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Bubble / Fruit Tea

Bubble / Fruit Tea

Featuring habitat by honestbee, MuYoo (Raffles City), Seoi Gor Cafe, R&B Tea (Marina Square), Fruce, PARTEA (Suntec City), LiHO (Bugis+), TP Tea (Changi Airport Terminal 2), Cafe Pal, Bober Tea
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim
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It's Just Peachy with Rose Cloud
Winter White Grape with Cheese Cloud

I personally prefer cheese cloud (salted) while the boyf prefers rose cloud (sweet). Winter white grape has a nice aroma while retaining the taste of tea while the peachy drink reminds me of pink dolphin but the boyf denies.

1-for-1 Beverage with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P. $5.50 Each)

Oolong Tea with Cheese 》$5.50

The addictive cheese foam is salty and paired perfectly with their fragrant oolong tea 😍 I'll definitely revisit but not as frequent as the price is on the high side.

Visted Heytea on a weekday afternoon and there was no queue! ✌

Lemon-Lime Calpis 》$5.50/12oz + $1 Konjac Jelly

Lemon lime calpis was ok but I guess my choice to add konjac jelly was wrong. The konjac jelly came with a weird smell/taste, like its being caramelised or something?

😩 *Sigh* when I saw how the drink was being prepared in 3 layers.

Golden Bubble + 'Brown Sugar' Syrup + Fresh Milk 》$4.10 + $0.60 Golden Bubble

I was expecting the bubbles to be cooked together with brown sugar but I'm wrong. Don't even expect the syrup to be warm coz it was poured from a squeeze sauce bottle *2nd sigh* 😩😩 The experience got worse when they shake (mix) my drink before it reaches my hand. It looks like a cup of iced coffee with pearls. There goes my photo of pretty brown sugar swirls *BIG SIGH* 😩😩😩😩

I didn't have the chance to take a sip of the plain fresh milk/brown sugar base after everything was mixed up upon collection. The overall beverage taste like gula melaka milk. It has that very strong gula melaka (palm sugar) instead of brown sugar taste which I didn't like. For the priced paid for this drink, I think I would just stick to KOI milk tea and skip their 'brown sugar' series.

Brown Sugar Pearls + Fresh Milk 》$3.80/Medium

R&B is now in Singpost Centre to join the competitive bubble tea business in Paya Lebar. Yay to finally able to get my brown sugar boba milk on a weekday. I’m really loving their chewy soft and not-so-sweet warm brown sugar pearls.

The best way to enjoy this drink is to first dip the straw right to the bottom & enjoy the warm brown sugar lava and boba (pearls) before giving it a good stir & taste the perfect pairing of fresh milk and brown sugar boba.

📍 SingPost Centre | #01-33

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Tie Guan Yin Tea Latte
A bittersweet beverage with a combination of milk creamy texture and tea 》$4.60

Pearl Milk Tea
TP Tea uses cane sugar hence their beverages are not too sweet. With the usual sugar % that I usually order, it feels like I just ordered 1-2  tier lower sugar level over here. Flavor wise… I feel it’s lacking the tea flavor but nonetheless still a good quick fix around the airport 》$3.90

Seoi Gor uses milk tea instead of the usual fresh milk combination. It comes with nice and warm chewy pearls too. If only it could be a tad less sweet by reducing the sugar used in milk tea 》$2.80

Another drink to try would be 'Black and White' which has a malty combination of Horlick and Milo that cost $2.90.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @seoigorcafe.sg for hosting.


This tastes like... Y A K U L T.

I like how their bubble tea carrier is different from others and it's reusable. You can try to be interactive by popping them a question and they would give you an answer on your drink 》$4.20/Medium + $0.70 Cold Crystal


Seasonal Flavour 》$2.90 + Chrysanthemum Pearls $0.80 (medium)

This seasonal drink is a hit on the menu. I liked how this milk drink doesn't turn out too 'thick' unlike other types of milk tea elsewhere. I can see myself being a loyal fan of playmade because their pearls just have the right chewy texture. My jaws doesn't feel tired from chewing.

Playmade are known for their flavoured pearls which are made inhouse daily with natural ingredients without the use of addictives and colourings. If you are lucky enough, you can even catch the staff whipping up some. They currently have pearls in Pink Cactus, Black Sesame, Burnt Caramel and a seasonal flavour - Chrysanthemum.

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