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Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

Fall in love with the presentation and impressed by the flavor. I believe this win everyone heart on the night. A easy drinking cocktail with the punch of alcohol.

From a list of sake cocktail, yuzu cocktail was the first that caught my attention. However lemonade sake cocktail that recommended by the staff turned out really good

A little bar above of chocha putting up some interesting cocktail using mostly South East Asia fruits and spices.

Papaya x Cuka is a mix of papaya and chili padi with light rum. Aside of this they do have nangka, dragon fruit, curry leaf, ginger flower and others on the menu for your own customisation as well.

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More oriental theme cocktail bar rising in the heart of KL - Petaling Street.

First time trying on warm cocktail - lychium maca osmanthus tea. Lychium and maca vodka infusion mixed with osmanthus syrup, citrus and hot water. Serving in a tea pot with two little cup. Flavor is rather mild but it's quite nice to have the option of warm cocktail.


Friday night looking for a place to chill and enjoy a drink or two?

I'm surprised to found this place in Genting Highland with such cozy and chilling ambiance.

In frame with the cold infused Gin & Tonic. The cold infused mint tea tenqueray gin, pour and stir with tonic. Cheers 🍸

The Crescent Moon 🌙
Whiskey · Tie Guan Yin · White Wine · Honey · Grapefruit Juice.

First visit to this Taiwanese cocktail bar located in jaya one. We were greet by the friendly staff and she did help us on the selection of drink and introduce their signature drink to us.

This is a cocktail that required special technique to prepare. I love the different layer of taste from this cocktail. It started with the taste of whiskey, followed by honey and ended with tea scent. So good. It's like a party on your palate.

This drink is currently not on the seasonal menu, do asked the bartender if you wish to try out. #ojosbar


Always the place for me to go for a glass of cocktail. Bartender carefully prepare a drink that suitable to your taste.

Don't be afraid to chat with the bartender about your preference. I had a drink with gin base, with hint of mint and coriander. It's very tefreshing.


A wonderful night at this hidden Cocktail bar. A small selection of cocktail on the menu but you can order anything from the bartender.

No idea what to have ? Let the bartender know about your preference and they will do the magic. You gonna love your drink ♡

In the picture old fashioned. Whiskey, bitter,sugar cube. It's a joy to enjoy the view of how your drink are made.


It turned into a different place after dark. Huckleberry after dark served a range of cocktail and alcohol infused milkshake.

In the picture cheeky Mary. Gin, tomato juice, fresh carrot juice, homemade basil and mint syrup, salt, pepper, Tabasco.


A new craft beer place that opened in Damansara Uptown. Currently having 8 type of draught beer and going to be 80-100 types of can and bottle beer. Definitely a good place for unique beer experience.

My drink was hoppy amber with 6.8% alcol


Hotel Guest will get a welcome drink at their sky lounge from 4 pm to 8 pm. Waiting for sunset looking at the sea with a glass of drink. It's relaxing


Located at top floor of the hotel, pool side drinking area, a live band on the second flour to gave some energy to this place.