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Food at cafes that you don't typically see on the menu.
Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier
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Let me just say that every piece of meat is grilled to tender savouriness, with my favourite being the super fresh lamb cuts that have no hint of bad gamey smell or taste! The rice - very similar to briyani - is really delicious as well.

Besides the Mixed Grill, the Lamb Chops ($29.90) is a MUST ORDER; one of the best lamb chops I've tasted so far, with 0 gamey taste or smell too, and cooked to perfection, making this the most memorable item of the meal. You simply can't leave the restaurant without having tried this! 😍 📣 @kenpgl from @singaporefoodlisting for having me and @byblosgrillsg for hosting! 👊😁

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If you've not had Lebanese desserts, then you're in for a saporous treat!

Don't recall actually having had Rice Pudding before - especially not any that tasted like what I had here! For $7.50, this Lebanese rendition has a consistency that is thick and mushy in comparison to porridge. It is made with milk which I feel gives the dessert a gentle touch of sweetness along with rose water. It is complete with strawberries and mint leaves for texture and refreshingness. There's no doubt this concluded the meal pretty pleasantly. 😌

This is part of a hosted meal at @byblosgrillsg. 📣 @kenpgl from @singaporefoodlisting for having me~! 😁


The Mezza Platter ($27.50) consists of a variety of dips, namely hummus (pine nuts and olive oil), babaganoush (charcoal grilled eggplant), labneh (yoghurt with olive oil and mint), moussaka'a (cubed eggplant, chickpeas and green pepper), and Arabic salad in the centre. These dips go great with pita and lavash - a pillow-like bread topped with sesame seeds, and even meats! My personal favourite would be the labneh because the minty, olive oil-drizzled yoghurt just goes well with everything. 😂 Aside from that, the Moussaka'a came as a surprise to me because I was not aware that I was eating eggplant, and I quite liked this despite generally not liking the vegetable.

I am usually skeptical to try things that I'm clueless about, but this was really satisfying, and the different dips made the dish really intriguing to have, enjoyed without a dull moment over the course of the platter. Definitely a must-try during your Lebanese meal experience! 📣 @byblosgrillsg for hosting us in their rustic and beautiful restaurant and @kenpgl from @singaporefoodlisting for having me! 😁


@bochinchesg has the juiciest steaks ever I've ever had in Singapore; imagine juice flowing out with every cut you make! 😲

The steak I had is a 180g Argentinean Ribeye that is part of their daily lunch prix fixe ($29++ for 2-course and $35++ for 3-course; menu changes every week or so - check their Ig page to know what's available!). It is considered the specialty dish of the restaurant and I do say it's pretty impressive and is perhaps the nicest one I've had so far in my homeland. However, I can't make much fair judgement as I have not had much steaks here.

You get to choose chips or salad on the side and I went for the former. There's garlic on the chips and chimchurri mayo for dipping but each wedge is so darn flavourful on their own I personally feel the dip ruins it.

So be it the festive mood or just a mad craving, do check out boCHINche for a good steak and an overall pleasant meal. Indeed, it's pricey but for the quality you get I personally think it's worth the price!

Aaaand on that note, The Fussy Foodie wishes everyone a very blessed Merry Christmas! 🌟

Gyocos are a work of genius; essentially crisp and savoury gyoza skin sushi tacos generously stuffed with either Wasabi Butter Beef or Salmon and Tuna ($8.90 each) and other garnishes wrapped with seaweed.

The former has really tender and flavourful slices of beef, although the wasabi butter could be more apparent, but regardless, it's really tasty.

As y'all should know by now, I don't eat seafood but I was feeling daring enough to try the salmon and tuna so I gave it a go, and quite surprisingly the many layers helped to cover up any strong seafood tastes, which is a great thing for me. 😆

Every aspect of the Gyoco is important to make it work, especially the gyoza skin which really ups the wow factor overall, and I am so glad to say this is far from being a gimmick! 😎 No doubt this would be a nice alternative to rice bowls if you aren't in the mood for that.

Kyodai is a Japanese takeout joint reminiscent of the stalls you'd typically see along Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. It is situated right next to Hotel Bencoolen, opposite NAFA. There are limited seats available if you wish to dine there.

Shout out to @smithankyou and @darr3n0ng for the invite and @kyodaisg for hosting us for this tasting session! 👊

So this is the one, the only fantastic and exquisite Lamb Shakshouka ($26++).

As pricey as this might be, I can say in a heartbeat that this is by all means worth what you pay.

Essentially two eggs baked in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow cooked lamb shoulder, green chilli harissa, kewpie yoghurt and with pita served on the side, this is one dish that is guaranteed to please you greatly with pretty intricate flavours in the tomato stew and none of that gamey nonsense from the amazingly tender braised lamb. Definitely worthy of being a huge game changer to any other baked eggs or equivalent dishes you've had before in Singapore. 💣