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The latest limited-period beverage at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which was Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Blended Drink (S$8.20), was quite an enjoyable one. To me, this beverage tasted like a blended milkshake, but with bits of the cheesecake base crumbs scattered at the top and bottom of the drink to add some texture and layer to it. What I found was interesting was that even though the strawberry syrup linings that were supposedly drawn on the inner walls were lost by the time the blended product was poured in, somehow they “reappeared” when I was nearing the last quarter of the drink.

On the whole, the flavours of “cheesecake” was probably not so apparent, but that could have also meant that the flavours were incorporated quite well without either of the sweet or sour flavour profiles overpowering the other.



Milksha, or better known as Milk Shop in Taiwan, was officially open yesterday, taking over the previous cheese toast business. And for two full weeks, Milksha would only sell ten types of bubble tea to attract customers to try.

One would probably know that I would definitely order their Fresh Taro Milk (S$5.60) which came as a standard medium size without any additional sugar added. As done like their competitors, Milksha used mashed taro puree in their drink to give that real, non-powdery taste of yam. Though it was unfortunate that they could not import fresh milk from their farms, the substitute Greenfields was said to taste the closest to the milk used in Taiwan.

What I really enjoyed about this drink was that the mashed yam blended well with the milk, making most sips fairly well-mixed without too much yam paste sedimented at the bottom of the cup. Having said that, a 30% ice portion would be perfect to cool the drink without diluting the flavours.

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I considered myself a skeptic towards new milk tea establishments because there was a sudden spike in numbers lately, but Taro Green Tea Latte (S$5.80), I like!

It would be one of the few places that used mashed taro as the base, as seen with the “orh nee” at the bottom. Taking it down with green tea and milk balanced the sweetness really well, though it might be a bit difficult to see the greenish side of green tea in the drink.

However, I later realised that the best way to enjoy the drink was to shake thoroughly before poking in the straw. This was because I spent a long time trying to scoop the remaining yam paste from the cup after the liquids were gone, and much of them had to be wasted because there was no provision of a spoon to scrape the last bits of the ingredients.

Margaritas and Sangria might appear to be popular alcoholic beverage options here, but when El Salvador (S$18.00) was served to me, I was actually taken aback by its fruit punch colours. At the back of my mind, I wondered if I was really given fruit punch with little alcohol content.

Well it might really taste far from potent, but I liked the cocktail for the fact that there was a little sourness coming from the fresh lime juice and grenadine, but the confusing part was contributed by the Frangelico, an Italian hazelnut liquor, hidden behind the bright red colour. And yes, there was rum in this drink too.

While it might be a nice, exotic cocktail, I thought I might just save this for nights that I felt like going for something fancy, and stick to the more mainstream wine or cocktail where dining is concerned.


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S$5.30 for a cup of Tiger Sugar might not have been a very rational decision, but given the crazy weather nowadays, a drink like this would invite snaking queues just to quench off the thirst.

Essentially the drink comprised tapioca pearls with brown sugar syrup lining the wall of the cup, so that it would form “stripes” similar to the fur of the tiger when the milk was poured in. The milk, the syrup and the recommended shakes before consumption would give some smoothness to the drink, and the drink would be best consumed on the spot so the brown sugar syrup would still remain on the cup.

Between the Boba and Pearl series, I would prefer the former actually. The extra large size of the pearls enabled them to soak the brown sugar from the pot more effectively, thus adding even more sweetness to the drink. Nonetheless, it was still fun to stick to the Pearl for more stuff to chew on throughout the sip.

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It seemed that everyone loved to hop on the bandwagon when festive specials were launched, this time the cherry blossom season inspired many to come up with Sakura-themed stuff. But with the Sakura Cold Brew Tea (S$7.50 for Small size), it only proved that not every Sakura was the same.

If you were a CBTL regular, you would know that there is this Cherry Blossom tea in their regular menu. Unlike the green tea, the Sakura Cold Brew Tea originated from black tea, with the addition of a special syrup that tasted like some cherry or berry tea. I would have spent that money on a small bottle of Pokka flavoured tea instead.

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Coffee joints that are open 24 hours daily has earned their popularity in Singapore, I’m sure. And their Bailey’s Coffee Cocktail was quite interesting because our usual coffee houses would not offer a touch of alcohol in their beverages.

And so, for S$13.90, this was what I would call an amateurish coffee cocktail, with that nice mix of coffee and Bailey’s. Though I would have preferred a more pronounced taste of chocolate or some chocolate shavings on top instead of cocoa powder, this one here had perked me up a little on a slouchy Monday afternoon.

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Slightly more sophisticated than a Mocha Ice Blended, the Tiramisu variant was a little thicker and creamier, seemingly close to a non-alcoholic version of Baileys Irish Cream. Make an exception to go for their espresso whipped cream as it was like icing on the cake for that complete experience. And I was not certain if malt candy powder was used, for I discovered some sticky crystals blended into the beverage as well.

One thing for sure in this drink: I would suggest to go for a Small cup instead of their usual Regular size, as I was already feeling a little overwhelmed upon crossing the three-quarter mark.

Because fresh milk must be paired with brown sugar pearls, paying an extra S$0.50 to the S$3.80 medium-size drink was a mandatory move. Bober Tea’s brown sugar pearls were aptly chewy with long-enough infusion of brown sugar syrup at 65 degrees Celsius. The grass jelly was just playing a good sidekick as it added a different dimension of texture to the drink.

Otherwise, I did not discover much surprise to this cup of brown sugar milk tea. Perhaps it came the time when brown sugar fresh milk / milk teas was already flooding the market. I might buy this again, provided that I would not need to wait longer than 5 minutes for my drink to be ready.

Something for the Calpis fans from habitat by honestbee would be this Honey Calpis with Lemon Aiyu (S$7.50 for 16oz) from Mr Bubbles. Other than the subtle yogurty taste, there was some bits to chew on for your hydration pleasures. Just remember to shake well before consumption as the honey were all gathered at the bottom.



The cheese tea range (S$4.90) was exclusively available in their newly-open Holland Piazza outlet, which also happened to be more of a take-away stall than an actual dine-in venue. What was special about their cheese foam, however, was that they formulated their own formula, so it had some subtle differences from the cheese foam beverages that we probably were more familiar with.

Among the five flavours available, I tried their Tie Guan Yin Tea (first time trying TGY iced anyway) which still tasted quite strong before mixing the foam. And when both items were given time to diffuse, it actually tasted quite smooth, and it was actually quite smooth I would say. I would like to try this tea again, the next time without any additional sugar, to be able to savour the original flavours of the ingredients.

Other flavours that were available too were Earl Grey, Matcha, Oolong and Jasmine.



First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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