Western Generally

Western Generally

Just want to "jiak kentang" (combination of "eat" in Hokkien and "potato" in Bahasa Melayu).
Siming T
Siming T

For those who would fancy strong tangy flavours for their weekend brunch, Cheek Bistro had this Shakshuka that was quite worth the try. Atop the tomato puree and chick peas were two runny eggs and a dollop of yoghurt.

Given there were only two slices of sourdough that came with this dish, I ended up having to make sure that I coated the bread thickly before sending it into my mouth. Interestingly, the dish might seem small but it was actually quite filling, thanks to the chickpeas buried inside.

Adding chunks of chorizo into the diet was optional, but it was actually a good-to-have, just to have traces of meat in this meal.

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It was kind of funny when reviews of Josh’s Famous Onion Rings revolved around its greasiness more than its greatness.

But this S$3.90 was a nice starter for a group of 4, with super-crispy batter and an onion ring that can be bitten off easily. And it was best enjoyed while it was warm.

Too oily? Just ask for some serviettes to blot the oil away, since this was an oil-fried item anyway.

While the taste of seafood was sufficiently strong in this bowl of Clam Chowder (S$11.50), I found the diced potatoes given out of proportion against the bowl of soup. As much as I would enjoy potatoes any time, this was a bit too much for me and it might not have value-added much to my meal.

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On a weekday afternoon, it took me about 1 hour from queuing to having my food served at the food collection point.

The hype was largely about fresh seafood imported from Maine for their rolls. But the Lobster Roll (S$25.50) also attracted curious diners after the business’ success in US and Japan. Other than the natural taste of the lobster, I found the lightly-buttered buns perfectly done up to the point whereby the crust was crispy and the bread was airy. The mayo and lemon butter gave the roll some light flavouring, but there was also a slight chance that they would turn the bun soggy. In other words, it would be most preferred to be consumed on the spot.

Seats were really limited, as it appeared that the restaurant had maximised the space with or without safe management measures in place, but the tall stool seats was quite a relaxing configuration for diners to savour the rolls and watch people walk by. If there was a pint of beer on the table, I could almost imagine myself having a relaxing moment in a seafood shack by the beach.

Was it worth the time and effort queuing up? I reckon that it was worth the try to taste freshness in a sustainability-driven restaurant, but if the queue outside the mall exceeds 5 groups, perhaps it would be safer to wait for the hype to ease off, or for a second restaurant to open somewhere else (hopefully).

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5 Senses Bistro was located away from most of the other restaurants within the mall, and with the current safe management measures in place, they might have lost a fair bit of business to the other dining establishments.

However, the pricing of their food was quite acceptable, and they served some decent western food. I ordered the Confit French Duck Leg (S$17.90) that came with a nice sauce, some mashed potato and a side salad. I was pleased with the way the bones were pulled out so effortlessly and the skin was indeed crispy. Yes, even if the duck leg was cooked in oil, the meat was tender and not too greasy, plus it was well-complemented with the smooth mash and the greens with two wedges of mandarin oranges.

Even though the skin was very very slightly overcooked (with a subtle char), I appreciated the fact that the skin was in a nice and complete piece, almost appearing like a duck fat tuile atop the leg. Happy meal, it is.

If I had said that this whole set here could be purchased at under S$20.00, I might not even believe it myself.

But the fact was that during the circuit breaker period, Collin’s did try to keep themselves competitive by offering bundle meals that could make your money work really hard. This was undoubtedly a very filling meal especially with all the meats and the pasta, but I was most pleased with the short ribs that was so well-seasoned and easy to eat.

I would have imagined that it was somewhat unfortunate for iSTEAKS Diner to open their new branch at Suntec City Mall just before the circuit breaker period, but I was also feeling quite glad that I visited the restaurant for a dine-in too.

To me, they had taken their steak business quite seriously with the range of steak options available. I ordered their Grain Fed Char-grilled Ribeye (S$25.00) which truly didn’t disappoint, with the slab’s doneness and seasoning right on point. I supposed that it was also the fact that they were so good with what they were doing, that their restaurants were progressively expanding across the island.

The restaurant also offered some interesting-looking desserts, but this yummy dinner would have been best complemented with a glass of house red wine.

The Laksa Mussels (S$20.00) was a plate full of mussels cooked in their take on “Nyonya Laksa”, which turned out to be on the dry side — less gravy but packed with flavour. This was a great dish for sharing, but I would say it was also possible to conquer it alone!

I had a great meal here, partly also because the staff seemed to be quite friendly and attentive despite the crowd during dinner service.

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I wanted to have some chicken but discovered that Poulet also served homemade pot pie, and so I ordered the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie (S$13.90).

Breaking open the puff pastry that covered the bowl, I found some diced chorizo sausage and chicken chunks mixed with cheddar cheese and a layer of creamy mashed potatoes. Although I would really say that the portion was really debatable (talk about French cuisine), the least I derived from this set was a combination of comfort food in one place.


The Typhoon Bloom (S$15.90) was described as “hand-cut, fresh onion strings” in the menu, but it turned out that I was presented with a mountain of onion rings.

I was okay with the flavours of their special seasoning to the food, but fretted upon the portion of onion rings. Strangely, the portion could be easily conquered by two persons if they came in strings, but just seemed overwhelming when served chunky. Not cool, because I was still confused over my degree of liking (or disliking) towards it.

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The main course of the tasting menu was their AusKobe F1 Wagyu Tri-tip with a marble score of 4~5, served with smooth mashed potatoes (pomme puree in fancy terms), burnt shallots and smoked Eryngii mushrooms by the side.

The beef was done medium-rare, and had salt sprinkled over it. Enjoyed with the sauce which had some notes of berries within, the steak tasted delicious to me, with the right amount of fat inside. I was only short of a glass of red wine to pair with this cut.

On the whole, I would not say that the steak was exceptional. Neither would I want to lie that the serving portion was substantial. However, what I wanted to acknowledge was that this was a tasting menu which allowed diners to try out the cuisine here that mainly comprised beef, and on the whole Fat Belly had done well. Diners ought to try their revamped tasting menu at least once to be convinced.



Nope, not pork or chicken Char Siew, but flame-grilled beef rib fingers (the meat between the ribs) that were sufficiently charred and sliced before laying them on kale.

Apparently, this was the only returning favourite from the previous tasting menu. I guessed it had something to do with the fact that the dish was well-executed with a smoky finish, so each slice carried a nice proportion of lean meat and fat, so there were many dimensions to this dish. The kale was more than just a decorative touch, as consuming it together with the char siew helped to bring out the complexities of the flavours even more.



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