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Ka Ling
Ka Ling

Sydney must try - Mary’s burger ($17) with trashcan bacon ($4). So good!! Indeed David Chang’s recommendation was spot right.

The meat patty was just juicy and generously coated with melty oozy cheese. So good! The burger bun was nicely fried and had a good amount of butter. And the Mary’s sauce made sure the burger wasn’t too dry. Comes with fries, which are probably frozen. The soggy ones are not too bad.

The location might be hard to find as there wasn’t a restaurant sign. But don’t dismiss it! Check out photos from google to find it. Definitely a gem. #sydney #marysburger #newtown #burger #drklingeats

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If I would eat another thing again at @vividsydney , that’ll be #lechonfries from @mateburger

Delicious Philippine style fries with crispy pork skin and juicy pork sliced. The skinny fries are well fried and had a good amount of potato in them! The mayo, spring onion and chili also gave the fries a nice kick when you bit into them! For $15 it’s a good amount to share! #sydney #drklingeats #loadedfries

Veggie and cheese and beef gozleme from the Turkish Gozleme at the rocks. The line was very long and made me very curious of the hype. It was worth it!

For $10 you get this giant Turkish flatbread filled with veggies and cheese and flavorful minced beef. Strangely it’s only $9.50 for the vegetarian version without beef. The crust is thin and has a nice crisp. #latergram #turkishgozlemeattherocks #sydney #therocksfridayfoodiesmarket

I’ve succumbed to laksa in Sydney! Seeing it in Thai, Chinese, southeast Asian, so many different restaurants, I’ve finally ventured to try it at Spice Alley’s Alex Lee’s kitchen. It’s curry bee hoon though, with delicious fried pork! Very nice curry with generous serving of rice vermicelli enough for two. Not laksa but good.

not sure why they have to serve it in plastic disposable bowls. Be prepared as the curry will splash, white is not recommended. The fish goes for about $14AUD. I recommend it for someone looking for a hot bowl of noodles. Also available with chicken, vege or beef. #latergram #laksainsydney #drklingeats

I’ve finally experience the Zumbo! All the hype from friends and the Netflix show. The markytime dessert is definitely not for me. The chocolate and biscuit outer crust was a delight, albeit a little sweet. And the inside was a milk custard with a tasty biscuit crust at the bottom. The dessert definitely gets quite messy while eating it.

I’m not a fan of milk, so that’s why the dessert is a 3.5⭐️ for me. My hubby enjoyed it a lot though. Definitely ration the chocolate biscuit bits to eat with the milk custard! I can’t remember the exact price of the dessert but it was around 8AUD. #latergram #zumbo #desserts #drklingeats

Truffle and quail cold ramen from Chaco Bar at Sydney. Braving an hour wait to enjoy the Monday night only ramen night, I got the cold ramen even though it was rather chilly outside.

The truffle and quail egg combination was definitely worth it! Exquisite smell and taste of umami from truffle in the soup! The novel addition of quail eggs and cold cut meats to ramen was a delight as well. And my all time favorite QQ noodles. This was well worth the 20AUD. I must say that beer was not a good pairing with ramen. And I wasn’t a fan of their gyoza sadly.. #latergram #sydney #coldramen #chacobarsydney

Pad Thai with wok hei! From the delicious local chain Chat Thai. All for just 12AUD, you get enough caramelised noodles and tender chicken to feed two.

Haven’t had this good a pad Thai for a long time! Went to the branch at Thai Town for lunch. Will be back again! #thaifood #sydney #latergram #drklingeats

Try the dulce de leche before it runs out!

@gelatomessina has another special this week that has the Mexican dessert in gelato form. It’s rather soft as a gelato, great for eating in cold weather like now so it doesn’t melt too quickly. If you like milk, this definitely is your choice for the week!

Ask for a taste if you’re not sure :) one scoop goes for 4.80aud, two scoops for 6.80aud and no extra cost for cones!! Tried out the Messina branch at newtown this week! Totally digging it. #latergram #sydney #gelato #drklingeats

Greek style gyros with fusion toppings from @birdandewe. This is a southern fried chicken style karaage cubes with lots of pickled Korean style vegetables.

I would say this a rather balanced meal, and good enough for two! A little difficult to handle because of the generosity of ingredients and lack of sitting area to properly make use of utensils, but just arm yourself with more napkins and the mess is definitely worried it!! Juicy meat and nice crunchy batter that is not too thick.

5⭐️😋 for flavor and execution! At the Carriageworks farmer’s market every Saturday (so far). A short wait of maybe 10 minutes. Definitely go for it if you’re there for groceries! #foodtruck #sydney #carriageworksfarmersmarket #bird&ewe #drklingeats #greekflatbreadfusion

Best burger I’ve had since the US.. from a popular chain @burgerproject was surprisingly very good!

Just simple cheese burger (10aud) with added bacon (2aud) and salted fries (3.90aud). The delicious melted cheese that coats the patty generously was definitely the key to my heart. The meat was tender and moist with good flavor. The fresh veggie with tomatoes and lettuce gave crisp texture to the burger. The bun was a little skinny for my liking but was nicely toasted and held well even with the runny cheese and patty. The fries had a good crisp and lots of potato.

#latergram #sydney #burgerofmydreams #drklingeats

Sparrow’s Mill has this motto “ICG - incredible chicken good”. The long queue and busy crowd raised my expecktations but sadly the chicken didn’t meat it.

My husband and I got a half chicken of Sniw cheese flavor. The cheese was fake powder and disappointingly flooded the relatively decent batter. Also the chicken meat was mostly dry, aside from the drum and wing. Overall, I’m not a fan and won’t come back to try the other flavors either. Definitely don’t bother with the snow cheese flavor. And the fact you can’t choose dark or white meat is a turn off for me as well. 2⭐️

#latergram #koreanfriedchicken #sydney #icg #drklingeats

Peanut party @gelatomessina

Special flavor so it’s already gone this week.. 5😋

candied peanuts in peanut gelato with chocolate chip. Love the peanut flavors at Gelato Messina. It’s not too sweet and I love how there’s good crunch in the gelato from the candied peanuts!! Cone also comes at no extra cost.

There’s no proper line at the circular quay branch, so just be sure to catch the eye of the servers, try your flavors quickly and make your order! One scoop at $4.80 and two for $6.80. Definitely my favorite in Sydney! #latergram #gelatomessina #sydney #drklingeats #gelato

Ka Ling

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