For the occasional sweet tooth

For the occasional sweet tooth

Savoury food person but these dessert places have my vote! Chocolate is my weakness.

Found another gem in the hood. Really enjoyed these two ice cream flavors at kindred folk - rich and milky. Cookies and cream (which was packed with cookies) and cereal flavor! Charcoal waffles was also well done and complemented the flavors. Glad to have enjoyed 40% on Burpple beyond!

Saw lots of interesting flavors and decided to go with earl grey tie guan yin and lychee rose. Both were good and smooth, not super milky kind. Waffle was also well done with a good chewy texture. It’s not difficult to understand why Geometry is popular as a ‘heartland’ ice cream shop! I will wanna return to try the other flavors.

My fav fav dessert here. The apple tart is a great great pastry that’s not flaky and goes really well with hazelnut chocolate ice cream. Topped this up at 4 bucks cause I didn’t want any desserts on the set lunch menu. What a sweet ending to the meal :)

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Best place in bugis for desserts. Mochi with packed with earl grey filling and refreshing soft serve.

The waffle was too ’hot’ for me to push it up for a great pic. This was freshly baked on the spot and makes for a great mid day snack. I had mine with chocolate and it was spread generously on the waffle.

Not over cooked, soft with crispy ends, makes a good waffle! This hole in the wall shop is cute and certainly part of the old school vibes given off by the whole estate.

The mochi doughnut is my absolute favorite thing at brother bird. It’s chewy and goes so well with whatever soft serve that they usually come up with. Seasonal flavor this round is oolong milk tea which was really rather milky but somehow, because of the light soft serve texture, can still go well with the Mochi Doughnut. I am glad that I gave brotherbird (previously stateland) another chance for their desserts cause I was soooo disappointed by their waffles previously.


Heard about this place which gave Mad about Sucre a run for its money but I still find the desserts at MAS better by a notch.

Not exactly the cheapest cafe as well, we paid 29.80 for 3 cakes. Favourite here so far is the lemon tart which had just the right amount of ‘sourness’ without being too overwhelming. Such a pretty place for a catch up over tea. BUT drawback is that the place has rather few seats.

Lime Mojito Sphere is 1//3 the size of my palm but provides a refreshing burst when popped into my mouth. It is nice but a tad expensive at 4.50 each and there is GST if you dine in. Went during very off peak hours so it was quiet and nice to sit in this quaint cafe in the neighborhood.

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Got lucky and managed to get these - the last few pancakes of the day! It was a good fluffy pancake and I enjoyed the light cream and the fruits that went along with it. Not too sweet which was good.

BUT if I were to compare this with the one I had at Mei Ling Market, this is no doubt better but it is also around 4 times the price. 😆

I ordered additional Hokkaido soft serve which is really good if you like your it really milky.

Another reason why I may not return is because I found the whole concept at HABITAT a bit messy because the seating areas were around the shopping area. Really made me quite dizzy at the end of the day because it was packed with so many people. Maybe the crowd will die down a little and the experience would have been a more pleasant one!

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Someone’s gotta give non entree a run for their money simply for the effort taken to gel the complexity of the flavours. Jam with a hint of sambal, the ‘kuning fish’ tastes like a really really thin piece of shallot and the egg which is yogurt, were among my favorites. It is not cheap (most desserts are priced around 12 to 15 but you really have to give some credit to the creation of desserts. Brilliant masterpieces and I will return to support.

Whoever came up with this root beer cake is a genius because the flavour really goes so well with ice cream. Simple dessert that brings great satisfaction. The root beer cake is always consistent, it is my must eat whenever I go to sernagoon.

Doesn’t get better than this, burpple beyond has one for one. Earl grey lavender for the win! Always love the light and refreshing flavour.


Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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