Bubble / Fruit Tea 🥤

Bubble / Fruit Tea 🥤

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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

A hidden gem located within City Gate serving up bbt with tea leaves sourced from Taiwan and brewed with a teapresso machine. The tea has a strong floral scent with the natural mellow taste of oolong tea. The milk tea was more on the milky side and would be better if it has a stronger taste of tea while the osmanthus oolong is something light and refreshing. Topped it off with their plum jelly for something refreshing that is also rich in fibre and antioxidants

Roasted Oolong Milk Tea 》$3.10 + $0.80 White Pearl
Osmanthus Oolong 》$3.50 + $0.80 Plum Jelly

Healthy bubble tea with kombucha. Ordered this lemongrass kombucha to try since it was one of their bestsellers. This fermented tea is an aromatic wellness drink with lemon-like herbal notes. It also contains probiotics that aid in digestion. Sugar levels are customisable and advised to go with reduced sugar. Not forgetting to get their crunchy chestnut pearls that attract me back here in such a short period of time 》$4.80 + $0.80 Chestnut Pearls

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Hojicha fans would love this! A combination of matcha and roasted brown rice just gives a strong earthy and milky flavour. I'm sold after taking a sip 😍 Add chestnut pearls for some crunch that is healthier and something different compared to the usual chewy tapioca pearls found in bbt. The chestnut pearls are similar to those Thai red rubies except it's not red and dye with blue pea colouring 》$4.60 + $0.80 Chestnut Pearls


Fruity infusion with passion fruit notes and a citrusy finish. A very refreshing beverage with citrus freshness while still staying sweet with chunks of fruit flesh. Added some mochi kurano for some soft and chewy bite 》$5.70 (large) + $0.80 Mochi Kurano

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Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta
Ice blended with sweet and juicy strawberries and milk then laden with their smooth and sweet panna cotta. This creamy drink is a well-balanced creation with a silky taste, just like a drinkable dessert. It is recommended to consume this within 30mins and the ice/sugar level is fixed 》$8.50

Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta
This is prepared with ice blended black tea then mellowed in flavour from the addition of milk and sugar. The tea has a strong and robust flavour while the smooth panna cotta is already sweet on its own. The bitter aftertaste from the black tea complemented well with the sweetness from panna cotta. The sugar level is customisable but ice is fixed 》$7.50


This will appeal to black sesame lovers. If you love black sesame paste, you would probably love this too. It is basically a concoction of fragrant black sesame paste with fresh milk. I only wished that the black sesame could be thicker or maybe I am too used to a thick paste as compared to this which is more watery due to the ratio of milk to sesame 》$4.80

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Citrus Honey + Lemon + Passion Fruit + Honey Jelly + Sparkling Water 》$6.80

The citrus c is a refreshing drink that resembles a fizzy lemonade with a bit of sourness from the citrus honey and passion fruit.

Honeymill serves freshly made 100% pure honey drinks made by a robotic honey drink crafter. The drink was prepared by the robot by pouring honey and toppings, adding water, stirring, adding ice and sealing the cup. This would also mean there are better hygiene and precision. The entire process takes about 1-2mins and it begins with a simple press of a button right from the register.

Cheezo Tea is one of HEYTEA’s signature drinks - a classic tea base topped with bold and smooth Cheezo that provides a distinct taste.

This cheezo king fone is basically oolong tea with a layer of cheese foam on top. This can be drunk without a straw to taste the cheese foam first. The cheese had a very tasty umami flavour that was quite addictive. I mixed the cheese foam and tea towards the end and drank it with a straw which resulted in a flavourful milk tea. Add bobo pops (konjac/white pearls) if you want some texture or something to chew on the go 》$5.50 + $0.60 Bobo Pops

Premium Valrhona cocoa imported from France is mixed into fresh milk for a creamy indulgence 》$4.80

This comes with a pure, rich, intense and addictive cocoa taste as it uses premium Valrhona cocoa. I got it with 25% sugar as recommended by the staff and felt that I can even get it at 0% probably coz I ordered it without ice and there is nothing to dilute it.

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Japanese matcha powder from a century-year-old brand gives a unique and velvety consistency. A perfect balance of slightly bitter matcha and creamy fresh milk. I like to have mine without ice so as not to dilute the milk unless I am finishing it within 30mins upon purchase 》$5.60

I love their fresh milk series and the use of pure/natural ingredients with velvety smooth fresh milk. They use fresh milk from greenfields and there is no sugar level for this drink - you know how natural (sweet and earthy) this is with just matcha and fresh milk.

They offer a variety of flavoured pearls and it rotates on a daily basis. Aside from that, they have honey pearls that are available daily. We tried their oolong and earl grey rock salt macchiato and loved them. The teas are fragrant and aromatic while the foam on top is creamy and salty.

The Belgium cocoa latte is very rich and chocolatey. While it was good but it may get a little too heavy on the stomach especially after having this after a meal.

Oolong Rock Salt Macchiato 》$3.20 + $0.70 Honey Pearls

Belgium Cocoa Latte 》$4.20

Earl Grey Rock Salt Macchiato 》$3.20 + $0.70 Honey Pearls


Tea freshly brewed to order with a teapresso machine, retaining its natural flavour. I found these teas to be light and refreshing, good as a thirst quencher on a hot day. 

The Pear High Mountain Oolong has a light and aromatic Oolong to complement the fragrant Williams pear puree. It has robust and forward tea notes with a balance between the tartness of the pear puree and the flavour of tea (U.P. $6.30)

The Soursop Sencha has a sweet, sour and creamy taste with earthy flavours of sencha. Comes with bits of plump and juicy soursop (U.P. $6.60)

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% off 2 Drinks ✌

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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