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麻辣 | Ma La

麻辣 | Ma La

For those looking for some spicy & numbing goodness. Spiciness levels are rated with 🌶
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

One of the newest stores located at Food Alley at Toa Payoh Central is Hong Fan Tian 红翻天 Mala HotPot.

There are plenty of mala stores sprouting around Singapore, but this store is probably one of the most affordable ones around!

The cost of items goes by weight, but at a fixed price of $1.98/100g, regardless of items. So if you’re the type that loves a meat fix, this will definitely be way more affordable than the other places that serves meat at $2.50-$3/100g.

The variety of ingredients is comparable to most mala stores, with your usual suspects of meats, and mushrooms, and they even have udon!!

Apart from the weight, you’d just need to top up an additional $1.50 for the base, be it the Mala hotpot, mala soup or clear soup.

If the fragrant pot is not for you, they also have the grilled fish buffet at $19.80 nett per pax, with a minimum of 2 pax to dine. #worthit

Where else to enjoy simple mala dishes apart from the usual fragrance pot is at @enjoymala!
Located on the fourth floor of Orchard Central, next to the now defunct STRAY by Fatcat, you’d be able to Enjoy the many different Mala dishes they have for you!
Each dish comes with a mala soup broth (standardised spiciness), so if you’re really into mala, this is perfect for you!
One of my fav dishes would be the Sweet Potato Noodles 宽粉 ($6.90) as I get a full bowl of slippery, chewy, bouncy sweet potato noodles soaked well in mala broth, topped with peanuts, chilli padi and coriander.
Other popular favourites (swipe left) is the spicy spare ribs, spicy wontons & prawn paste balls!
If you’re a #burpplebeyond subscriber, good news for you! Enjoy Mala is available and you’d be able to get 1 for 1 Sichuan dishes!
Apart from that, for all who order & dine in, you get free flow ice cream too! So if the heat is too much for you, there’s always lime, vanilla or chocolate tubs waiting for you.
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Available as part of #burpplebeyond’s 1 for 1 offerings, the Si Chuan Spare Ribs was a right choice.

The spareribs were cut into small bite-sized pieces and cooked in the mala broth, served with the large beansprouts, leafy vegetables and topped with cut chilli padi and spring onions.

The meat is done perfectly that it slides off the bone with just a small tug; making it extremely soft and enjoyable. Have it together with the mala broth and you’ve got yourself a hot party going on.


After finding out about this quiet space in Orchard Central, I’m back again for the second time to enjoy the quiet space and spicy hot bowls of mala.

One of the must gets would include this Si Chuan Spicy Wontons. Each bowl comes with the large bean sprouts, the main item and a mala broth. The wontons are generously filled with prawn and minced pork, before being wrapped in thin dumpling sheets. The broth that it is cooked in is drinkable (yes you heard that right), after removing the layer of oil on top of it.

P/S: for every person who dines you, you get to help yourself at the free flow ice cream bar to help you get rid of the fire. The ice cream comes in small individual cups with 3 flavours - lime, vanilla and chocolate.


As with every spicy hotpot, Fat Bird has their own version whereby they’ve already pre-added ingredients into their pots!

The spicy & fragrant chicken pot came as 微辣 (less spicy) and had thick chunks of chicken (breast, thighs & wings), cooked in the mala sauce, with bean sprouts (the thick korean kind) & topped with the usuals of peanuts, coriander and spring onion.

The result was tender tasting chicken with extremely drinkable soup (cause it’s really not that spicy), which is perfect to be eaten as is, or with rice!

Pair it with fried bean curd skin ($3.80 a portion) and you’re good to go!


Situated at Clarke Quay Central & Orchard Gateway, Upin Hotpot is a rival of the famous HDL, but in a pocket-friendly way.

They have popular soup bases such as mala and tomato soup, which is cooked daily to ensure its freshness and standards.

You’d be able to find the typical favourites such as shrimp paste ($12), Fried Beancurd Skin ($6) & the usual meaty suspects, Pork Belly ($8) & US Beef Slices ($12).

Portions all come in full sizes as half sizes are not available (yet), but still remains fairly affordable at


Overtime, I’ve learnt the art of saving money when I visit and it’s tips and tricks that I’ve heard and learnt from friends and even the servers themselves!

Must orders at any HDL would be their beancurd skin that comes rolled up. Dip it into your preferred soup for about 5 seconds and you’re good to go! It soaks up the flavour of your soup base while retaining its crunchiness!

Small life hack if you’d want to know, order 3 soups and leave the last one as plain water. The overall cost is cheaper than order 2 soup bases.
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No matter the weather or mood, a plate of 红油抄手 sure goes a long way!

I love how the sauce is almost like a spicy soup that accompanies every dumpling. Each dumpling is hand wrapped and filled with minced pork before being steamed and blanched. Afterwhich, topped with a soup-like gravy, chilli oil, dried chilli and chopped chives.


Spiciness: 🌶🌶

A new store popped up at the coffeehouse just opposite my block and I finally have a MLXG store nearby!

Sharing the space with the kwaychup store (that only opens in the day), this new store states that their chef has past hotel experience, but I didn’t probe further into it.

Their ingredients are limited but sufficient as the basic ingredients are there, just that the variety wouldn’t be as enticing as other larger stalls.

Taste wise, for a 中辣 (medium) order, I would say the spiciness is decent and comparable to the popular ones, but not as 麻 (numbing) as I thought it’ll be.


Unit #01-42
Spiciness: 🌶🌶

When you can’t really decide what to have, 麻辣 always got your back!

I would say at 中辣, it wasn’t spicy enough, but it was definitely numbing enough. I’d recommend just going for the extreme and have 大辣 if you like spicy food.

The ingredients selection was quite minimal, but you do have most of the basics covered, so this can be an option for those who frequent this hawker centre!


Located with the food court on the 5th floor of 313 @ Somerset, you’d be able to find this store tucked away in the corner, next to the Hainanese Chicken Rice store.

Spiciness: 🌶🌶

Items start off at $1.20 / 100g and are labelled according to vegetables, meats, and premium items.

If you fail to mention the level of spiciness, they’d peg it at 中辣 (moderate spiciness). We ordered it at that level just in case it gets unbearable if we dived in for 大辣 (very spicy).

To our surprise, 中辣 wasn’t as spicy as we thought, which make it pretty easy to finish without perspiring bucket loads. Apart from that, I noticed that it wasn’t as oily as the other 麻辣香锅 I’ve had thus far.

On a side note, for Passion Card members, flash your Passion Card to receive a 10% discount on your total bill if you spend more than $5, valid Mondays to Fridays only.


Spiciness: 🌶

Situated within Kovan Hawker Centre, located just next to Heartland Mall, 香天下 (Unit 01-23) is probably one of the most affordable mala I’ve had in awhile.

The variety of the ingredients are sufficient & more or less what you can find elsewhere, but at this price point, I’m not complaining!

I ordered for 中辣 (medium), but it came tasting more like 小辣 (less spicy), which made it easy for me to slurp everything without breaking a sweat. As for the 麻 (numbness) portion, it wasn’t that numbing either, so it was easy to finish everything up!


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