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Always have space for it

Not to sweet, not too sour, just right!
The ice cubes are special - looks like tea ice cubes. Great idea so the drink doesn't get diluted when the ice melts. Tastes fresh and refreshing, comes with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Read about Chen's and always wanted to try! Finally got a chance at Jewel and I was not disappointed. I think it's cheaper than the Downtown outlet because this is in a food court.

Was feeling greedy so I ordered the set which came with half mapo don and half dry dandan mian (you have a choice of don and dry/soup noodles), a side of Sichuan popcorn chicken, soup and bottled drink (not pictured).

The mapo don was yum!!! Tasty, with lots of bits of minced meat, and that tinge of peppercorn and numbing taste on the tongue (but not overly so). They use Japanese rice and it was soooooo comforting to just use my spoon to eat the dish. Love it.

The noodles had a different kind of texture, I dont know how to describe it. I prefer those with more bite. It also had a peanut taste. It was a good variation from an entire meal of mapo don but otherwise it was okay-only for me.

Popcorn chicken didnt really have a spicy taste but I like that they fry it on order so it's hot and crispy.

Oh did I mention that theres a reserved space for Chen's customers in the food court? No more jostling for seats or even sharing of table! Definitely try this if you're there.

Was craving some ice cream and the queue at BOP was long so decided to try this. Have had their gelato/soft serve at the other outlets before.

Creme brulee was basically the milk soft serve topped with custard and sugar bits before being blow torched. Be careful cause the top layer is hot after the firing. The custard was so-so to me and the ice cream is very milky but melts fast. Would appreciate if the cone came with a wrapper so I'm not eating what my dirty hands have been touching.

Will stick to the soft serve/gelato next time!

Those famous souffle pancakes! Nuff said
Was so light I could probably finish it on my own (I usually get sick of pancakes halfway). Try it!

Been craving a beard papa recently and also wanting to try the ice cream from this shop.
When I found out about the new store opening within Donki at Farrer Park, I decided to make a trip down to try the shoo puff (aka choux puff).
Verdict: nice service, but the puff is kinda small and too sweet for me. I prefer beard papa’s big and soft puff full of vanilla.
Hope someone does a review of all three flavors. Otherwise I’ll only be back for the ice cream!

The recommended 15 shakes mixes all the ingredients. You have to do it before you poke the straw in, otherwise it’ll spill.
I couldn’t get to taste the layers - the mousse, the milk, and the brown sugar part.
It isn’t too sweet, but maybe because of the mixing, I don’t fancy it that much. Can’t taste much brown sugar and feels quite normal, though there is a slight hint of caramel. Will go back to R&B with less queue for $3.90!

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From Pollen Terrace
Take the complimentary buggy from near the visitor Centre that will bring you to Pollen
The chicken took a long time to come, wish they’d give a heads up when we order. My table of other food all came except for this dish which took the longest.
Tastes good and most value for money among the dishes on the menu. You get a whole roasted chicken rubbed w nice spices. It’s also stuffed w some chickpeas and beans.
Used entertainer so it was 1-for-1, plus free entry to the flower dome!

I was very excited when I saw the crispy sticks and thought they were fried codfish sticks we used to eat in primary school. Alas they were heavy floury sticks and overwhelmed the salad till it wasn’t healthy anymore. I removed most of it.
It was chock full of ingredients - half an avocado, cherry tomatoes, corn, fried chickpeas (why so many fried items? Pardon my ignorance if Cobb salads are supposed to be like this) that actually tastes quite nice, sliced boiled egg, black beans and grilled chicken.
The chicken was dry but I like the seasoning. Overall, a very filling salad, but not sth I would particularly order again. Wish there were more veg and less dry items (personal preference)

The full works! Place was crowded on NYE and wait staff were friendly but busy. This dish comes w choice of eggs, lovely mini portobello mushrooms, thick cut bacon that’s nice but not crispy or salty enough for me, rocket leaves, crispy potato chunks, 2 slices of rather oily but crispy sourdough bread, and a choice of sausage. I went for spicy pork and it was better than my partner’s cheesy chicken cause mine has real meat chunks.
Worth it with Burpple 1-for-1.

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Had this as part of the three course lunch set... Supplement $9 for this signature dish but it’s worth it!!! Foie gras emulsion so it’s not as buttery rich as you’d expect from a piece of foie gras but I much prefer this!! Suitable even if you’re not a fan of foie gras. Soft tofu. Try this!

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Not worth it. Small bits of seafood on a slice of bread for $28!? Shocking and not value for money (luckily we used entertainer but even then I really wouldn’t order this) Order the grilled fish collar instead

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No GST no service charge
Well grilled piece of chicken
Don’t quite understand why there’s mushroom sauce
Comes w grilled canned pineapple (so sweet but yums) and side salad and baby potatoes
Worth trying! Good service as well

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