Cheap and Good

Cheap and Good

Because money is hard to earn and we don’t want to waste it on food that’s not worth it
Jen 😋
Jen 😋

This place is a hidden gem with its 4-tier bbq steamboat. The top layer is the steamer, followed by cheese dip, bbq hotplate layer and a dual-soup base layer. We got the herbal and Tom yam bases which didn’t let down. The best part: has a offer for only $21 on weekends

I recalled the wok hei was not thorough the last time i tried 4 years ago. Last weekend’s char kway teow ($3.5/4) had every strand that smells and tastes full of wok hei. You know the wok hei game is strong when it still taste excellent even after it turned cold. Each morsel is given the sweet fish sauce and soya sauce treatment and loaded with crispy pork lards and Chinese sausage that further enhance the fragrance. They can’t be bothered with “waste time” ingredients like fish cakes or prawns. I like that it is not overly wet and each strand of flat noodle is coated with remnants of the caramelized sauces and it is not overly sweet or jelat. Omg this could take over Zion Road as my most favourite CKT. I need to make a trip to Zion Road soon. Ok end of swooning. Now go back to work. #igivesecondchance

Chockful of ingredients - they used persimmons and sweet winter melons. Auntie was very generous and gave me 满满一碗 filled to the brim 😃

Returned to the king of laksa. Unlike other commoners, the soup is not thick but every spoonful packs a punch of intense concoction of coconut milk and spices, simmered over charcoal fire. Yes there is still charcoal cooking in SG 2017. The soup is so good that I don’t even care about the lacklustre noodles or lack of 料.. $3 for a small bowl

Get the rendang Nasi lemak ($5) with blue pea rice. available only on Tues and Sat. It’s worth every calorie.

This Tahu Telor is what every Tahu Telor should aspire to be: crispy yet fluffy, sweet yet addictive, fragrant yet light.

Jen 😋

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