Level up from their Short Rib bowl by adding some foie gras. A generous portion of beef slices, with a gorgeous onsen egg in the middle and a pretty decent portion of foie gras as well! Felt the marinade of the beef slices was nicer at Waa Cow. Guess it is inevitable to compare the two since they’re so close to each other.


Did you know that food photography can improve your health?! When your food is naturally colorful and photogenic, it is likely that what you’re eating is packed with a variety of nutrients. So stoked to finally try the Rainbow bowl from TBB, with a base of fragrant brown & wild rice, topped with spicy pineapple kimchi, radish sprouts, purple potato crisps and an organic poached egg. They even slipped in some red shiso leaves that added a touch of herb flavors to the bowl. An explosion of aromas in my mouth and a super satisfying lunch.


Their Chinese-fusion style is present in each item, such as this Salmon Yusheng bowl ($20). I would say that it looked quite the part, with salmon sashimi cubes, complete with shredded carrot, radish and those addictive crackers. Unfortunately I felt that the ingredients were rather dry on top of the Japanese rice, and it was strange that flavours emerged only when I was reaching the bottom of my bowl, where I also discovered a burst onsen egg whose presence I didn't know of till the end. I would recommend going with the Black Pepper Wagyu Bowl ($22), which featured juicy, tasty chunks of beef. #burpple

A generous portion of salmon, tuna and hamachi marinated in a flavourful sauce that was just right, topped with tobiko, ikura and tempura crisps for an added crunch. #burpple #japanese

It took some time for our food to be served, but this was certainly worth the wait! The charcoal-grilled chicken had a smokey flavour without being overly charred, and was surprisingly tender and juicy! The Teriyaki Steak Don ($14.90) on the other hand was rather tough and chewy. All dishes came paired with a beautifully wobbly onsen egg.

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Finally had a chance to try their poké bowls which were sooo good. The Yuzu Bliss ($7.45 after discount) was hands-down my favorite, especially with the tea-infused rice at the Pasarbella outlet, and we always never fail to order the Sunkissed Salmon ($8.45 after discount). #burpple

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Not that much more expensive than Yoshinoya, but you get incredible value in this bowl! Perfectly marinated slices of beef that are delightfully tender. The juice literally drips into the rice, coating it with flavor and every mouthful packs a punch. The portion of beef is super generous, and despite the bowl looking small, you are almost certain to be satiated when you reach the end of it.

While the slabs of tender, grilled pork were meant to be the highlight of the bowl (and they were certainly delicious), what stole the show for me was the fragrant mound of rice beneath it, marinated in a piquant garlic sauce and mixed in with egg yolk. Help yourself to the free-flow salad bar, and I especially liked the lotus root salad! Come by in the month of Jan for 15% off with Burpple 😉

Newly opened place for rice bowls, there are so many around nowadays that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Though it cost a pretty penny, I was happy to pay the price for a generous slab of salmon that was fork-tender, with a perfectly wobbly onsen egg on the side. Quite similar to Waa Cow, though I would say that the portion here is bigger, while I preferred the doneness of the salmon at the former. Guess it depends on what you’re going for!

Always loved their food, and once again they didn't disappoint :) @lunarcoffeebrewers serves a variety of #fusion #ricebowls, but we went straight for the Miso Nori #Salmon #Soba ($14.50). A generously portioned poached salmon sat atop a tasty marinated soba base topped with a delicious seasoning and in-house miso nori butter. A perfect #onsenegg and pickled ginger sealed the deal. Such a perfect blend of flavors! #burpple


Bite-sized *burps* on the go. More foodporn on the blog ;) IG: xuannykelly

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