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Food Court

Food Court

Featuring Kovan 209 Market & Food Centre, Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, 163 Bukit Merah Central Market & Food Centre, Koufu (Fusionopolis), Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice (Suntec City)
Royston Siak
Royston Siak

Tried their combo meal before. So decided to try just Sotong Panggang. It is basically grilled Sotong with rice and their signature gravy. Goes well with sweet chilli as the store lady said

The amount of Sotong that comes with the price is amazing. Definitely value for money

Ratings : 8/10
Cost :$7


The most popular store at Pasir Ris central hawker centre.

Store : Wild olives

Food is fantastic and unique. Yet not taste weird. It is creativity in food that works.
Match with an attractive price.
That is why the Queues are forming from right when they open till they closed at night

Ratings :8/10
Price :$5.90

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Store : 东风发 Chicken Rice

Serve white chicken rice.

Rice is well done. Not too hard and also not too wet
Chicken is also tender and juicy
The soya sauce was also extremely tasty

Cost : 3.50/4.50 (Comes in 2 size)
Ratings : 8/10

Was super hungry.
As it was pretty late. 9+.
The stew house is having a promo
Order beef stew and get chicken curry free

The beef stew was tasty. However the amount of beef was on the little side. Can only find 3.

The chicken curry was very nice. It is better than the one serve by toast box

Filled with lot of chicken and the gravy is nice and flowy

Store : The Stew House

Cost : $6. (1 for 1), The chicken curry is $5
Ratings : 7.5/10(chicken curry), 6/10(Beef)

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Was at Kovan. Decide to give 菜贩 a try

Hainanese curry rice is known for their thick curry

Curry was nice and tasty

The vege is also good

Rice was also cook well. Not too soft when the curry was on it

Cost :3.80 (2vege + 1 pork)
Ratings :7.5/10

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At level 2 of Pasir Ris hawker center, the place where all the trendy store are, is a store that sell drinks and liquor too.

Store : Holim

They also have specialize coffee making machine like those found in cafes

Order cafe latte. Basically coffee with a lot of milk

Strong coffee taste. But a little expensive consider this is not really Restaurant here.

Cost : $5
Ratings : 6/10


Chances upon this wonderful store that serve quality ayam penyet

Store : Ayam Penyet

They went out of squid Panggang (low stock), so decided to try their combo meal - Ayam Panggang with Sotong Panggang

Amazing take. The chicken is went marinated and the squid is fresh too

Cost : $9
Ratings : 7.5/10


A reputable name is food court area
Located right at food republic food court

Servicing was on the small side. A little too small for the cost they are asking for

Taste was also pretty typical. No surprise and definitely can’t fight with 天天 or even boon Tiong kee chicken rice

Pretty expensive for the size and the quality of food

Cost : $5.50
Ratings : 5/10

Located on the ground floor of Pasir Ris hawker center
This level have all the traditional Singaporean staple of food

Store : 百年香炒

Order the medium size plate, black carrot cake

Service is a little slow. The younger assistant was extremely service oriented.
Assuring the customers when their order are being processed

They have a Queue system that was written on the receipt

The black carrot cake was on the lighter side. Will need to ask them to make it darker if u prefer a darker version on the carrot cake

Cost : $4
Ratings 6/10

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Cooked by a young auntie together with a granny
Order dark version of this fried carrot cake but turn out not as dark

Need to tell them u need them darker. Otherwise it is almost like white carrot cake

Price : $3
Ratings : 6/10

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Tried the Japanese bento store at the newly open Koufu at one north Fusionpolis

Standard fare from Food court standard

The chicken is crispy and sprinkle with their teriyaki sauce on it

Scallop I think is from frozen supermarket

Value at $5.80
Rating : 6/10

Going around Singapore looking for Food My food lifestyle journey

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