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Hawker Fare

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Nelson Tan
Nelson Tan

Generous serving for just $5. I ordered one with kuay teow instead of the thick bee hoon people usually order. The broth is not too heavy, beef cubes are tender, and the tripe is cooked properly without a gamey taste. Dried chilli on the side for an extra kick, and a vinegary chilli sauce that refreshes your palate. Overall, it’s a dish that is worth seconds!

It’s quite pricey for a bowl of Kolo Mee but they’re pretty generous with their ingredients! Noodles are good - also because I’m a bigger fan of such noodles as compared to the yellow ones (the alkali taste). Sauce is flavorful, albeit on the sweeter side and I’d be happier with something more savory. We had a side of fried wantons too, but it might have been fried for a little too long.

碳烤黑叉烧. I believe they are from Bishan’s Kim San Leng coffee shop (Bishaners please enlighten me!). I love how the noodles (tiny bit of alkaline taste) are well-coated with their sauce, which is not too salty or oily. Char siew slices are tender and not overly sweet. Wantons were passable. Oh and there’s free flow of lard too. Not too difficult to find: #01-15 at Clementi Market and Hawker Centre. Give it a try!

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Ordered a medium-sized portion. Sorry other laksas, but I’m team @janggut_laksa. Broth is not overly thick, and of course you can enjoy the dish with just a spoon.

Steamed chicken, roast pork, greens, and an egg. Love how the grains of rice are not mushed together - great texture too. Chicken is tender, roast pork was a little tough. Chilli was the bomb as it was rather well-balanced and had a reaaaally good kick!

A familiar name (probably) for office workers in the CBD area, hungry stomachs after a few drinks at the pubs, or just supper-goers. Went straight for their minced pork noodles, which at $4, is very affordable. You’ve got your usual toppings of minced and lean meat, meatballs, and a mushroom (😐). The addition of ikan bilis was a new thing for me but it certainly added some crunch to the dish. Noodles were well-cooked, but I felt that the sauce wasn’t vinegary enough (compared to Ming Fa, or even the airport’s T3 Kopitiam’s ba chor mee). Although it’s a ‘lighter’ version of the ba chor mee that I know, I still wouldn’t mind enjoying it.

Prices start from $3, and like all other chicken rice stalls, you can add different kinds of meat as well. My meal was a total of $6 as there’s an additional $1 for roasted pork. Chicken breast was a little dry for me. Chilli was good but probably a little too tangy for me. Rice was quite fragrant and the grains were well-cooked aka not soggy.

I’ve never had wanton mee for supper but there’s always a first. Hua Kee Hougang Famous Wan Ton Mee at Old Airport Road’s hawker centre. I chose the $5 portion (because it’s me). Springy noodles, great sauce, loads of ingredients, for only $5. Char siew can be more moist but my stomach approves. Oh, if you love soup, you can request for a bigger bowl of soup, and don’t be shy about it.

$4.50 for a small, $5.50 for a large. Springy noodles and it is quite light. Highly recommend the chilli for an extremely good kick!


Three prices: $3, $3.50, $4. I chose the $4 portion naturally. Generous slices of char siew, well-cooked noodles, and flavoursome wanton. The noodles have a much lighter flavour compared to others that I’ve tried before. Overall an affordable and good meal.


Well-cooked noodles tossed in the stall’s own concocted sauce - lard, chilli, fried shallots are just some of the ingredients - topped with juicy prawns, vegetables, and slices of flame-seared Kurobata pork belly that is sweet, succulent, and smoky.


Also known as “Sichuan Fish with Pickled Mustard Greens”, this dish features a hot and sour broth with a whole fish immersed in it. Fresh fish, an amazingly light broth (could be less salty), all in a deep metal tray placed on a mini stove. Goes well with white rice too!


Satisfying my tummy one dish at a time. Instagram: @nelsonutella

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