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there’s always space for dessert 🍦

there’s always space for dessert 🍦

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Chapter 55, habitat by honestbee, Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), Poppy Pops (Jem), 5 The Moments, Butter My Buns (NUS University Town), Island Creamery (Holland Village), Hoshino Coffee (Raffles Holland V)
Ariel Lee
Ariel Lee

what everyone comes to habitat for, and it is perhaps the place’s only saving grace after a night of mediocre (if photogenic) food

pretty disappointing tbh. was excited as i had seen it a couple of times but we felt there was insufficient matcha for both pieces so the bottom layer was dry. also it was a 40 minute wait even during off peak. wld pass this next time :-/

i loved the vanilla bean! was a great post-meal choice :-)

there were some really interesting options (strawberry capsicum?) and we picked tiramisu! the first mouth was really satisfying, but the taste diminished over time. still really good gelato though, and will definitely opt for the pistacho flavour next time.


got this at the jewel outlet (but couldn’t find the location tag) and it was surprisingly good! i would normally despise fruit flavoured ice cream, but this spiced pear gelato proved me wrong

got the double scoop — vietnamese coffee and hazelnut. the vietnamese coffee was rather disappointing, it had fairly strong hints of coffee but paled in comparison to the hazelnut, which was rich and really smooth

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so delicious! three swirls: matcha, hojicha, and sesame. the matcha was as per normal and delightful. the hojicha was definitely my favourite — not as sweet as the rest, and with rich tones. the sesame was particularly sweet but still delicious. all served alongside toppings: rice krispies, mochi, and red beans. probably my favourite dessert.

definitely worth a try. unexpectedly fluffy and went well with the cream and blueberries.

first time at island creamery, my teenage years have been a lie. it was honestly quite enjoyable as the flavour was not too strong, but i prefer daily scoop!

Got the charcoal waffle with dark chocolate and black sesame gelato ($19.9). Really enjoyed the black sesame, and dark chocolate was good too! It was also my first time trying a charcoal waffle that actually tasted of something and...I’m not sure if I’m a fan. Maybe I’ll just stick to the regular buttermilk next time

Got the Plain Vanilla which was as advertised, plain. I usually love vanilla and I suppose this was a safe choice. Very milky and a generous scoop given! Will revisit but note to self to try another flavour the next time!

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