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Snap Food Ventures

Join me on my food ventures with SnapCoin’s marketing and photography team. Everything that is featured here are merchants listed with us on our mobile app, SnapCoin, and will have some sort of discount featured with us.
Elyssa Tay
Elyssa Tay

This simple dish took me by surprise with a slight char, slight crisp and yet tender and juicy on the inside.

This was served with some salad and potato cubes topped with bacon bits on the side. But how this differs from the rest that I’ve had is the sauce that it’s served with - curry (and it wasn’t those thick and gelat kind). Interesting take and taste but wouldn’t mind having this again only if I’m in the area.

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Featured broth above:
Collagen, Mushroom, Chong qing beef ma la and Tomato. Personal fav has definitely got to be the collagen and mala base soups - nice to go along with specific dishes.

As for the dishes, I would specially recommend the spicy pork chuan chuan, meatball platter (these are even better when cooked in the mala broth trust me on this). Others worth ordering are the meat platter and seafood platter.

I think it’s really cute how it was served with a good play of dry ice smoke and also the dish names 😂 would say portion is of quite a good size and the 5 of us were stuffed at the end of the meal.



There was quite a Nasi Lemak craze which were quite a hit or miss but this was a hit for me.

Taste was authentic with relatively generous servings of chicken chunks, cucumber, egg and even ikan bilis! Would have this again.


This has got to be my ultimate fav from pipe district!

I love how the wings are perfectly fried yet incredibly juicy. I would think that normally the salted egg would end up overpowering the chicken but it isn’t the case for this.

For just $10 for 6 pieces would say this is quite worth its value and would definitely recommend this.

One of the best I’ve tasted by far!
I know it’s different but if I were to compare it with any sio bak I’ve eaten, this is definitely in line to compete for top few!

The menu is of reasonable price and since it’s along the road it’s easy to find.
Super sinful I have to say but I’ll definitely come back specially for this 😅.
Highly recommended!

Review c/o SnapCoin
📸 @brandongoo

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This is one of my favourite by far actually.
It’s made just right and I really like how the exterior was thick enough for me to give it a little bite down before my teeth hits the coconut flakes inside.
Our first reaction to this honestly was: they “hong” it until very 香. Idk if that made sense but will definitely come back for more and recommend this snack if you’re in the area

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📸: @brandongoo

I didn’t know what to expect since it was you know, mee rebus. But this caught me off guard.

The gravy was thick and rich in flavour which I absolutely love. Not only did it came in a generous portion but I really like how it came with the fried fish skin, battered fish fillet and also the crispy wanton, giving it more textures which was great!

Would definitely love to come back again whenever I’m in the area.

📍 283 Tanjong Katong Road, S437066
Operating hours: 11am - 10pm

Review c/o SnapCoin
📸: @brandongoo

If you’re in the area and want food without preservatives then here’s the place to visit cause trust me, it does taste different.

We tried their tteokbokki, noodles and some others but what left the strongest impression on me was what went along with the meals - soup, sides and drinks which honestly tied the meal together a lot more.

📍 PoMo Mall, #01-05

Review c/o SnapCoin
📸: @brandongoo


Documentation of my greedy hunt for food and daily coffee thats worth my calories 📷: @sometenggood

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