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To Try

To Try

Featuring RONIN, Paddy Hills, Pastaria Abate (Tanjong Pagar), Lolla, LUKA, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist, Sushiro, Keria Japanese Restaurant, Le Bon Funk, Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish
Xiu Hui Lim
Xiu Hui Lim

While the green mango salad adds a sharp, tangy flavour to the burger, the prawn patty and soft shell crab packed less of a bite and more of a crunch to the dish, which rendered the texture rather one-dimensional, with the only flavour coming from the overwhelming tanginess of the green mango. Also served with a side of crispy curly fries and squid ink aioli. .
Find out more at
Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164
Tel: +65 64790800
Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1030am - 5pm, 6pm - 930pm
Sat-Sun: 9am - 5pm, 6pm - 930pm

This Chilli Cheese Dog consists of a grilled cheddar sausage topped with house made beef mince, sour cream and cheddar nestled nicely in a bun, accompanied by purple slaw and curly fries which was really addictive. Sounds like a meal befitting of a TGIF! ☺️

Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice Cake.

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Bee Kia’s Signature Beef Hor Fun boasts velvety smooth noodles that are cooked to a nicely charred flavour, complemented with succulent slices of beef, and generously drenched in a luscious black bean and chilli gravy. 

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Flavoured with Chimmichurri alongside a beautiful nest of scrambled custard, please get your butts off and scramble your way there NOW.
📸 & 📝 @myjream
Location: 12 Gopeng street Icon Village #01-33/34, Singapore 078877
#scrambledconcept #scrambledsg #burpple #burpplesg

One of highly recommended burger for Spam & Cheese Burger ($9.90) It includes signature scrambled eggs, melted cheddar (can be stretch out while eating burgers), a couple of spam pieces and spread with curry mayo. Its well matched with salty-based spam with cheddar and scrambled eggs. I like their burger being cooked on spot after placing order at cashier. But it need to wait for 10 to 15 mins during lunch hour. Its worth it to try it for first time but cannot wait to try Bacon & Cheese. Can order under set meal for Signature Fries ($4.50) or salad with canned drink.

Battleship ($22.50) 2 Red bone toolangs served with original pizza dough.
Location : @tash_tish_tosh.
50 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198900.
#tashtishtosh #burpple #burpplesg

Truffle meets sliced bak kwa with a medley of button, oyster, king oyster and shimeji mushrooms. Topped with crispy fried enoki and warm sous vide egg》$16

Scoop and wrap these creamy shrooms with a lettuce and they are all ready to be eaten with a better crunch. They serve this with beef bak kwa by default but other options are available for non-beef eaters.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @beechenghiangsg for hosting.

Naan, an oven baked flat bread.

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Got this because we wanted some kind of meat. Didn’t think we would be impressed when it came, but we actually really enjoyed it! Loved the texture and freshness (no fishiness) of the chunks of maguro - battered very lightly, remaining tender. Crispy exterior but not greasy at all!

This, by far is our most underrated Japanese izakaya. Prices are within the affordable range and their menus were all in Japanese until they realized that they should add in English translations for customers like us 😂 Uni, tamagoyaki, ikura and fresh thick slices of scallops, yellowtail, snapper, tuna, mackerel, octopus were overflowing the bowl. We had to share one bowl of chirashi as we also had the Mentaiko pasta (their portions are 👍🏼). We assure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese restaurant in town.

Chirashi bowl SGD30.00

Tucked in quiet corner in seedy cuppage, Keira does a ridiculous Uni Pasta ($38) Served chilled, it’s rich, creamy and bursting with umami. The addition of ikura pearls do nothing to balance the flavors of the sea but heck I ain’t complaining. Best ordered to share.

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