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Featuring Rakki Bowl, A Noodle Story (Amoy Street Food Centre), Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0, Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke, Aburi-EN (Tanjong Pagar Centre)
Hungeryhappy  -
Hungeryhappy -

Black angus beef with onsen egg and soy sauce. Taste expensive without being too expensive. Runny yolk mixed into the rice always makes a great meal. I really liked the rice they used for this donburi as well.

Buttery bread nested tender lobster in butter, mayo and herbs. Nice nutty flavour and texture is good. Went around 3pm so there was no queue.


There is a regular and large size, but even the regular bowl is enough to be filling, so a beef bowl for $12.90 is such a good deal. The meat is not fatty but is thinly sliced and very tender. The garlic, truffle and egg all come together into a very satisfying and savoury meal, recommend!


Succulent and juicy pork belly topped on chestnut rice. The chestnut rice was a little disappointing as I expected some chestnut chucks or a sweeter taste but the rice has a slight sour aftertaste. The pork however gets full stars and is such a steal at the amount given for $15 ! Really tender pork belly.

Just come right out the Tanjong Pagar MRT gantry you you should see it nearby. Tender wagyu rested on top of rice and mushrooms. Pretty good.

Had a bad day and decided to treat myself with this. Absolutely tender and savory beef that releases that umami with every bite. This is the beef of dreams. Served with a perfect onsen egg, sesame tofu (which wasn’t my thing) and a very delicious miso ( Is it red miso? The soup had a nice depth to it). Worth the spurge!


A pity that the chasui ran out so they gave me really tender chicken wings instead. I guess i had too high expectations for the noodles, I found it good but not amazing. The sides however, stole the show. The shimps wanton has whole shrimps inside and the meat paste was perfectly tender. The soft boiled egg is worth mention, with a good flowly yolk. Everything was well executed but instead of tasting more like singapore ramen i found it to be more of an Atas dry mee


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