Outstanding dessert to share.

With granola and vanilla whipped cream and fruits.

Melts in the mouth with a spectrum of subtle & sweet flavors.

Takes time to prepare so please remember to order along with your meal.

Just look at it. Brilliant!

Staff gave me extra milk for no charge. 5 stars right there.

The coffee was strong and very instagrammable.

Try it!!

The best customer service. One of the politest staff.

Beef Burger was juicy and seemed fresh. Huge portion size, value for money.

Tip: Try booking on eatigo for a discount. I forgot, but dobt want you to. Enjoy!!

Just look at it. Brilliant for that extra charged breakfast

Complete value for money with a great potion size. Made fresh.

Staff super friendly and easy going.

5 stars

Just look at it. brilliant!!

So healthy still so filling. 5 stars. comes with a slice of bread

I loved the place. nice upclass vibe. try it

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Carrot, Orange, beetroot and ginger

Perfect combination of everything. Huge glass to drink.
One of the best fresh fruit juices.

It may look slightly expensive but totally worth it.

5 on 5.

The best burger 🍔 hands down

Wagyu was soft and so yummy. Quality great. Quantity just perfect. Comes with fries 🍟

Absolutely value for money with burrple 1 for 1 offer.

Nice chilled out vibe. Great location at orchard. 5 on 5.

Beautiful food. Great to look at. Amazing taste.

Seafood was awesome quality and in abundance.

Pasta texture was great. Smooth to eat.

Using burrple 1 for 1 offer was super easy.

Place is expensive, expect 100 for 2 with drinks

5 on 5

Nice presentation, great taste. Love the bun made out of squid ink. Comes with fries

Lovely decor and really fast service

The size is a bit small for the price though

I would say 4 on 5

Coconut juice with lots of ice and the coconut cream

What could be better. Really fast service. 5 on 5

Slightly expensive for the small drink. So only 4 stars.

Champagne and berry quality was great. Presentation perfect

Expect around 200 for 2

Authentic Indian taste. Good enough for 2 size.

Lovely flavor. Chicken was a little hard for my liking, but my partner liked it. So no complaints.

For special dates only. Expect around 200 for 2


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