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Must Eat

Must Eat

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Artichoke, Fat Cow, Blue Label Pizza & Wine, Meatsmith (Little India), Yakiniku Heijoen (Japan Food Town)
Pragash Karuppiah
Pragash Karuppiah
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So this is the one, the only fantastic and exquisite Lamb Shakshouka ($26++).

As pricey as this might be, I can say in a heartbeat that this is by all means worth what you pay.

Essentially two eggs baked in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow cooked lamb shoulder, green chilli harissa, kewpie yoghurt and with pita served on the side, this is one dish that is guaranteed to please you greatly with pretty intricate flavours in the tomato stew and none of that gamey nonsense from the amazingly tender braised lamb. Definitely worthy of being a huge game changer to any other baked eggs or equivalent dishes you've had before in Singapore. 💣

Pork ribs are by far one of my favorite BBQ cuts. I’ve had them all sorts of ways - Memphis style, sweet and sticky, smoked and of course with salted egg yolk. But I haven’t quite tasted any like this - topped with aromatic toasted desiccated coconut that’s been tossed with curry leaves. I ordered it because it looks so much like serunding (which I’m crazy about) and what a fluke! The coconutty “confetti” added a caramel overlay that was incredibly tasty. I was tempted to ask for another helping of said topping and sneak it home. Thank you Meatsmith for creating an Indian inspired menu at your latest Little India outpost.

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pork sausage, bacon, pepperoni, jalapeño, red sauce

Resembling a fine slab of marble, I allowed it to sizzle and grill in all its juicy thickness before placing it in my mouth for bite after bite of medium rare meat that melts like butter. I’ll be back soon. 😋😋😋

Super tender wagyu ribeye that just melts in your mouth. Steak was seared to perfection with a pink centre, and not over-cooked even though we asked for it to be cooked to medium doneness.

This latest concept by the Travis Masiero Restaurant Group is a lovely spot to enjoy some seriously tasty pizza — certainly good enough to justify the higher prices. The playlist is funky but it can get noisy in here, so file this away for a night out with friends instead of a romantic date. Settle into one of the booth seats and order a platter of the Blue Label Chicken Wings ($14 for a small portion, $28 for large) to share. According to Burppler Veronica Phua, the fresh wings are prepared in a four-step process — brine, sous vide, fry and glaze. This means very juicy meat, slicked in a gorgeously sticky, golden brown sauce, that doesn't require much more oomph from the blue cheese ranch dip served on the side. As for pizzas, theirs are made using a long ferment dough (takes two days just to be ready), which results in a crust that's not at all floury, and with a slightly oily (but yummy) distinctly crisp bite. Veronica liked the Dr. Pepperoni ($31), which combines red sauce, mozzarella, capers, chilli oil, pepperoni and lots of sesame seeds. Consider the Housemade Soft Serve ($8, additional $2 per topping) for dessert; it's smooth, thick and creamy, and a lovely way to end the meal.
Avg price: $35
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

The soft eggs on top comes with a runny core, spiced in sumac and drizzled in Greek yoghurt that can be further enhanced with the lime! It is also served with Turkish bread at the side that was great to dip with the meat.

A healthy and fulfilling bowl made up mainly of thyme seared wagyu beef, quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearly barley with hearty servings of grilled furikake baby corn, roasted butternut squash and L&P mixed mushrooms (which I enjoyed the most). You can then order their Truffle Fries with Parmesan Cheese, S$12, to balance out all that health food.