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Chef In Me

Chef In Me

I dream of food and I create them
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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Finally got my Pandan chiffon right .

All natural Pandan juice extract .

Soft and moist and without the use of any raising agent .



For days when I can’t decide between a Pandan cake and a better cake - I put the both together and make a Pandan butter cake .

Most bakeries out there use artificial colouring and Pandan Essence - but when you make it your own - you get to use an astronomical amount of Pandan leaves to get that real Pandan fragrance.

Isn’t that green hue so lovely ?

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What do you do when you see nicely packaged dates stocked up in supermarkets ?

You buy them and make cakes out of them 🤣

Using a good grade organic medjool dates and organic figs makes the cake moist and naturally sweet .

Add some dark chocolate for more decadence .

Bake more to eat more 😛

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With the humidity and “ invisible haze” that has gone on for months - what’s better than a bowl of almond paste for the spleen and the lungs .

3 hours of non stop gruelling work in the kitchen and my pot of gold is completed .

Now I know why many genuine tong Shui dessert shops die a premature death - it’s too much work and to start with, better quality ingredients are much more expensive .

For days when all you need is a good inaniwa udon in a rich miso and kelp broth with loads and loads of Kombu, Spinach, nagaimo , mushrooms and carrots.

Topped off with an egg , this makes a soulful meal .

My everything throw in recipe 😀.

Zero waste.

Finally got my act together to make my favourite stir fried bee hoon .

It took me an hour to get my cabbage , carrot and plumped dried shitake mushrooms to be julienned and have my garlic and dried shrimps chopped .

It’s a lot of work but well worth every effort because you can throw in extra dried shrimps and veggies 💫

By the way - there’s a secret to cook this dish well 😜 so that the bee hoon is moist but not oily
And that the bee hoon would not break up easily 😎

The finishing touch is always to add fluffy shredded eggs and of course homemade fried shallots ( which obviously , I was too tired to make ) 🤣

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Seriously craving for kenny Rogers’ corn muffins .......

I used to love Kenny roger’s corn muffins because they were moist and fluffy with a comforting earthy corn flavour...

But these days they tend to be dried out and they seem to have shrunk in size .....

So I was on the quest to recreate these babies and boy ! Was I successful ....

My partner claims these are better than ah hem ... kenny roger’s .

Fluffy , moist with a delicate crumb and with a good sweet and savoury tension . ...

And cans save loads of $$$$$......baking

For less than 13 dollars ....

To get this huge yu sheng serving - you typically pay at least 50 dollars. Why not make your own ?

I got the Yu sheng condiments from ntuc for 13 dollars and threw in my own grated cucumber, radish and carrot - lots and lots of them .

To tweak my yu sheng a bit , decided to be a bit playful and added in jackfruit slices and some ar char .

The flavour and textures played out beautifully .

What’s more - you get to adjust the sweetness level of your plum sauce dressing when you do your own diy yu sheng .

This was walloped up by the family ... really happy with the results 😀

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Here we go again ......

Presented my first batch of homemade yam abacus seeds for family dinner 😊

It’s a tedious process with lots of attention and details to watch 😊

QQ but not too chewy with a rich yam taste.

I take private orders too 😂

Here we go again ...

Time of the year for yam abacus seeds.
It’s a family favourite and there’s always never enough .

Despite making them, I only get less than a bird’s share - it gets snapped up .

The joy of sharing 😊and enjoying these homemade traditional food yearly 🙏.

Baking these yummy babies again at repeated requests since I gave them away as Christmas treats ...

Too painful to pay 15 dollars for a sticky date pudding at cafes so the best is to bake them so you know exactly what goes inside 😀....

Soft, moist and not too sweet ...
best paired with earl grey ice cream ....

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas 🎄....

Homemade Flourless chocolate cake made with loads of almond meal and 70 percent dark chocolate and slathered generously with dark cocoa powder .

So deep , so dark , so rich ... ....

I dream of food .

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