Cafe Spots and Brunch Places!

Cafe Spots and Brunch Places!

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory ([email protected]), Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), working title - Burger Bar, Salmon Samurai (100AM), Haakon Superfoods & Juice ([email protected]), Gallery & Co., Randy Indulgence, Say Chiizu ([email protected])
Lock Yin Tam
Lock Yin Tam

Açai bowls are my new favourite health food but one problem about them is that some servings are so tiny that they can’t fill me up! Thankfully the medium bowl at Randy Indulgence came with a just nice portion that left me feeling full and satisfied ($11.90). There is a choice between honey and almond butter for the topping, and it comes with a wide range of fruits and crunches. The only bad thing is that there aren’t any seats at the store for you to sit down and enjoy your Açai. However there are many seats at B2 of Tanjong Pagar Centre where you can enjoy your food instead!

Original and Strawberry had all run out when we went at around 8pm so I decided to try out the Matcha Cheese Toast! ($3.80)
Took a big bite and was not disappointed by how stretchy the cheese was. (You’ll definitely be able to take lots of cute cheese pull photos 😉) The Cheese is creamy and sweet, probably because it’s made from Hokkaido Milk.
For me, I couldn’t taste the matcha taste at all as it was overshadowed by the cheese. The bread is also slightly dry as I found myself really thirsty after eating this. However, it was still pretty good and I’ll go back again to try it out in different flavours!


Mighty Mozza seemed like pizza in a burger form, with a large beef patty and filled with cheese and tomato sauce.
The meat portion is pretty generous but is oddly shaped into a ball, so you get too much meat in the middle but just bread around the edges. I felt that the basil taste was not strong enough, and the tomato paste was pretty much overpowering everything else. A crunch or veggies could have been added to prevent the burger from just tasting like bread, meat, cheese and tomato.
Pretty decent for $18 but I’ll probably try a different burger next time.


Salmon Samurai let’s you customise your own salmon bowls and the concept is pretty similar to poke bowls except that they specialise in salmon.
I got the salmon mentaiko along with the mixed salad base with avocado and an onsen egg. They are really generous with the amount of salad but not much so with the salmon. The salmon was really good though, slightly seared with a generous helping of mentaiko. I felt that the sauce provided with the salad was slightly too strong for my tastes so be careful when pouring in the sauce given!
Add-ons are a must as the bowl is rather plain, you’ll only get salmon and your veggies with 3 cherry tomatoes.
Each bowl is $9.90 but add-ons cost more so with the avocado and onsen egg my bowl came up to $12.40.

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As someone who’s trying to eat healthier nowadays, Açai bowls are a nice change in taste from the usual bland salads. This shows that healthy food doesn’t have to be unappetising!
Açai blend on top of a chia purée, topped with almond flakes for a crunch along with several varieties of fruits.
$7.90 for a small bowl. May be a bit small for a meal though but was perfect for me since I’m supposed to be on a diet 😛

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Chir Chir was having a 50% off this week so we immediately decided to go down and try! This rose cheese chirqueen is chicken tenders topped with a generous helping of cream sauce and cheese. I loved how it was served on a hot plate so the cheese is always hot and gooey and wouldn’t get cold. The cheese is slightly spicy to give it a little kick however it was slightly too mild for my tastes.
The 50% was super worth it though! We had five people and ordered this and the garlic chicken, and were super full afterwards though we only spent $7 each per person??

$32.90 but serves 2-3

Came here for breakfast today. The coffeehouse is always crowded so it’s best to book a table beforehand. The salmon was great, and the slightly tangy taste of the yogurt was a nice topping and contrast to the saltiness of the salmon. The noodles are nice and light and goes great with the crunchy seasoning that topped the egg. Overall really great and can’t wait to come back to try the other dishes!

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As a fan of all things Hojicha, I just had to try this when I saw it on the menu! The pancake is light and really fluffy and the sauce is nice and sweet yet not overpowering. The whipped cream also has a nice Hojicha aftertaste, and goes well with the sweet mochi toppings.
Definitely will order again when I come back next time!


Price - $18
Served with a generous helping of the beef which spills out when you take a bite. The meat is flavourful and juicy and the greens provide a contrast with a refreshing tangy taste.
However, the price may be slightly expensive given the relatively small serving.

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Singaporean student who loves to eat

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