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Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier

Considering the affordable price point of this Tiger Sugar Pearl Milk Tea of $2.80 in comparison other brown sugar drinks, this is surely a worthy contender. Unlike the usual fresh milk variants, I was initially worried that because milk tea already has a prominent taste of its own, the brown sugar sauce and boba wouldn't come off as strong - boy could I be more wrong! The brown sugar flavour is still prominent after mixing, contributing to an otherwise sweeter taste that manages not to feel like too much. The pearls are beautifully soft and chewy and jam-packed with much brown sugariness for me to enjoy fully! Definitely see myself returning for more next time! πŸ˜‹


Where the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (700ml $4.80) lacks is in the taste of the brown sugar; the milk is evidently the stronger component of the drink after mixing. That said, the pearls manage to keep me sipping on with their lovely soft and chewy texture as well as prominent brown sugar flavour and sweetness. πŸ˜‹

At Bober, the menu extends beyond your typical bubble tea options, including creative infusions and fruit teas. I had the Matcha Strawberry Latte (500ml $4.90) which surprisingly infuses quite nicely; love the strawberry milk although it overpowers the matcha which in turn reduces the sweetness, producing a very mild bitter-ish aftertaste. I personally thought this is fine, but matcha evangelists should be on high alert when considering this.

For a non-milk option, I tried the Supreme Fruit Burst Red Tea (1000ml $7.20) which is ideal for our hot weather and perhaps a healthier option to consider; the use of fresh fruits not only provides some refreshingness, but the inclusion of real strawberries, watermelon, passionfruit seeds and so on makes this quite a healthy snack as well.

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Despite having tried a couple other Brown Sugar Boba Milk drinks from different bubble tea stalls around Singapore, R&B's still stands unmatched with its generous helping of brown sugar pearls and syrup that do not ultimately get lost in translation, but rather mixes in well with the white milk to have just enough brown sugar to taste and an overall un-overwhelming sweeness.

This time, they add yet another popular topping to the drink - cheese brulee, which is pretty much the now common cheese sauce in drinks but blowtorched at the surface. As much as I love cheese, I tend to find it hard to appreciate the topping in general because never seems to blend well with the drink. That said, R&B somehow manages to concoct a brulee cheese sauce that fuses its savoury flavour nicely with the sweetness of the brown sugar fresh milk. At $4.80 per cup ($5.80 at Shoppes at MBS), I would say it's worth treating yourself with the indulgent topping once in a while, even though the standard Brown Sugar Boba Milk should already more than suffice. πŸ‘πŸ»


I gave the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk ($3.90) a try and I must say it's quite flavourful, leaning towards a sweeter note, so you might want to consider a lower sugar level if you're not much of a sweet tooth. Would prefer a softer but still chewy texture for the pearls though, but otherwise pretty ideal especially for a warm day or an indulgent treat! 🀀

Thinking about the Seven Spice Chai ($6) I had at Fifty50 some time back. Definitely one of the more memorable chai lattes I've had with a fairly strong kick of cinnamon which also brings out some sweetness, among other spices, for an aromatic beverage that does not fall short on flavour. Haven't exactly had better since. Plus I got to watch the barista work on the latte art and I have nothing but mad respect for such creative and talented people. πŸ™

This was part of a hosted meal at @fifty50sg.

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Under the Cheese Cloud Fruit Tea section, the Winter White Grape ($5.50 for L size) seemed to call out to me the most, simply because I can't resist grape flavoured or infused drinks, for reasons even I have no clue as to why. πŸ€ͺ

I quite enjoyed this! Tastes like a more natural and refreshing version of the Qoo drink, and less sweet as well, while the cheese foam provides a salty-savoury balance to the drink. Sounds really hefty for a takeaway drink, but this fruit tea is made with fresh and premium ingredients to benefit a healthier you without taking away the joys of fruit teas! Plus, the large size is really tall and makes for a very ideal thirst quencher - sharing highly recommended otherwise!

#MuYooSG #NurturedByNature

Part of a collaborative effort with Taiwanese beauty tea brand Grassphere, with which interesting and beautiful flavours (on daily rotation) are on offer, such as the Butterfly Pea and Grapefruit Tea (image 1, $4) which, when mixed well together, has a light, slightly sour but really refreshing taste.

Thank you to the folks at Juice Paradise for hosting!


The Purple Potato + Pumpkin ($3.90) reminds me somewhat of the purple potato kitkat with a natural touch of sweetness. There are generous bits of purple potato and pumpkin that provide a textural contrast to the drink, giving a bit of a bite with every sip.


The Big Bang ($5.50) comprises (from top to bottom) of dragonfruit, honeydew, and blue pea flower and guava. With a smoothie-like texture, the fruits interestingly come together to give a rather muted yet refreshing taste. If you're not a fan of sweeter fruit juices, this might be your go-to option.

I got my juice at this year's Artbox, but @thejuicyway has its own branch at Mandai Link.

Using Matchaya's very own powder, The Masses presents a series of Milk Teas consisting of the flavours Matcha ($5 hot/$7 cold), Hōjicha ($5/6), Royal Milk Tea ($5/6) and Kinako ($5/6). Gave the Matcha, Hōjicha and Kinako Milk Teas a go, and they are all really robust in their respective flavours despite the seemingly high milk content. The strong yet not overwhelmingly bitter Matcha Milk Tea is the winner of the lot for me, and I would say it's probably one of the most impressionable matcha-infused drinks I've had in a really long while, and might even be my return drink for future visits. The Kinako Milk Tea would be even lovelier with more kick, but that's just me because I love my kinako notes to come off strong. πŸ˜…

The Masses Gin & Brunch menu is available on weekends, so mark down your weekend brunch plan for this week or the next on your calendar, because it's going to contribute to a well-deserved and pleasant weekend ahead of you. 😁

Shoutout and many thanks to @themassessg for hosting, and happy anniversary! πŸ‘Š


Presented in a resealable plastic bag, I personally quite enjoyed the Taiwanese milk tea, but there's nothing too spectacular about its taste that seemsVisited Chu Tang to try their Milk Tea ($4.90) which is currently on a 1-for-1 promotion.

Presented in a resealable plastic bag, I personally quite enjoyed the mildly sweet Taiwanese milk tea, but there's nothing too spectacular about its taste that seems to justify the rather hefty price tag. There's definitely more volume to the drink due to the absence of ice though.

Maybe I need more 1-for-1's to return for the milk tea, but I am keen to give their sandwiches a go! 🀀 to justify the rather hefty price tag. There's definitely more volume to the drink due to the absence of ice though.

Maybe I need more 1-for-1's to return for the milk tea, but I am keen to give their sandwiches a go! 🀀

The weirdo in me loves pei pa kao (herbal mint) and when my eyes caught the attention of Herbal Mint Milk Tea ($3.80, regular) at Woobbee, I did not hesitate to have it!

Taste wise, it is the real deal; imagine a cold milk tea that is very confusing to the throat because it feels as though the cold beverage is attempting to soothe your throat due to the refreshing minty flavour of the pei pa kao. This is quite a trippy drink to my tastebuds, but I really like it!

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