Nice cute local cafe. Bright yellow color abs right at the entrance at vivo city, so you can't miss it.

I ordered the kopi oh dessert and was okay for $1.50.
Also ordered the lychee tea, which was good to taste but too expensive for $5.

Overall a generous 4 star

Farmer's sausage platter with mashed potatoes and beet salad. Pairs well with their German beers.

Beautiful to look at, great to drink.

Almond was a great twist to the iced coffee ☕.

I highly recommend this place for lunch.

Staff has some attitude, you have been warned.

Overall 4 on 5.

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Burpple 1 for 1 here. Fantastic lunch option.

Sausage was Amazing and perfect portion size.

Staff has some attitude but that should not stop you from trying good here.

Overall 4 on 5

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Half-rack of smoky sweet Kansas-BBQ ribs. If you like classic ribs in BBQ sauce, this will be one down your alley. The succulent meat has a smoky flavour with sweetness and at the edges, comes with a caramelised char on the exterior. Apparently the newest flavour in their collection. Ain't a born rib lover, in fact only started having it a few years back, but I liked that the meat wasn't dry. For flavours, I preferred the other more savoury flavour - Asian spicy.
Glad to finally tick the ribs from this place off my list, after hearing so much about it. $27.90 for half and 2 sides, which is enough for 2 in my opinion. Must try the corn bread as well. Bottom line: good place if you want a rib fix. Better than another known chain T that's been around.

Finally, caught the mutton biryani from Rekzi Allah Indian Muslim Food stall after 3 tries! Not only do they sell biryanis, they have a variety of pratas too.

Helmed as the biryani specialist, I managed to try both the chicken and
mutton biryanis on separate occasions. While the chicken biryani ($5) was really worth the price for the half chicken given, I preferred the diced mutton version for its tender meat cooked in the flavorful rendang. But the mutton had a slight gamey taste that not all may be able to accept.

The colourful basmati rice that's commonly used for biryanis, comes naturally with a Pandan-like aroma and here, spice-infused with cloves and curry leaves. Its moist texture was further enhanced by the drenching of mutton rendang. Try the bowl of curry by the side for more spicy kick! Don't belittle it's spiciness, which left my tongue burning.

As for all biryani sets, some green cucumbers and pineapples are provided at the side for cleansing of the palate, a chili coated hard boiled egg and a piece of Papadum. Papadum is my other favorite Indian snack besides muruku. Sink your teeth into this thin, disc-shaped snack made of black gram flour to enjoy the flavour from a blend of spices!

📍Rekzi Allah Indian Muslim Food, Seah Im Food Centre, #01-42
🕐 430/5am to 11pm, daily


If you've ever wondered what the lunchtime crowds at this stall are queing for, this is it — Farasha's Nasi Goreng Ayam ($5.50). The big and meaty fried chicken drumstick sports what Tastemaker Jason Wong describes to be "crackling crispy skin", and is served atop a pillow of fragrant fried rice. If you're not too worried about breaking a sweat, ladle on the fiery sambal pedas chilli on the side — spicy but so addictive. This is hearty eating at its finest, and well worth the queue. Alternatively, take Tastemaker Jason's cue and swing by for dinner, when the waiting time is a lot more manageable.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jason Wong

This curry rice stall takes the route of a lighter curry gravy, which isn't always preferred when it comes to the indulgent Hainanese stalwart. But as Tastemaker Ice Blossom discovered, the dish that draws the crowd is actually the Assam Fish ($3.50 with curry rice), mackerel fillet in zesty assam gravy. She deems the sizeable slab they serve to be "fresh and sweet, with a great firm succulent texture.", so it's no wonder this is one of their top sellers. To keep it from getting muddled up with curry sauce, the fish is typically served in a separate dish.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Ice Blossom

The perpetual crowd spotted at this Muslim-owned stall is proof of its prowess, found in a killer plate of Ayam Penyet ($3.50). Here's why you should join the queue for it: scrumptious flavoured rice piled on with a golden deep-fried chicken leg, smothered in red hot sambal. Tastemaker Amanda Liu warns of the sambal’s fiery, sweat-inducing effects, so consider asking for it on the side instead. Besides the winning qualities of that aromatic rice and juicy, crispy-skinned chicken, the free-flow crunchy batter crumbs are what seal the deal and make up the "uber addictive element", as Tastemaker Julius Lim puts it.
Avg Price: $5 per person.
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

$8 / ppax

Great Salmon, amazing portion. Ate at Fish Eden

Comes with Miso soup, small egg and rice. Don't forget to take fried onions from the counter (free flow)

Pro tip: Flash Passion card for 10% discount

I loved it. Will definitely visit again!!