All About Mee

All About Mee

Like the title suggests, this list features all of my noodle conquests.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Finally tried the wanton mee from this relatively new wanton mee stall at Golden Mile Hawker Centre after seeing so many positive reviews on it.

Verdict: I really enjoyed my plate of wanton mee! Everyone has been raving about the char siew here and I gotta agree with the reviews as their char siew is really yummy! Nicely caramelised and charred, the char siew slices had a nice mix of lean and fatty! I liked the noodles too, which had a nice firm bite and the broth / sauce was very savoury. Wantons were well-stuffed and tasted pretty decent too. Will I be back again? Definitely!

Had saved Laifabar in my to try list ever since I saw good reviews of their wanton Mee when they were at Scarlet Hotel. They have since relocated to Lucky Food Court at Lucky Plaza and I finally tried their wanton mee recently.

Overall, this was a yummy plate of wanton mee! The char siew was lean, tender and well caramelised, the egg noodles had a nice springy texture and the savoury sauce mix (with the chilli sauce) was delectable. I’ll definitely come back to eat this if I’m in town and craving for a good bowl of wanton mee.


Finally checked this char kway teow off my hawker to try list! We queued for around 1 hour for our food (cos uncle meticulously fry each plate of noodles one at a time), and I must say it was totally worth the wait (and calories too)! I dare say this is one of the best char kway teows I’ve tried so far in Singapore! My plate of char kway teow was moist and flavourful, with a very strong wok hei plus generous portions of everything (plump cockles, fried pork lard, noodles etc)! Simply delicious, I’ll be back again for sure!


Journey to the west to try this highly recommended (by my foodie friends) fried hokkien prawn mee from The NeighbourWok, that’s located at a coffeeshop in Bukit Batok.

I must say they were right, the fried hokkien mee here is really delicious, and I dare say it’s worth travelling all the way down here to eat this! The wok hei game is really strong here, and the noodles soaks up all the essence of the broth really well, giving it a flavourful and moist taste! This hokkien mee has pork belly, sotong, prawns, pork lard (lots of it) and sambal chilli, and the $5 portion is really generous. Come try it for yourselves!

Besides fried hokkien prawn mee, they also sell satay which I heard is pretty good too. Will order some to try next time when I’m back!

Discovered a pretty good fried hokkien mee stall in the AMK area recently. The fried hokkien mee style here is the wet style that I like, and the flavourful broth was soaked up perfectly by the noodles! Not forgetting the sambal chilli too, which packed a mild spicy kick!

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Another must order dish is their Signature San Lou Beehoon, which was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Pair it with sambal belacan chilli for the best taste experience!

This stall is run by the son of the famous Fried Hokkien Mee hawker at Golden Mile Food Centre. Featured is the $10 version, where there are additional ingredients (there are total of 4 prawns, 2 hidden underneath the noodles) and noodles as compared to the cheaper $5 version. The style here is similar to that of his dad, which is the drier style. Taste wise, the wok hei game was pretty strong in the noodles here and quite flavourful too. I also liked the sambal chilli (spicy and shiok), while the pork lard was fragrant. Overall, this was a pretty decent plate of fried Hokkien noodles! They also have a $15 version where they use larger prawns, so prawns lovers may wanna consider that version instead.

Went to try this recently after seeing so many posts of the kolo mee here on my social media feed, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. The noodle texture was really springy with tasty seasoning, char siew was good (they use the bu jian tian cut of char siew here), and the dumplings were plump and juicy! Wouldn’t mind queueing for this again if I’m in the area!

I quite enjoyed this, the tomato broth was robust and tangy (kinda reminded me of the soup base from a certain famous hotpot chain actually)! Love the noodles texture too, really springy! You can upgrade this to a set meal for an additional $3.20, where you can get a side dish and a drink.


I recently discovered 2nd Gen Foods, a noodle stall located at Clementi that serves a pretty good plate of Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle. The Hokkien Mee here is the wetter style that I like, with the noodles soaking up the essence of the flavourful prawn broth, and complemented by sambal chilli on the side which packs a solid punch!

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Found another good prawn mee place to satisfy my cravings! Love the robust broth, plus the fresh prawns and pork lards too in my bowl of Classic Prawn Noodle! They have a variety of other prawn mee options too, including the Penang style version which I will be trying next. Look out for my review!

People who know me knows that I’m a huge wanton mee lover, and Hock Kee Wanton Noodle is one of the stalls that i’d definitely recommend you to try!

With a history of over 40 years, the current owner Mr Ong has been using the same recipe passed down from his father in cooking the wanton noodles! It has that old school taste that i really like, with super springy noodles, and drenched with a mixture of savoury seasoning and spicy homemade chilli sauce!

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