Land Of Tom Yum And Chai Yen 🇹🇭

Land Of Tom Yum And Chai Yen 🇹🇭

All em’ food I’ve tried in Thailand
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

The beef sandwich is essentially the same as their signature, except they have beef slices on it. It was rather greasy, with oil dripping down my hand as I manuevour my way through it.

To complete the meal, I ordered a Brown Sugar Milk Tea which was gud, no cap! Portion is a little small though so I guess you gotta find other stuff to munch on after this.

The shop was light and airy, with floor to ceiling windows that allows you to watch the crowd. I lost count of the number of ladies who had their boyfriends squatting in all angles to take ootds for them but I digress.

Ordered the EBOMB Signature and EBOMB Beef Sandwich where the eggs are beautifully creamy, and in between bites, the aromatics like the garlic and butter spread on the toast shine through. Everything was just right, from the cheese to the toast to the glorious eggs. The bacon sandwiched within, on the other hand though, was too tough for my weak teeth and I plucked it out and gave my partner who chewed on it like it’s no big deal. It did provide some savoury respite to the sweet toast but I was fine without it.

Added on their Signature River Prawn (1,200++ baht) which features a rather huge River Prawn drenched with creamy, light tomyum sauce, and topped with airy, crunchy bits of egg similar to the ones you have in your fish soup! On the side is a portion of organic black rice where on first look, reminded me of Pulau Hitam. It was cooked risotto style, where you have to mix the condiments at the top - chilli padi, diced onions, pork belly jam before digging in. Taste was pretty interesting, though I preferred the river prawn over this and was so full by this dish, I had to leave some carbs behind 😂

Can’t leave Thailand without giving their fine dining restaurants a try! Previously visited Gaggan when they were still around and were ranked Asia’s best restaurant. With the rankings having changed a little over the years, my partner and I wanted to try Thai cuisine so we decided to go with Le Du, a modern Thai-inspired restaurant.

Went with their 6 course tasting menu (3,590++ baht) and I’ve clearly overestimated my stomach space, was beyond full after the entire meal 😮‍💨

I felt the food here was not mind blowing, but still decent, so you can pay them a visit at least once. Take note, the menu changes every now and then!

Also got the Mixed Wonton with Spicy Chilli Oil and it was pretty meh. Just go for the chicken rice!

Another thing to note, they offer refillable Wintermelon soup here which was super tasty, albeit salty. But no regrets downing 3 bowls worth 🤙🏼

Would definitely have it again, but perhaps, order through Grab this time round!

“I can take you out of Singapore, but I can’t take the Singaporean out of you”, was what I said to my partner when he added this into our To Eat List in Bangkok.

Took a Grab down to this place and from the outside, it looks like a Japanese stall due to their minimal, woody design. Pop in and it’s literally a hole in the wall - place was small and tight, but cozy enough. It didn’t feel too claustrophobic because we went at odd hours so we got the entire shop to ourselves!

So the thing about the chicken here is that they’re all sous vide; thus ensuring that you get a juicy and tender chicken with every plate you order. ‘Customisation’ options are available too, as you have a choice of breast/thigh meat, with chicken skin/no skin.

I got the Chicken Rice (159 baht) with a choice of thigh meat and skin. The chicken came ‘naked’ initially, where the server went back to the kitchen to retrieve a jug of their signature sauce before pouring it over my plate to add on some flavours to the dish. The Fried Chicken Rice had the same price point, and was equally tasty but what i felt was the star player here has to be the sauces.

Offering 3 options, they have the (1) Sweet Chilli, (2) Leek & Ginger, (3) Sweet Soy Sauce and Chilli. My favourite was #3 where it seriously packs a punch and added more oomph to the meal!

The skewers were freaking bomb diggity as well, arrived glistening with oil and had the right balance of meat and fats with every bite. This is heart cloggingly good 👍🏼

So I finally tried the 2 famous beef noodle stall in Bangkok. Went to Rod Dee Dee as seen on #xiaxue stories multiple times where she always rave about their atas beef noodle with Ribeye and Wagyu options. Her recommendation is solid af guys, I got the Ribeye and “chefs kiss”, it was freaking bomb diggity.

Not the cheapest beef noodle in Bangkok but you won’t regret it so just slurp joyously at this joint!

The broth was a dream - delicious and aromatic with such robust flavor that's hard to explain. It can be quite salty, but definitely a comforting meal. Their regular beef noodle though, albeit flavoursome, definitely pales in comparison to their ribeye.

The best thing about the soup was the stewed, Chinese spiced beef – Nuea Pueay, it literally melts your mouth. I could eat a whole bowl of the beef on its own.

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Fragrant, tender and juicy with a slight crisp, their chicken goes well with their hot sauce but it’s an overkill. Could barely finish it

The soup was pretty spicy and provided some kick to this otherwise, rather bland fried rice.⁣⁣

Also ordered the Crab Fried Rice. Similar to the Crab Omelette, they were really generous, seeing as to how the rice was filled with fresh chunks of crab. Didn’t felt anything special about the fried rice, since it wasn’t fragrant at all and the only good thing were the crab.

An unassuming small stall by the roadside, I would never have given Nong Rim Klong a second look if not for friend’s recommendation. Ask for the English menu when you’re there, as they assumingly shove the local menus at everyone, right until you speak, that is. Went at 2pm and there was still a queue going on, despite the heat, which is a good indication on the quality of food, I presume. Their signature dish here, the crab omelette, was fantastic! Plenty of fresh crab meat drenched in the creamy egg which was so soft and buttery. I don’t mind eating this with a plate of rice.⁣

I have never personally tried the famed Raan Jay Fai but I’m guessing this would make a good alternative. It may be cheaper than RJF, but still relatively pricey considering that it’s a street side stall and not a restaurant. Read the reviews here and most commented about the stench from the canal right beside it but when I went, there was no smell at all. Lucky me, I guess! ⁣

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