crododo.
I got Chocolate Banana Milkshake with Tresor Crododo topped with M&M’s (additional charge of $0.50 for one topping). My Friend got same milkshake as me, but with Reese Crododo topped with M&M’s. The milkshake was quite thick and flavourful, and the crododo was very soft and fluffy. Definitely worth it! They have a very beautiful rainbow staircase which you can take lots of pictures, and a small kids corner for kids to play.


Creamy and cheesy!
It’s never enough, bought extra box of tarts back home!

Original baked cheese | Chocolate almond | Durian

Original baked cheese - cheesy and creamy, love it!

Chocolate almond - somehow it taste weird to me, don’t really know how to appreciate this.

Durian - creamy and rich in durian taste, can really taste the strong durian! I super love it as I’m a durian lover! All durian lovers should try it!