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Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

KFC Fried Chicken Tuesday and it’s RM19.90 for 4 pieces of chicken plus 5 tenders! It’s a great deal so remember to visit if you’re in Malaysia on a Tuesday!

We got the brown sugar deerioca milk and it was better than what I had in Singapore! The pearls cooled down and became tough quite quickly but it was still fragrant in flavour 😋

This was quite refreshing but didn’t really deliver all the flavours mentioned in the description. I mainly tasted passion fruit and only started tasting the rest after I deconstructed it and ate it by layer. It was still nice though!

The quesadilla brekkie was really rich as much as it was yummy. It has tom yam scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, sriracha aioli, cilantro and pomegranate so it was very flavourful and unique! I would come back again for this 😋

The cafe latte was quite fragrant and pretty smooth in texture too.

The watermelon mojito was refreshing but quite normal with watermelon juice and mint.

We shared a dark chocolate fudgey brownie which was really like what the name suggests. It wasn’t sweet too, and it went well with a cup of coffee 😌

We got 3 plain and 2 egg pratas for RM7. The plain one was really crispy and light while the egg ones were really dense and had a lot of egg. I don’t like their table cloth hahah, it makes the photo look weird 😂 They have other food such as nasi lemak, nasi padang and roti bakar where many locals eat too!

This is their signature smoked duck bowl (RM31) and I really liked this. The smoked duck was slightly crisp at the sides, flavourful and the fatty parts melted in my mouth 😌 It was a tad salty but went well with the rice 😋

The grilled chicken bowl (rm22) was yummy and flavourful. The portion of grilled chicken was really generous as well. Each bowl comes with a salad too.

I got a moustache cream gula melaka tea! The cream was rich and smooth and it has salt in it to balance out the sweetness in the tea 😋

The orange cake tasted alright, it was dense and had a fragrant orange flavour. However it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

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