Breakfast And Brunch

Breakfast And Brunch

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Elixir Boutique Roasters, Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, Tong Ah Eating House, Privé (CHIJMES), Jie Bakery, Harvest, Starbucks (Paragon)
Eunice Hahappie
Eunice Hahappie

This is wonderful!!

I get to taste the purity of flavour in every ingredient that is bonded nicely with the truffle aroma.
The chive is lightly sweet,
I taste the savouriness in the fluffy crisp potatoes.
The cheese is nutty and salty.

And every bite just shouts TRUFFLE.
Def have it with pepper ☺️

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Pancake was very Cake-like and dense!

Pretty filing. BEWARE of jelakness after 3 bites.

The bananas weren’t caramelised though. Yet I was so glad for the slight tart that really helped to cut through everything.

The honeycomb ice cream was also immensely sweet.


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That velvety looking sauce over the pulled pork looks so promising.

But I suppose the whole curry flavoured pulled pork wasn’t quite what we expected or admired for a choice of marinate.

The scrambles also proved to be less than a luscious creamy.. it was pretty dry and stiff for ours.

Not all that great a breakfast option.

The sourdough was also just like the other counterparts, pretty meh. Not toasted, not buttered..



The substantial ULTIMATE breakfast.

What stood out:
• the Cajun bbq baked beans.
• smokey caramelisation of a pan grilled tomato
• maple glazed bacon steak? Who wouldn’t love it? (It would amp the luscious ness of this component if the glaze was more sticky 😉)



What you see is what you get.

I was looking for a solid hollandaise and this definitely delivered a buttery BUTTERY version.

Minus the usual distinct hint of tang (either from the vinegar or citrus) would I have preferred having this aspect even though I did love butters?



I say... just get the normal toast.

I find this extra crispy version leaves a really toast to fluffy bread ratio. Which just simply mean there’s a very small proportion of the fluffy spongy bread bit left in a bite.

It overall felt very dry and scratchy a bite to take.

Kaya and the slab of butter was great though.



fine I cut it with the wrong knife but this. Is some whimsical beauty.

I took a thick slice, toasted it and slathered a thick robe of chunky peanut butter. It was HOT GOOEY AND BEAUTIFUL

(bread was very plain, would have love a tad more sweetness? And I’m really not a sweets lover but I guess there was some expectation by all the colours for this to be at least a little sweet tasting like the white bread loaves from the supermarts?)

all the colours you can find on this baked good satisfies both the professional bakers and child-at-hearts out there

G O O D B R E A D. In anyway possible.


May I disrecommend the Yuzu sauce. If there’s such a word? Haha

It was really more a jam; really sweet and artificial tasting when I had high hopes for Yuzu-anything 😍😭

Tasted icky on paired with anything.

That said, the chicken is truly consistently good 😋 thank God they allowed me get a serving of soy garlic; which is a much better gel for the rice bowl 💪🏼

This dressing is: 2/10

Also in case you are wondering why I’m back? Well, it’s part of social obligation paid for group sorta friendships. Haha.

Pardon the neon!


$7+ I believe for this blend of classy bitters.

(Sorry I took this shot with vibes in mind not a foodie’s storytelling instinct)

For this specific herb, for this specific cheese, I believe is of a bitter variant in their respective categories.
Yet mixed with the savoury pulled chicken umami and bitter fluffy croissant bagel. Well it became a sort of addictive sophisticated gourmet bitter I love 💖 vegans gonna hate but meat has this savouriness that more so easily adds an additional dimension to the flavour profile.

It most definitely added heartiness to this breakfast too! 👌🏻👌🏻


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Loving the vibes, the coffee, the eggs(mildly leaning to a tinge more of doneness than the all famed counterpart that comes to mind aka Ya Kun)

Be pleased to find a slab of butter between the fluffy buns But I do love my crisp toasts and the smooth coconutty kaya Ya Kun boasts of better ☺️👌🏻


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