Café Culture (Halal)

Café Culture (Halal)

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Hungry Girl
Hungry Girl

Look, even our drinks came in gorgeous colours. The matcha latte ($6) was smooth and not too strong. That cute lil dark chocolate cookie heart was such a treat too.

As always, I can't resist having freshly squeezed orange juice ($6.80) if it's on the menu.

The lunch set (for selected main dishes) comes with free soup or dessert of the day, and $2 off your choice of drink. The soup we got was a very rich and earthy cream of onion. It's got strings of caramelised onions that melt in your mouth.

Crispy and served hot, similar to the one we like to order at Nando's. We were full from our mains but kept on munching these. Super addictive.

Loving the colours of this open-face sandwich of roast chicken and mango with a drizzle of hot sauce. It sits on a generous slice of sourdough toast, and comes with a side salad.

The combination of chicken and mango is delicious and very refreshing. My buddy was able to handle the hot sauce, but I could not. It's the kind of heat that stings immediately.

It may not look that way, but this is a big portion and really filling.

Now this has been my Instagram craving for more than a year already! The Shakshouka was previously available in limited quantities on weekends only. It's now available daily as part of their regular menu.

Unlike some instaworthy foods, this actually tastes as good as it looks. The blend of red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and spices resulted in a perfect balance of sweet, sour and mild spice. It's got two beautifully poached eggs and a dollop of crème fraîche, which is a lighter version of sour cream. Mix and scoop everything up with toasted foccacia bread.

It's so delicious and incredibly comforting. Too excited to eat this, I forgot to take a yolkporn shot.

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