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Always have space for it

Those famous souffle pancakes! Nuff said
Was so light I could probably finish it on my own (I usually get sick of pancakes halfway). Try it!

Been craving a beard papa recently and also wanting to try the ice cream from this shop.
When I found out about the new store opening within Donki at Farrer Park, I decided to make a trip down to try the shoo puff (aka choux puff).
Verdict: nice service, but the puff is kinda small and too sweet for me. I prefer beard papa’s big and soft puff full of vanilla.
Hope someone does a review of all three flavors. Otherwise I’ll only be back for the ice cream!

The recommended 15 shakes mixes all the ingredients. You have to do it before you poke the straw in, otherwise it’ll spill.
I couldn’t get to taste the layers - the mousse, the milk, and the brown sugar part.
It isn’t too sweet, but maybe because of the mixing, I don’t fancy it that much. Can’t taste much brown sugar and feels quite normal, though there is a slight hint of caramel. Will go back to R&B with less queue for $3.90!

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From Pollen Terrace
Take the complimentary buggy from near the visitor Centre that will bring you to Pollen
The chicken took a long time to come, wish they’d give a heads up when we order. My table of other food all came except for this dish which took the longest.
Tastes good and most value for money among the dishes on the menu. You get a whole roasted chicken rubbed w nice spices. It’s also stuffed w some chickpeas and beans.
Used entertainer so it was 1-for-1, plus free entry to the flower dome!

I was very excited when I saw the crispy sticks and thought they were fried codfish sticks we used to eat in primary school. Alas they were heavy floury sticks and overwhelmed the salad till it wasn’t healthy anymore. I removed most of it.
It was chock full of ingredients - half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, corn, fried chickpeas (why so many fried items? Pardon my ignorance if Cobb salads are supposed to be like this) that actually tastes quite nice, sliced boiled egg, black beans and grilled chicken.
The chicken was dry but I like the seasoning. Overall, a very filling salad, but not sth I would particularly order again. Wish there were more veg and less dry items (personal preference)

The full works! Place was crowded on NYE and wait staff were friendly but busy. This dish comes w choice of eggs, lovely mini portobello mushrooms, thick cut bacon that’s nice but not crispy or salty enough for me, rocket leaves, crispy potato chunks, 2 slices of rather oily but crispy sourdough bread, and a choice of sausage. I went for spicy pork and it was better than my partner’s cheesy chicken cause mine has real meat chunks.
Worth it with Burpple 1-for-1.

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Had this as part of the three course lunch set... Supplement $9 for this signature dish but it’s worth it!!! Foie gras emulsion so it’s not as buttery rich as you’d expect from a piece of foie gras but I much prefer this!! Suitable even if you’re not a fan of foie gras. Soft tofu. Try this!

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Not worth it. Small bits of seafood on a slice of bread for $28!? Shocking and not value for money (luckily we used entertainer but even then I really wouldn’t order this) Order the grilled fish collar instead

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No GST no service charge
Well grilled piece of chicken
Don’t quite understand why there’s mushroom sauce
Comes w grilled canned pineapple (so sweet but yums) and side salad and baby potatoes
Worth trying! Good service as well

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Love the effort behind this - everything was laid out nicely, the ikan bilis is so nicely crisp and the chili packs a punch! Chicken tenders were only two pieces but I read a lot of reviews about how the Supreme is very filling, so may try that out instead next time. A good variety of vegetables and a whole lava egg (instead of just half piece)! Definitely worth a try especially for Westies!

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Got two different dishes to share at Nasi Coco - this wasn’t too deep fried so we ordered it to balance the nasi coco. What a delight! Chilled noodles with a perfectly balanced citrus soba sauce (I secretly drank a bit of it like a soup). Try this! The combination of bonito flakes, seaweed and yuzu lotus root was perfect. Only wish it were a bit more filling for a hungry girl like me!
Prices are nett and no GST/service charge. Definitely worth coming by for Westies!

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Have been reading the reviews for this on Burpple, so when my mom asked me out for dinner I suggested this place (make use of the 1-for-1 valid until 30 April)!
Was crowded on a Thursday night, it’s in the far end of JEM where Robinson’s is. There’s 4-fingers and Awfully Choc there now! A little food enclave. The table was a little close to the next couple but still alright. Couldn’t decide which to get.. in the end we ordered the vongole and tomato (without cream) after seeing our neighbor get the tomato one hehe. Also ordered a citrus ade (it’s like the Korean citrus tea with sprite). My mom loved the drink as they are generous with the citrus and we even dug out the peel to eat!

Noodles came, big portion maybe 3 small eaters can share two bowls. I like the wheat noodles though it wasn’t as al-dente as I would have liked, but still good and not mushy. The soups were delicious! Very generous with the toppings of clams and mussels for the vongole, and mussels for the tomato one. We both felt the tomato soup was nicer and more strong tasting. There was so much ingredients that we finished the noodles and still had lots of clams and mussels left!

Total damage was $27.20, very much worth it because of the 1-1 promo. Go try it!



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