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Featuring PS.Cafe (Harding Road), Timbre (Gillman Barracks), Joo Mak Korean Restaurant (Beauty World Centre), Lei Garden Restaurant (CHIJMES), Marina Bay Sands, Da Paolo Bistro Bar (Rochester Park), Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant (Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel), KYUU By Shunsui, Pizza Maru, Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint)
Kenny Ter
Kenny Ter
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individual components were not unique or what but all of them came together to form a hearty meal. also ordered a side of curly fries to share. taste felt kinda close to a&w imo. so no complaints. hope there will be one near my place soon. no offence but punggol is really ulu to me. lol. 20 per pax. #therostifarm #burpple #sgfood

ordered the kimchi bay with cheese crust which had no kimchi. only found that out after asking the staff. taste was still good. calamari was good. can give the fried chicken a miss though. 22 per pax. #pizzamaru #fs0401 #burpple #sgfood

ordered the basic menu only because on budget. dishes displayed are in the order they were served. ambience was good. pacing of the dishes was very well managed. all the dishes were awesome. however, sauce for eggplant was a tad too sweet for me. and the ikura was overkill. would be good if the the ikura in the first two dishes were replaced by another ingredient. overall, this is my favourite place for omakase so far, not saying i have been to alot. 😂 managed to empty my pockets to avoid staying back to wash the dishes. 158 per pax. #kyuubyshunsui #omakase #ikura #sashimi #kingcrab #burpple #sgfood

ordered the individual platters and some ala carte items. reasonable pricing but taste was kinda generic. had nicer garlic pork and chicken elsewhere. would prefer the sauce to be a tad spicer. a steal if you are going for quantity. 10 per pax. #mookata #heigous #burpple #sgfood

salmon and tuna sashimi. beef. garlic fried rice. prawn and scallop. tempura. taogeh. salmon. lamb. #shimagoodwoodpark #goodwoodparkhotel #teppanyaki #sashimi #powerpluspac #burpple #sgfood

but how have i missed this crab roe shark's fin since our last encounter in macau years ago. no idea how much cos company dinner with client. #leigarden #chijmes #powerpluspac #burpple #sgfood

everything was closed on monday. heard some singing and walked towards timbre. shared a chamomile lychee martini and truffle fries. not nice. can smell the canned syrup even before drinking. no chamomile scent. 15 per pax. #timbremusic #burpple #sgfood

2 sets of the noodles with abalone and drink. springy noodles. nice bak chor. suggest to get the one without abalone if paying normal price. 6.5 per pax with fave app. #jiaxiangkolomee #burpple #sgfood

ordered this half alaskan king crab in their signature sauce, a stir fried beef, a star grouper, a three eggs vege and 2 servings of soup. crab is good. easy to eat as well. beef was damn tender. and heng today there's a promotion for the crab at 99/kg. 90 per pax. #seafoodparadise #paradisegrpsg #alaskankingcrab #reuniondinner2018 #ternoobs #burpple #sgfood