Land Of Tom Yum And Chai Yen 🇹🇭

Land Of Tom Yum And Chai Yen 🇹🇭

All em’ food I’ve tried in Thailand
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Fragrant, tender and juicy with a slight crisp, their chicken goes well with their hot sauce but it’s an overkill. Could barely finish it

The soup was pretty spicy and provided some kick to this otherwise, rather bland fried rice.⁣⁣

Also ordered the Crab Fried Rice. Similar to the Crab Omelette, they were really generous, seeing as to how the rice was filled with fresh chunks of crab. Didn’t felt anything special about the fried rice, since it wasn’t fragrant at all and the only good thing were the crab.

An unassuming small stall by the roadside, I would never have given Nong Rim Klong a second look if not for friend’s recommendation. Ask for the English menu when you’re there, as they assumingly shove the local menus at everyone, right until you speak, that is. Went at 2pm and there was still a queue going on, despite the heat, which is a good indication on the quality of food, I presume. Their signature dish here, the crab omelette, was fantastic! Plenty of fresh crab meat drenched in the creamy egg which was so soft and buttery. I don’t mind eating this with a plate of rice.⁣

I have never personally tried the famed Raan Jay Fai but I’m guessing this would make a good alternative. It may be cheaper than RJF, but still relatively pricey considering that it’s a street side stall and not a restaurant. Read the reviews here and most commented about the stench from the canal right beside it but when I went, there was no smell at all. Lucky me, I guess! ⁣

Pretty mediocre, as expected from the stall in a touristy area. The pad thai was pretty bland on itself, and it was the meat that gave it some flavours.

The pad Thai was good too, though my only qualm is that the portions here are generally small, so you might wanna order a couple of dishes more to try! ⁣

The curry here was a delight to have! Thick and fragrant without being overly pungent, it pairs well with plain rice and makes for a simple lunch.

Had to Google for places to eat after finding out that Mr Jo Crispy Pork was closed only when I’m at their doorstep. This restaurant showed promising reviews after a quick search on Google map and we decided to just go ahead with it. The shops surrounding this restaurant were all old and seemed like they were on the verge of falling apart, what with the rusty metal gate that does not look sturdy at all and unkept shopfront. Kurissara stood out like a sore thumb (in a good way). It is newly refurbished, with air conditioned and welcoming vibe that made you just want to run in and take five (I blame the sweltering heat). Their menu boasts a variety of selection. I got Pineapple fried rice where the strong pineapple fragrance permeate every grain of rice resulting in a very delicious bowl of thai style sweet and slightly spicy pineapple fried rice. It was filled with ingredients, including sweet pineapple chunks with juice squirting out when you bite into it. Definitely a must order here! ⁣

Chocolate Brownie Sundae here beats Singapore’s Hot Fudge, hands down. ⁣I love how the hot fudge here stays gooey In the cup despite having ice cream surrounding it, and doesn’t harden like the ones in Singapore.

Wanted to pay the famed Mr Jo Crispy Pork a visit, BUT GUESS WHAT. THEY WERE CLOSED FOR RENOVATION 😭 Had to Google for a substitute for the char siew and siew yoke craving and found this on Wong Nai. But I find the gravy rather starchy and the meat weren’t particularly fragrant either. Let’s just say, I prefer Singapore’s rendition. ⁣

Didn’t enjoy it the first time round so I decided to have the rice instead now that I’m back but it’s sold out. 😭 strangely though, the noodles were much better as compared to my previous trip, though it still clumps together after a while. ⁣

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