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wenyi loh
wenyi loh

Had this really long time ago and all I could rmb is the fried pork :-( tho I know they defo serve good coffee!

Slowed cooked beef with mushrooms & mashed potato. The beef wasn’t as tender as we expected it to be but overall I enjoyed the sauce with the mashed potato and how the fried garlic zhnged the flavour


I usually am not a fan of pancakes and sticky date. But Five Oars managed to make these 2 items into something I enjoyed thoroughly 🥺

It’s not overwhelmingly sweet, pancakes were soft, FLUFFY & moist. I appreciate that they made it upon order as it came warm.

Nuts, speculoos and even the caramelised banana gave this dessert a mix of texture, great crunch!

Its topped with caramelised mushroom, poached kampung egg yolk, some arugula and z’enged with a drizzle of truffle oil. I thought the dish was a very decent one but once again, still a very aesthetically pleasing dish.

Bacon is not included but could be topped up!
Overall: this cafe is a MUST visit for the vibes and friendliness of the staff if you’re arnd the area! quesadilla brekkie > wild mushroom risotto > pan fried salmon with kimchi cauliflower rice

One of their most popular dishes here! It’s once again, a very aesthetic pleasing dish of tortilla stuff with Super (I kid u not like SUPER) creamy tomyum scrambled eggs, ham, tomatoes, sriracha aioli, coriander & cheddar cheese. You’ll be like huh??? But trust me, it was rlly good. Add toppings like smoked salmon/ Mexican baked beans to give your dish more dimension & make it more refreshing.
Overall: Quesadilla brekkie > mushroom risotto > pan fried salmon w kimchi cauliflower rice

👍🏻 the dish was just aesthetic perfection. Salmon was soft and tender with the crisp on the skin. Overall a very well balanced meal. Cauliflower tasted like rice (personally not a fan of cauliflower but this turned out well). Staff were SUPER FRIENDLY!!! would totally recommend just for the vibes.
👎🏻 2-3 of my friends finished their food while this hasn’t even arrived. A stronger/sour/pungent taste of the kimchi would be better, it tasted more like fried cabbage.

after the first visit, was pretty excited to try their onion soup and other menu items but left the restaurant being disappointed
Onion soup: though full of flavours from the beef stock, tastes more like a beef soup rather than onion soup
Basil Chicken Pasta & SioBak pasta was so so disappointing, both lacked of flavour and seasoning (the chef probably forgot about the salt or smth...), so so so unlike the KungPao Pasta i’ve tried the other time
salted egg fries: sauce tastes more like lemon sauce n topped with salted egg powder

comes with prawns, squid & some mini scallops. kung pao sauce comes with a kick, loved how spicy it was!! my friend had the pulled pork burger ($15.90) that came with kimchi apple slaw i think!! it was served with truffle fries yums!!!! would definitely head back & try their beef onion soup (hearsay the soup is cooked for 15hours!!! imagine all that essence)

Soft Shell Crab burger comes with a huge slice of pineapple in it that i feel overpowered the entire dish. Soft shell crab was a lil too salty & wasn’t crispy enough :-(

HOWEVER, when they describe it at “Handmade Juicy Chicken Meatball Linguine” they really meant JUICY. Love that they added basil to elevate the dish into another level.

SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO ($15.90): my highlight of the day!!!! that garlic punch it gave added so many layers to the dish. i enjoyed the crispy garlic slices so so much. definitely a btr aglio olio compared to others!!!
BERRIES PANCAKE (can’t rmb): This i rmb, was super light, super fluffy, not very sweet. feels a lot like the castella cake!!! love it
EGGS BENEDICT ($14.90): served with crispy hash (tasted a lot like chips in fries form). first eggs benedict cus m not an egg person but i enjoyed it
INDIAN CHURROS ($4.90): fried prata in the shape of churros with cinnamon sugar. tasted like normal churros but u get the after taste of the prata. kinda cool but i would prefer the soft centre of the regular churros

This is just another pretty cafe with disappointing food. went there with almost no expectations & yet came out STILL being disappointed. the crabby claw aglio olio i had was so so salty & it basically tasted like salted pasta with chunks of crab meat...... THANKFULLY, his forest mushroom with striploin beef pasta (cooked in rosé sauce) was really good. flavours were there, tangy & savory (perfect combi).


Poutine was really really good. The light cheesy taste compliments the brown sauce soooo well. The runny egg yolk elevates the tomato sauce when eaten with bread

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hardcore 🥑

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