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For Instagram and Tummy

For Instagram and Tummy

This is the list for brunchin places that has delicious food and looks absolutely insta-worthy.
Eris Jang
Eris Jang
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Croissant ($3)
Croissant was very buttery and good, but the the jam that comes with it was bomb👍
Ravioles de Roan ($18)
Very creamy, cheesy, and delicious💕 Would go back for this!
Beef Caparcio ($22)
Honestly, it was good n healthy n all that, but not really worth the money😞 But the raw beef w the cheese tasted great. hahahahha

The place was f-ing cute, chill, french, chic💕💕💕💕💕 Just go😍😍😍

HAHA this place is not local at alllllll.

French Toast ($15)
Was good, but not really a fan of bacon on a french toast so.
Lokal Beef Burger ($25)
It was real good, but quite pricey. Still recommend getting the burger cuz the patty is juicy.
Pimp Your Breakfast ($19)
I guess it was alright, but didn't really think it was worth the money.

Place is packed with people, but it's cozy hehe. Must visit one day!

Big Breakfast ($16)
It was just really meh for me, but the portion was huge. Just too ordinary for me.
Matcha Latte ($6)
It was alright, but nothing wow.

I really regret not ordering a burger instead, my friend said her burger was real good. The place was not so instagrammy but u know haji lane is😏

Forty Hands is one of my fav brunch places, and you'll know why when u visit!

Asian Sliders ($7.50)
Not really my style, but worth a try! I think people who like Singaporean local food will enjoy.
Steak Eggs Benedict ($19)
MY FAV❤ I love everything about this dish except the portion. I wish it was bigger😢 Other than that, the steak is juicy and the potatos taste excellent!
Big Boy Breakfast ($23)
This dish is alright, but I'll rather recommend you to try the egg benedicts.
Latte ($5)
Just. Latte. Tbh.

Note: The place has a real hipster vibe🤘

Butterscotch Banana Pancake ($18.50)
Massive, fluffy, bread-like pancakes with a bit of taste of banana. Let's be honest, how can a banana pancake go wrong w ice cream and maple syrup???? I love this dish, but later on you kinda get bored of the sweetness, but absolutely give it a try! 🥞💕
Note: The place is really packed, so no chill vibez. The place is kinda cute, but hard to take photos cuz there's a lot of people there on weekends😉

All Day Breakfast Waffles Set ($15.80)
Did take-out, so it looks a bit different from how it serves when you dine in. The waffles tasted more like a really soft bread. The eggs were good, loved the cheese sausage, but the bacons were a bit too salty for me. Good when you're going for a cute lil breakfast, but may be a bit too small for brunch. Also, the place looked very cozy and minimal💕

I loved the vibe of the place and ofc the bread😉 The Kouginn Amann ($3.50) was very crispy and sweet. Also, yea try it w the jam too hehe. Mushroom&brie ($8.50) was alright. It's better to just order normal bread rather than a sandwich. The latte ($5.50) was not so good, but I will definitely come back to this place cuz of the Kouginn Amann and all the other bread that I couldn't try!

This dish and Eggs&Toast ($10) with no add ons. The egg was really meh, I mean it was ok, but the croissant was to die !!!! It was crispy and smooth at the same time. Seriously. Just. Go. For. The. Croissant. Also, the place looked really modern n chic hehe.

This french toast in DON HO is v v delicious, and the service was outstandingly good. The french toast ($22) was moist in the inside but crunchy outside, which is perfection! However, after several bites you might feel like its a bit too greasy. The cafe looks real cute w all the flamingos tho!

The service was great and the muffcakes tasted so good! The berries and the icecream went very well with the cake. It is $23, and considered a very affordable price compared to the massive dish! I think it serves for 2 people ! Also, the place was very very chill and cute.