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This Is Home Truly

This Is Home Truly

What it means to eat like a Singaporean
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Got the chicken congee with mushroom which was a little salty but still comforting. Also tried the shrimp chee Cheong fun which was delicious and the star of the meal was the pork chop cheese baked rice. The rice was fragrant fried rice drenched in sweet and sour sauce with lots of cheese! Really really good!

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The best claypot rice in the whole of Singapore. Although I tabao-ed the claypot rice, the rice was still crunchy and fragrant and I love the chicken, it was tender and the ginger sauce was amazing!! And the best part was the salted egg and salted fish which added an extra kick to the whole meal!! Also love how much veggies there were in the dish!

Back at my favourite cai fan stall again. Love love the spinach.

Cheap and delicious. The veggies were flavourful but not too salty, the herbal chicken was seasoned perfectly and was soft and tender and finally a cai fan stall that serves such a generous portion of rice!! Forever my favourite cai fan in the whole of Singapore.

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Tried the famous claypot chicken rice at Malaysia Boleh. The sauce was really flavourful, the chicken was soft and the rice crispy. However, I feel the meal will be more complete with some veggies and salted egg. I also tried the curry mee which was pretty nice and some of the soon kueh, png kueh, chive kueh, lor Mai Kai and rice dumpling which were all average in taste. I also got the hainan white bread which was soft and sweet.

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Cheap and yummy chicken rice that comes with a huge bowl of piping hot cabbage soup! The rice was fragrant and the chicken was well cooked!

Decent sliced fish bee Hoon but the portion was way too little.

Surprisingly delicious bowl of sliced fish soup from a stall that specialises in Ban Mian. The soup was savoury with a strong ginger taste and the fish was really fresh. And they added spinach instead of the usual lettuce which I dislike! It was a very satisfying and simple meal to heal my upset stomach. Can’t wait to actually try the ban mian!

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The ban mian was soggy, soup salty and there was too much minced meat. But I do like the mushroom though.

My economical rice was NOT economical at all. I was shocked to find out my simple dinner of steamed chicken and 2 veggies was $6! To be fair, the chicken was well steamed and flavoured but the vegetables were overly salty.

Light and warm meal for a rainy cold day like this. Really love the steamed chicken at Papparich! It’s so tender and the sauce is just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. The congee was also surprisingly flavourful especially with the soft boiled egg. Also tried some of the toasts there which tastes so crunchy and good!! :)

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