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Wrigg Linggg
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But even more salted egg goodness lies underneath in the form of salted egg fried rice (last pic). The wok hei is strong with this one!

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While it doesn't look like a Krabby Patty, but it certainly tasted as good as one! The sunny side egg was also a nice touch.
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This is my 2nd visit to Creatures, and I had the Babi Pongteh this time round.

The slow-cooked pork belly just melted in my mouth and the gravy was the best thing to pair the fragrant white rice with 😋 Just like my 1st visit, I left the place knowing that I need to come back for more!

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Check out the overflowing gooey charsiew in the next pic.

If Tim Ho Wan's buns are worth 1 Michelin Star, Victor's Kitchen's should be worth at least half a star 🤔

I'm more of a lobster person rather than a porridge person. But this lobster porridge came highly recommended so why not?

Firstly the service at Wan He Lou was superb! The waiter helped to scoop up bowls of steaming hot porridge in a blink of the eye; hence I wasn't able to get a shot of the dish in its entirety... Now moving on to the food: the porridge wasn't overcooked, the lobster was fresh. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the broth.

I don't know what magic the kitchen conjured, but it was the best lobster soup I ever has. Every spoonful was full of umami and I literally finished the entire bowl of soup which was a feat for my small stomach. So if you are looking for some lobster soup for the soul, look no futher.

After this visit, I might just become a regular.

Being the cheesecake lover that am, I tried the brownie cheesecake first and it was a heavenly combination of cheese, cream and chocolate. So sinful but so so good too.

Next up was the Lava Cookie that I ordered to satisfy my chocolate cravings. It's not very clear from my photo but the cookie was oozing choclate goodness with very bite. It was worth every single calorie :)

Or maybe it has been there for a while but I'm just a suaku. Nonetheless, being the sucker that I am, I just had to join the queue and try it.
And so this is a steaming hot bowl of clam goodness! The truffle really came through because of how light the clam-infused broth was. Perfect for those who find the full - flavoured creaminess of the typical tonkotsu broth too much to handle.

It has been a loong looong time since I went for a buffet. But I decided to try stretching my stomach one more time with a buffet at Hilton Singapore before I turned even older.

For the savouries, I think their best dish was the laksa and the Soft Pork Curry Bun. It had a nice spread of floss on top and I'm a sucker for floss so yea.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly the dessert section. I'm a huge chocolate fan so I just went crazy attacking their chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate tarts, chocolate cookies and most importantly the Lemon Chocolate Fondue. I went into a food coma for about 2 hours after all these but it was all worth it. 🍰🍪🍮🍫

"Frigging hot!" were the first words that came into my mind when I popped one into my mouth. My tongue was burned for a whole 2 days but I had no regrets.

These are balls of gooey flour pair with delicious squid there were grilled / fried to perfection. The teriyaki sauce and the bonito flakes combined to make these balls a very heartwarming dish.

I had the Salted Egg Chicken Pasta so let me focus on that.
It’s my first every salted egg pasta but I have nothing to compare it to. But still I felt that it was pretty well done; the salted egg sauce was blended very well with the pasta. And it was more of a dry sauce rather than the extremely SEY sauce that I have tasted elsewhere. So thankfully it didn’t overpower the pasta and leave you with the need to take a sip of water with every mouthful of pasta.

The pancakes were absolute fluffiness holy mama. It’s that sort of feeling when you are attacked by a litter of golden retriever pups. You will leave the cafe with warmth in your heart and happiness on your face.
But beware though: waiting time can be quite long.

Firstly the savouries: my fav was the Signature Mini Chicken & Bacon Pie. There was a hint of sweetness in the filling and the crust was really really soft and fluffeh.
Next the sweets: my fav was the Salted Caramel but that’s probably I’m biased towards caramel. For those of you looking for more unique flavours, try the Kaya Pandan or the Ispahan (I tasted rose and lychee).

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